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  1. 20%Tip

    LOL Touché
  2. 20%Tip

    Serious question - why do you go to a restaurant where you feel like you're being ripped off?
  3. When your wife is cheating?

    Then maybe you should have told the whole story in the first place, instead of trying to sound indignant now?
  4. How to handle the life?

    Good advice. Also "If you're dumb, surround yourself with smart people. If you're smart, surround yourself with smart people who disagree with you."
  5. Do the ladies mind ?

    I think this says a lot more about you and your choices regarding who to be friends with, than it does firearms owners in general.
  6. I feel unworthy…

    I took it to mean he never carries to an appointment? I buy jeans a couple inches bigger in the waist for the same reason, but don’t carry when meeting one of our ladies. Actually, I did once simply because I’m so accustomed to it I forgot to take it off until I was in the room. When I realized what I’d done I explained what was up and asked if she wanted me to take it to my car or ? She said she didn’t feel threatened and it was no big deal. I’m sad she’s not here more often.
  7. PAIN

  8. PAIN

    Sorry, but that was from Jaws, not Hooper (but both are great flix!)
  9. Condom Broke - Freaking Out a Little

    +1 This story is smelling worse and worse...
  10. Asking about the Menu

    Yes and no, the more explicit options have been removed.
  11. My Breif Forray into the Civilian World

    You too?
  12. Kissing, giving oral

    Meet 2Big, he only fucks hookers and virgins
  13. Anyone else find this interesting?

    Yeah, but what about how bad the Broncos suck this year?
  14. TOB Fantasy? I wonder

    Just out of morbid curiosity, how did you discover he is without him discovering you are?

    You’d have a very hard time convincing me this is the first time he’s done this, it’s just the first time caught on tape. He’s had his second chance.