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  1. 4 hours ago, ilovewomen said:

    While there are ladies that won’t see men under 30 and sometimes under 40 (the perception being that younger guys have tendency to be disrespectful), it also I’m your approach to them.

    Be respectful, approach her with full, coherent sentences, and provide references if you have them.  Contact her with whatever her preferred method is for contact.

    But by no means say Yo, How you doing, or anything along those lines. That will get you ghosted faster than you can say you are sorry.

    Remember, respect goes a long ways.

    That's fair and I wouldn't expect it any other way. Thanks. I'm pretty respectful though and I will try my best.


  2. I've been scoping out this site for several months and can't really say I miss BP. I only used it once for a FBSM and it was okay but everything else looked pretty sketchy. I've just been seeing what providers are in my area, looking at websites and overall just kind of figuring out the etiquette and what is expected of myself and what I should expect from a provider. The only issue I see is that I am a younger guy (26) and that seems to be a pretty big red flag for a lot of providers on here. Which is completely fair, its a high-risk profession and I respect that. The ones that seem like they might be okay with it don't seem very attractive to me. So should I just wait and hope this place is still around or are most providers actually okay with that age? I was interested in a few that are 30-45 just because I've always really had a MILF fantasy that would be awesome to fulfill but if most older providers in my area aren't comfortable with that I'll leave it be.