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  1. 411 on CorinneJean

    And thank you for having my back !! Your awesome and the eccie situation - I think since backpage and all that’s crap got shut down, if it is a page based out of the US it doesn’t work. SO I’m thinking that is the problem.
  2. 411 on CorinneJean

    The only time I do not respond is when I am not working, which if I haven’t posted for that day I’m probably not. People have lives, and I don’t see people who won’t complete my screening. If i thought something was iffy, I won’t see you. But I’m deff not a dude collecting photos. I have had multiple people see me. Reason I don’t have any reviews is because I do not have a website to link my reviews to.😜
  3. New girl

    Thanks everyone for the help. I appreciate you all.
  4. New girl

    So I’m still new to this site and I’m not sure how everything works, I have only worked on back page before this and I’m still pretty confused.. Just not sure how it all works
  5. New York.

    So I live in New York why is there no postings on this site in New York? Do people just not. Know about it there or...? What other websites do people use for New York ?