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  1. Fake reference

    A provider just informed me, saying I gave an individual a personal reference to her, not true at all as I have never done that! According to her he has tried setting up several appointments with other ladies again using me as a personal reference and throwing my name all around as a friend a reference. I have only replied to TOB members to 2 inquiries from other TOB men and have never used myself otherwise. BE CAREFUL
  2. Miss Claire/Jessica/Pamela

    Don't know what all the noise is about, many ladies carry 2 or three phones, different names on different profile platforms, change their name often for safety. But I can tell you this with first hand knowledge and certainty Miss Claire is the real deal, independant, the woman in the pics, more beautiful in person and really damn sexy.
  3. Hi happy Friday

    Hi and happy Friday! Leoaugust