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  1. greetings from a new member and just thoughts on pics

    Some of my thoughts have been ecohed on these replies. I like seflies or those taken by other people. I prefer the less than professional ones. I have reasons, of which many may not agree with, nor understand, but I won't go into that. Thanks for the posts and points of view.
  2. California gal hello denver

    Hello. New guy here too. Welcome...from one noob to another.
  3. Recent text message-

    There will always be different strokes for different folks. Not every lady is going to like certain language, or lack of question marks...but on the flip side, he did reach out. Good, bad, or indifferent, no one style will fit the bill. Given this, however, it helps to know what some ladies think and prefer. So if a lady has no site, and very limited details, how do you all prefer to discuss terms? Is asking about the donation a bad move? Is asking what part of Denver, or say main cross streets, a bad move too? Denver is a big place and knowing that as well as other information allows one to make a decision to forge ahead or say thanks and move on. Don't know if you don't ask. Can't win if you don't play.
  4. Does DTC cover a massive portion of Denver?

    DTC now seems to include Inverness area and some other off shoots nowadays. So yeah, it can be a pain to get to a location based on where one is. If for lunch meet it could be too far time wise to make it.
  5. Ok, so I finally decided to join up. Still wading through all this and trying to determine my likes and dislikes with all of this. That to be answered later, however. One topic I was wondering from all points of view: prefer pics from professionals, selfies, or the in between ones? Before I weigh in on my preference, I'd like to get some feedback from others.
  6. Time to hang it up ?

    I was just gonna say that website updates and maintenance is relatively easy nowadays. As far as the topic... remain optimistic.