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  1. Never Gambling again. Lol!

    Yes, you’re absolutely right. No probation for me lol
  2. Never Gambling again. Lol!

    I did have a great birthday , thank you ! I did have fun , can’t say it wasn’t worth it just never again 😂 lol
  3. Never Gambling again. Lol!

    Went to Las Vegas for my Birthday left broke 😂🙄
  4. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome love ! 💕
  5. A question for the ladies ....

    the magic bullet is the best
  6. Favorite Additions?

    I think I need a list of toys to buy
  7. Help!!!!

    How can i make someone a reference ??
  8. New to the site

    Thank you !
  9. New to the site

    Hello everyone ! Just wanted to know how everyone is liking the site , and I guess trying to see how everything works. Feel free to chat ☺️