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  1. In full effect

    This is got to be some strong shit...I got hard just reading this!!!
  2. World's biggest orgy in Las Vegas

    WOW...the logistics alone are mind boggling.
  3. Agreeing to anything over the phone

    Actually you can say all the illegal stuff you want on the phone....Until the act is in person (face to face) the law has not been broken (of course this means booking a date only) LE is only interested in in-person transactions. Most states require identification of the target and intent as key elements. However, it is always better to not talk in detail on the phone for both parties. Most Federal and state agencies are interested in human trafficking they should one should have to do things they do not want to do.
  4. Favorite Parts

    I actually look at the eyes first...but that was not one of the choices. I'm a booty man...Love the looks and it leads to other areas. However, the breast is also a very enticing aspect of a women....ohhh so many choices so little time...Now you see why I look at the eyes first...after that...I'm a dead man.
  5. Ghost Town

    The tumble weeds are rolling down this section of the form. Come on ladies and gents...I know I'm not the only one from the New England area...Please, someone chime in and let me know I'm not alone. If this keeps up I will have to move to Denver.
  6. I’m new to this site

    All I know is I sure wish I was in Denver....
  7. Positions

    The one that makes my partner the happiest....The more they get off the more I do...