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  1. Happy Birthday Raine7379

    Baby, I got your slow right here .....
  2. Happy Birthday Raine7379

    Dang it Good, you beat me to it!!! Happiest of birthdays my beautiful friend.
  3. Not responding to texts

  4. Gfe

    Let's also remember the bad breath and the need to discuss where our relationship is heading.
  5. Gfe

    I always go into a GFE session with no makeup, messy hair, hairy legs and stained painties. That way I KNOW I'm giving the complete GFE.
  6. Spoofing.

    If it is going on in Utah also then there is a bigger problem then just here. We we're actually hoping it was centralized so that we could pinpoint the person or persons. I pity them once they are found out.
  7. Post Your Funnies

  8. Post Your Funnies

  9. Play a game

    See? That's why no panties. It's does you a favor by keeping you out of trouble. You're welcome. 😉
  10. Play a game

    #SeduceSomeoneIn4Words I am sooooo wet #BadThingsToHideInYourPants: Vienna sausage
  11. Play a game

    #SeduceSomeoneIn4Words BJ's are my favorite Secondary:. I'm not wearing panties #BadThingsToHideInYourPants: A bag of gaucamole that won't close
  12. Grab 'Em By The P*ssy

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Whew! (Wiping eyes). THAT is funny shit right there
  13. Grab 'Em By The P*ssy

    Poking? Babe. I thought we schooled you better then that. Never poke. Never. 😍😍 (Said with smartassery)
  14. Photos for the rest of us ladies.

  15. There will be no more donations

    He doesn't have any references or reviews. His prior references pulled them. I have this asswipe in my inbox. He's going down. This makes me furious. She could have been seriously hurt it worse. Who knows how many others he's done this to that have not spoken up. Ladies, this needs to be out everywhere. Every single site including those that he isnt on.