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  1. Taking a break

    Oh gosh no on being cynical - hehehe. BTW, I love your handle. It made me chuckle. Chuckling is always good.
  2. No show

    I hope they at least let the poor uber driver keep the tip. Which reminds me of a joke about a leper and a prostitute...….
  3. No show

    Have you tried Farmer's Only? I heard they are a rowdy, kinky bunch.
  4. Taking a break

    You know the saying "I'm going to pay for it one way or the other...…" Best of luck to you. I hope you find love and undying romance for the rest of your days.
  5. No show

    Oh Phew! I was ready to break out the tea leaves to find you a perfect match......
  6. Women of Denver are amazing

    So many things I want to say in reply to this. Some nice, some sarcastic. So I will just say: AWWWW.
  7. Taking a break

  8. No show

    oh, that makes me so sad that you have had so few FANTASTIC.
  9. Useless reviews

    It is my understanding that ladies prefer not to give out any information prior to insuring that the questioning party is not LE. Is that not so? By emailing/texting rates, services, etc, without that fundamental information, we are putting ourselves at risk. That being said it is totally understandable to want to know what a lady charges for her companionship prior to meeting, because how embarrassing would it be to show up and be short (pun intended). Perhaps there is another way to politely ask a lady what she charges for her time? Such as "Hi, my name is newbie. Please forgive me if this is offensive, but I would like to inquire on how much your donation is for your time and entertainment prior to scheduling an appointment. Someone as beautiful as you are surely commands a price range that I want to make sure I am able to afford. Please check my references on TOB (my handle is -------) or on P411 (my handle is p-----)." Once she verifies you then perhaps she can also answer questions as to what is available to you when you spend time with her. I personally do not welcome explicit reviews. Just my personal preference. And for the record, if you think getting information from a lady is exhausting, try being on our end to set up appointments. It's goddamn exhausting. Like pulling teeth to get information so that we can set up a time. Because everyone wants to welcome a gentleman into their personal space without a name, age, verification, etc. and let them spend intimate time with us (sarcasm). The point is is that if you want to spend the time, spend some time making that happen. And have recent references that ladies can reach out to. The majority of ladies will give info on a client when giving referrals. That puts those receiving the information more at ease, and hence, more at ease to give out information.
  10. Getting started here

    Best cock picture I've seen in a while...….
  11. No show

    I've never understood the 1 way street on reviews. If someone behaves badly (or is a total sweetheart for that matter), on either side, it should be available. Maybe if we could review those that need them would have better manners. But then I suppose that if we shared a bad review then potential dates would shy away for fear of having a bad review. *sigh* Double edge sword.
  12. Would you rather? The game!

    Would you rather be extremely well endowed but can't get hard or a Vienna sausage that's hard all the time? Would you rather be a hot dog in the hallway looking at a smokin' hot face/body or a jammed packed elevator but need a bag on her head? Ladies: Would you rather spend time with an amazing lover with a booger in his nose the whole time or a freaky fetish that is built like Adonis?
  13. Happy Birthday Nina Faulkner

    Thank you all so very much! My beautiful sundance, thank you for starting this thread. You made my day!
  14. Happy Birthday Sundance

    Dagnabbit I missed this thread! Happy late birthday my beautiful friend. When can I take you out to make up for it?
  15. How dolled up do you like your girl

    Well Good Lord.