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  1. Amber BP?

    Normally, any ad on BP is removed, expires, or disappears after 30 days of being posted. Naturally, that means that ad from 12/5/15 is gone. Googling her email shows that Amber is not a frequent poster in the first place. In other words, be patient and be ready to act quickly the next time she actually does post.
  2. Hotel protocols

    The one time I was asked to buy condoms for the provider since she ran out, I learned my lesson to bring my work bag with me. Nothing looks more suspicious at 11pm than going through the lobby with just a King Soopers bag containing only a huge box of condoms. Fortunately, the front desk employee didn't care when I passed by him. Look like a hotel guest and carry a take out bag of food or carry supplies as well from the nearby Target/Walmart/grocery store/7-Eleven. If you have food in your mouth or are pretending to talk on your cell, it buys you time in case the front desk employee asks you what you are doing. Some of the best providers give you the exact details of where to go when you walk in through the front. Better yet, avoid suspicion of the front desk by making your appointment during the time guests are gathered at the front for breakfast, before checkout time is up, and early in the evening when people are checking in and checking the surrounding neighborhood.
  3. 411 On BP Landy 303-597-6921

    Landy is formerly known as Rose and formerly known as Bambi, who has a review under Bambi-3637 Check out Bambi's old ads, which were always of her back to us http://liveescortreviews.com/ad/denver/720-662-1882/1/195844 and Landy/Rose who is no longer ashemed to show us her face as well as that huge back tattoo of stars to confirm she is the same lady in her most recent post http://denver.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/outcall-specials-petite-sweet-and-the-one-you-will-never-forget/20645100. Just in case that pic with the tattoo has been removed, just google her current number as Landy/Rose and you'll see a few pix that are updated that shows the tattoo.
  4. Hilarious way to attract clients

    She's posted in that same style of humor for a few years now, so I'm guessing it works for her and it brings in the clients
  5. Does anybody meet her

    That's Tabby. Once upon a time, I was a regular when she was massage only and was advertising in the massage section. She blurred the lines in her advertising as she posted pics that would be considered a little sexy for the massage section, but that was her strategy for getting people in. She did offered great massages and nothing more. Then she fell on hard times and started offering more and advertising in the body rubs section where I remained a regular. The more desperate her situation became, the more desperate her actions and ultimately, I stopped seeing her because of it, even though the body rubs she provided were great. Yes, I do agree that her ads come across as being very odd. She recently came back with her posting style still being the same as before. Sometimes with face shots, sometimes not. Sometimes posting as "Tabby" but mostly without her name. Her situation continues to be desperate and she recently posted her sob story over several days and other odd ads. She also texted her old regulars, including myself, with a more detailed sob story to confirm that sob story she did post. I'm not sure how her services are today since she made her recent comeback, but what she provided before I stopped seeing her was great. If you can get past her odd style of posting ads, then go ahead and give her a call. YMMV as she might come with the baggage I described above.
  6. 2 important 411's

    I was fortunate to be able to contact her right after she posted her ad and was able to see her shortly after. During the session, the buzz alerts from incoming texts to see her were coming in very regularly. And this was on a regular weekday afternoon. Just have to catch her at the right time.
  7. 411 Brunette Bombshell

    Looks like she used to go by Brandi as seen in these ads AND had a different number http://www.asexyservice.com/denver/classifieds/ad/53bf288361b6edDKqS1kzPpz_Zxj_KFWDaBRg_8FNZPfg1hxPp/ http://spazilla.com.denver.hoxnif.com/post/3985429/ The only providers who I know change their numbers and don't post with a name anymore or change their names are those who got a bad review somewhere... That on top of a inquiry and then immediately TOFTT seems a bit sketchy.
  8. WTF

    Soooooo.... call a provider in the escorts section or follow through with the gift card scheme. Either way, you're going to get screwed
  9. 1st thought on this ad

    The ad should say "Hey, its Bobby!" instead of Babrie We get a clear view of this person's rear end, but the bathroom sink conveniently blocks the view of his or her crotch
  10. 411 on Sexy Lucy

    This place advertises in sensual massage, but should really be in therapeutic massage. But then again, that would be an insult to the hard working certified ladies advertising in the therapeutic section. What I didn't include in my review of one of the girls there: -on the flip--- wait, what flip? The flip happens when you flip out when you realize that there is no flip and thus, no HJ or anything else -you are draped the entire time -don't even try to touch them even though they are in a sexy bikini -420 friendly, so you leave smelling like you are 420 friendly yourself -- this place is in the same building as a 420 recreational shop - your money is better spent there than on the massage I hope this posting has inspired you to stay very far far away
  11. ASP hittin' you up for money

    After being burned by one provider for helping her with a hotel room (she did pay back eventually), I now maintain strict client-provider boundaries with ALL providers. Any provider who texts me wanting me to help out for any reason, I just ignore. Next time I see them if they bring it up, I apologize and tell them I had a bad experience helping a provider out, so I won't be helping them out for any reason. It's worked for me.
  12. Rip off alert

    I'm now taking $$$ bets on when the next post will be asking for info on Neveah despite this latest negative review and past negative reviews and so many other postings asking the same question...
  13. Looking for 411

    Nevaeh is at a new number, maybe she has changed her ways..... Neveah started doing doubles with Misty when they both had numbers linked to Colorado Candys. So the chances of both of them changing their numbers and affiliation, but using the same pics and same name after leaving Candys is very slim.
  14. Avoiding attention at a hotel

    Unless the room you have to go to is clearly in plain view of the main office AND the provider seems oblivious to how she may be attracting attention. I visited a provider while in New Jersey around July 4th a few years ago who got a room that was clearly in view of the main office. She stepped out to smoke in her bra and panties before the festivities began and didn't care how she was dressed. She mentioned that housekeeping had walked in on her earlier while with a client. She mentioned the numerous clients she had seen before me that day due to the holiday. Most fun of all was walking out the door at the end and finding myself in a staring contest with someone from the front office who was already looking up right at the room before retreating back into the office. I'm sure I should have warned her about this, but I didn't have a good experience with her, so I decided not to. She already drew too much attention to herself already.
  15. I seem to run into this problem on BP quite often. Anyone else

    Let's not forget the other phrase that is occasionally used to draw people in --- "highly requested". Anyone not paying attention will mistake that for "highly reviewed"
  16. Just curious......

    This guy needs to take that stack of 100s and get himself Hooked On Phonics so that he can learn how to write and spell in his own posts. It will also help him learn to read so that he can read postings on backpage and call the providers himself. If he's been sober, what's that beverage in the second picture?
  17. Should I lose my virginity to a provider?

    I myself lost my virginity a few years ago through this hobby. One thing to keep in mind is that this is not just a one and done type of deal. Were you able to get behind the wheel for a cross country road trip after one drivers ed lesson? Were you proficient at your job on your first day of work? Keeping this in mind, because it's not just one and done, you should be prepared to invest $$$. Based on your description of your background, it seems like you haven't been around women in an intimate setting. So be prepared to spend a session (or more) developing that confidence, then a session (or more) in the act of losing your virginity, and a session (or more) to become good so that you can take your skills into the real world. You should be prepared to run into providers who aren't very supportive or patient with your quest to lose your virginity. Hope the above helps. As for the rest of what you feel about yourself, that will be for you to figure out. As for STDs, most providers in Denver in my experience provide protection. But bring your own just in case.
  18. 411 Nevaeh

    She's got a review on TER under her current name - definitely not a FS girl, although she advertises in that section. The one time I called her, she sounded like she was completely caught off guard (sleepy, bored, snacking, watching tv) so I didn't book.
  19. 411 on CL Braxton.

    I've thought the same since their pictures are very similar. Both ads specify no black men and no texting. Both work out of DTC. We'll know when Brittany leaves Denver again and see if Braxton disappears as well.
  20. 411 on CL Braxton.

    http://denver.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/classifieds/EnlargeImage?oid=14174609ℑ=14174605 The picture of Braxton above looks like it's stolen from Brittany, especially when you compare the hair http://denver.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/100-incall-special-perfect-face-addicting-body-amazing-skills-21/14189742
  21. 411 SOPHIA on BP

    http://denver.backpage.com/BodyRubs/tired-of-fake-pics-1000-real-pics-full-nude-new-girl-22/14016673 LOL at how she is defending herself in her post today: "I AM LOOKING FOR REVIEWERS, MY FIRST ONE SUCKED! LOL WHAT A CREEP"
  22. 411 SOPHIA on BP

    She's got a private office in the DTC, which leads me to believe it's the same office where Alyxa currently works as I've seen other girls in the past from that office. Search for Alyxa's ad and compare the similarity in wording and style -- same person behind the ads... or just a copycat. That would be my best guess. The fact that she's a newbie without reviews makes me hesitant. That fact that she is "TGTBT" in her ads scares me off even more.
  23. 411 Makenzie and Star

    These two have been advertising as "visiting Denver" forever. Any provider advertising as "visiting Denver" "new in town" or "here for a limited time" and using that same phrasing forever in their ads IS a scam. Based on the pics, who wants to bet that Star is more likely to suck her toes than you if you were to book a session?
  24. "Draping Optional"??

    Ooops... the $180 is for 4 hands which probably means solo massage still goes for the same rate... But still, posting in the body rubs section seems interesting.
  25. "Draping Optional"??

    Pretty self explanatory if she just switched over to posting on the body rub section with prices upped to $180 now... http://denver.backpage.com/BodyRubs/hanna-lashay-fabulous-4-hand-30/14028871