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  1. New Guy Here - encourage me, PLEASE!

    These threads with folks stressed out about not having references and how to get them crack me up a little bit. The first call I made I was anxious as well, but now that I do have references a healthy percentage of the time I’m not even asked for them. (And that’s even with ads that say “no newbies references absolutely required”). I’ve guessed it’s how I make contact and what I say, but I’m not sure. My advice would be first to get a burner phone. I like the cheap tracfone smartphone I bought, but there are others. Register it with a pseudonym someplace with free WiFi and buy minutes cards with cash. They sell them at Walgreens so if you’re away from home they are easy to pick up. Next, find a local review board if you can or use one of the national ones. Look for ladies with good reviews and make contact. Many won’t return messages quickly so I suggest reaching out to several. You can also look at ads and then try to find reviews for them. Cross reference emails and phone numbers using google to see if there are reviews on other sites. When someone replies, ask about availability and try to set an appointment. You should have all the info you need from ads and reviews so it should be as simple as time, place and appointment length. If asked for references, be honest and say it’s your first time and you don’t have any. I wouldn’t give out personal info or send a photo of ID or anything like that. Some may be willing to verify you in person and some may not ask at all so just keep keep trying.
  2. The Popping Pussy Bubble

    I don't think it's accurate to say that because the average rate in terms of absolute dollars is the same means that the average rate has not gone down. If the rate doesn't increase with inflation then the real value of those dollars has decreased based on what you can buy with them. Having said that, you keep using that word (bubble) - I do not think it means what you think it means.
  3. Question for the gents.....

    Of late, I usually book appointments via text message. I always mention that I found them on TOB and when asked I have shared my handle or provided references via TOB. I don’t provide any info besides my first name and burner phone number unless asked for it.
  4. Cosplay Duos

    I was in the car after a recent session with a duo and thinking the right way to describe them was ice and fire, which immediately made me think of GoT. With the popularity of that show and Halloween around the corner, I was thinking an enterprising duo might do well with a GoT themed cosplay session. So - what cosplayed duo would you like to see? I’ve always had a fantasy about Inara and Kaylee.
  5. Hobby phone question

    I have a tracfone android phone...I think it was $50 paid cash and pay cash for refill minutes cards. Used to have the cheapest one I could get, but it was too hard to text. I activated online somewhere like a library. The 90 days start when you activate the card. I got my latest Tracfone at a Walgreens, which are all over. Some folks might not want any trace of activity on their regular phone, even a suspicious sounding app, hence a separate burner might be better in some cases.