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  1. Wow Denver Gent's & Ladies Thank You

    I'm back in Ca. Thank You
  2. I do wish this was a thing we could do , I would give him a -10 on bad behavior on the word NO Stop hurting Me and when he can't listen tell you kick them out !!
  3. Thanks

    I'v done backwards
  4. Wow Denver Gent's & Ladies Thank You

    Any time love .. soon
  5. Not that you providers

    <<100% well thought of, highly regarded, well respected, respected, respectable, with a good reputation, of repute, of good repute, creditable, esteemed, prestigious, estimable; More established, well known; reliable, dependable, trusted, trustworthy, tried and trusted, honest, honorable, principled, above board, legitimate, upright, virtuous, irreproachable
  6. How to avoid stings?

    Nothing is 100% on both ends of this hobby , You Can Only Make Yourself Safe with doing you're homework Pick The Right ladies and things should run smooth
  7. TOB is great - Is there anything like it in another state?

    Twitter as well
  8. TOB is great - Is there anything like it in another state?

    you can join p411 if you get 2 ladies to vouch for you
  9. Dirty Talk Do You Like It ?

  10. TOB is great - Is there anything like it in another state?

    1.P411 2.EROS look for only VIP or Verified - websites Twiiter Act ladies 3.Private Delights they have reviews
  11. Not that you providers

    Unless she ask for a photo of the person she meeting, she not going to know what he looks like till he get's to the door and she looks out the peep hole , then I think if she ghosted him then she risk him knowing what room she in .. Would depend how she screens if she gets scared !!
  12. Dirty Talk Do You Like It ?

    It does help
  13. Dirty Talk Do You Like It ?

    So meany hot sexy dirty words .. Like how sexy his c**k is .. I like the word C***K
  14. Good bye

    Just when I'm getting the hang of TOB .. Best Of Luck ,
  15. Dirty Talk Do You Like It ?

    yes needs to be sexy and NO C or B word but I do Like The F**** me more
  16. Dirty Talk Do You Like It ?

    Oh baby give it to me
  17. Dirty Talk Do You Like It ?

    Yes if it's forced it can be silly . But I like it when We just go with it and enjoy each other
  18. It’s been awhile

    I save my regs numbers with a code words ,
  19. Taking chances with secret encounters

    I'v been to a lot of married homes and I dress like I'm just a visitor , make sure who you pick knows how to dress down and comes after dark and slips in unnoticed , ask her to not bring but what see needs to provided and no driver or friends along , same as when going to a hotel for appt . Just be smart pick a WOMAN who can fit in ..
  20. New to Hobby question

    very perfect
  21. Shy guy

    big fish little fish . welcome
  22. Twitter down😳

    Twitter was down today ?
  23. How do you take your coffee?

    I'm just old school coffee ,, Good To The Last Drop .. with Half & Half
  24. New to Hobby question

    Yes your right ,But getting any one to read past photos is very hard for them to do lol
  25. How to get started?

    Alternative screening when you have no refences will work ..