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  1. Never have I ever... Hobby style game

    Never ever have I had a MFM
  2. Another headscratcher

    Can we talk about something we need to know about .. Breast - - Kitties - Penis
  3. How to avoid stings?

    I may add if not been said ,, If she doesn't screen then pass on seeing them !
  4. How to avoid stings?

    100% agree
  5. Dirty Talk Do You Like It ?

    kinda like when the gent after being in 1.2 min ask you did u cum yet
  6. Arriving at the appointment.

    sometimes I have heard , they want to check you out the peep holes to see if you came alone .. But I'v given the text room number like off a digit ..OPS
  7. Ladies Do You Love Bald Headed Men ?

    I'm a hot mess after scalp massage Breast Massage Is Fun On A Bald Head I Bet !
  8. BBFS Providers

    Glad to know who to stay way from.. MY guess OP will not be responding !
  9. Kid in a candy store

    You can chose by looks , age , what is your type of Woman or a Girl ?
  10. Arriving at the appointment.

    Yes ,, but some hotel if you keep it on more the 24hr, they come knocking see if your Okay .. had it happen before
  11. Big guys need love too

    Tall - Short Chubby -Skinny -Buffed -Over Weight Just Right + all men need some loven
  12. Arriving at the appointment.

    I don't like keeping the door crack, fear of Hotel staff might come in to see what's up .. just my thing I guess
  13. Arriving at the appointment.

    I have you text me 15mins before you park so I know your close Text for room number when parked. I stand behind the door at all times so no one see me dressed to SEXY I will let you know if housekeeping is out and around my room , if so I tell you not to knock and I stand behind the door looking out the peep hole to open the door so you're not standing there looking like what to do NOW and when you come in just act like it's your room till the door is closed .. Then we kiss and hug and talk then get naked
  14. Ladies Do You Love Bald Headed Men ?

    Ya baby
  15. Your Dream Ride

    Well I have 250CLA 2019 do I have chance ? Don't need all the tattoos any ways , so yes you do , want to race lol
  16. What do you do after the deed is done?

    100% Cuddle me more
  17. What do you do after the deed is done?

    I like that .
  18. Being a newbie is hard work.

    Just try it ... then you will not be one
  19. References

    Even with p411 Okays every one should still be asking about the gent , should be asking the last 2-3 ladies he's seen in the last 6mo or year. P411 to become a new member now for gent's you need 2- Providers to vouch for you that you have seen .
  20. Your Dream Ride

    Transportation Mercedes AMG Man Ride Adam Levine

    Happy Birthday Sexy Lady
  22. Strange colors of your hair!

    Just shave it all off ,,, a bald head between the legs is so sexy
  23. Ladies Do You Love Bald Headed Men ?

    I love a sugar scrub ...
  24. Question around "no response" etiquette

    What If Screening take's a little longer so what do you do then ?
  25. References

    There are other ways OP can get Re-screened or there are alternative ways to be screened . Or See Newbie Friendy Ladies who do screen ..