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  1. Some of you ladies need to hear this

    lets all help out
  2. Newbie and black

    If you're a Professional Business person then race should not be a issue , but then some do.
  3. Just introducing myself here

    OP is MIA ?
  4. Peter Fonda RIP

    R.I.P Peter
  5. Just introducing myself here

    Welcome , there are a lot of newbie-friendly providers most will want to screen you first , just have to get you're feet wet .
  6. HH vs HR

    hhr might be a lunch time thing ..
  7. Loving the SoCal Life!

    It is a Friday , on to greener pastures TGIF We Love Ca This weekend going to be 110-115 temps Alex should come with me to Denver / both of us are from Ca. Hot that it will be why im going to Dallas to cool off update, Rock on it's 80 out today feels nothing like Christmas
  8. Why are some hobbyists so disrespectful?

    I agree 100& and I think Non Real Hobbyist are the worst , one's wanting Right Now and don't what to be putout with doing a screening , You Available Now.. Text or callers ,
  9. HH vs HR

    I had to ask the same thing
  10. Guy's Do You Prefer Selfies Or Professional Pics

    Mix it up .. Glam and Non Pro Shots , Selfies are fun to do you can get some very sexy ones as you are in control !
  11. So does it really matter

    So very true .. !00%
  12. HH vs HR

    Nothing bad about being old fashioned
  13. [miscellaneous provider ] Screening

    just get someone on P411 .. make it easy on yourself
  14. FBSM With Kissing?

    good advice
  15. Things that go bump in the night!

    Morning Noon & Night or any time ,,
  16. Ladies Do You Love Bald Headed Men ?

    yes , just don't do the comb over ,, just let it be thin and don't try to hide it
  17. FBSM With Kissing?

    well there are some bad kisser's lol
  18. None of this is real.

    Good reason to keep the door lock
  19. FBSM With Kissing?

    kissing is hot ..
  20. Fresh and clean

    What do you need ?
  21. Jeffrey Epstein Is Dead

    100% the victims will never get justice ,
  22. Jeffrey Epstein Is Dead

    Orange Glow ... ..
  23. Dirty Talk Do You Like It ?

    YES .. when you know the color of my eye's ,becues you looking into them is very sexy !
  24. Dirty Talk Do You Like It ?

    I love to talk dirty BCD . Are You on the same page ?
  25. How to avoid stings?

    For me if the gent has 100 reviews or a 100 p411 okays ,I'm still going to screen him , with refes or with out I just don't take the refes as a way of screening , I'm still going to check Blacklist and do a few other things Just that he was okay when she saw him , he can go nut's at any time after wards .