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  1. What's the oddest place you've done it???

    Graveyard under a tree...
  2. Socks and sex

    Stockings yes please.
  3. Fast or Slow

    Senual its all about the experience i want to be lit on fire from the inside out thinking about what had transpired for hours afterward. Soft kneck nibling moans and grunts of passion. But at the same time i would have to say bending to her will and seeing were she takes me is all if not the best part of it all. Being treated like a king bringing the power to the table is nice but sometimes you got to be a F**k toy. So like many before have stated yes please.😜
  4. PM-friendly hobbyists

    I think all cumminication is great and with out it makes things dreary. But i do have to say as being a noob everyone i have interacted with has been very nice and very helpful i tip my hat to you. Smile be happy and hobby on my freinds.
  5. Contacting providers

    Hello every body being fairly new to the hobby and more or less this sight. What in everyones oppinon is the Best way to contact a provider? Email, phone, pm through site.
  6. Contacting providers

    Im very similar i hate talking on the phone i dont know what it is i wasnt always a fan of texting either i think i view it as a necisary evil. But i would much rather text a person than speak with them on the phone for five minutes. Its a lil wierd i know but i guess i just prefer a face to face convo or texting.
  7. Contacting providers

    I understand that some ladies will blatantly post what the prefer and in some cases not so much. Im also just kind of curious to what are the prefered ways of connecting with one another were. Thanks in advance for all help.
  8. New to TOB

    Welcome very beautiful.
  9. Where Will You Discover Us?

    Well being new new and watching the hobby for a while it looks to me that this is best. Its a little unfortunate that thungs are a lil topsie turby righr now but what is life with out adventure. Tob has my vote for best that i can find.