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  1. What do we need for the big one?

    Whatever you need be safe getting it
  2. This is a law matter, write legislation to define prostitution. Make it a clear line between human trafficking and Sex coach. Ladies lead a training to qualify for certification to be a sex coach. When that happens I will be a willing to be a regular test subject you need to pass the big test 😋
  3. Would it be about the money or the the time? If A how much would he be worth, if B how much time even in this work?
  4. Wassup with it

    I'm listening to Kevin Gates wassup with it music. In my opinion this mindset is being replaced with a clique mentality in the business? What's your opinion mature people?
  5. What would your ad say fellahs?

    She probably didn't read all that and texted anyway.
  6. Not responding to texts

    I was ready to complain about not getting a response back in 15 minutes. Thank you for the love.
  7. Who’s watching me

    I like the intensity, eye contact different strokes, what you talking about Willis.
  8. Preference.?

    Variety is the spice of life. Just wish it went both ways. Personal preference.
  9. No, no shave November fellas!!!

    I'm still trying to find a lady who can braid my back hair. If ladies start cutting hair and doing hot towels shaves, I'm there.
  10. Anyone notice a lot of men low balling them

    True, true, true. How much 'was' universal for everyone, then the discernment begins
  11. Where is best Burger in east Denver/Aurora

    Village Inn if the cook is good
  12. More zero reviews aging up

    Difficult to do that nowadays.
  13. Elite just means they have a vagina complex and think it's getting worn out, I a spinner is a young version needing experience, but everyone of them is running a business. Reword the question
  14. Time to hang it up ?

    I skimmed through every response. No on asked, 'What does a the best website for everyone look like?'

    To me it's alot of spam, but business is business