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  1. Wanksy? a little old but funny

    The name alone deserves praise. But the results deserve a medal.
  2. Which one of you is this?!?! - Castle Rock Orgies

    Well you know as they say: parking in the rear, liquor in the front!
  3. Truck stops - maybe not Anyone hear of this one?

    LOL great now I'm gonna have the theme from Smokey and the Bandit stuck in my head all day. I must be missing something. Where the hell is all this egregious trafficking going on? I never hear about anything but according to the gub'mint and all the NGOs its an epidemic. Obviously anyone that is forced to do anything against their will is abhorrent and if all this trafficking is going on it needs to be stopped. But again, where the heck is all this happening in Colorado?
  4. FBSM Recommendations

    +1 Violet is awesome with different session options to match all tastes.
  5. Crown tattoo

    Think horses, not zebras.
  6. Which one of you is this?!?! - Castle Rock Orgies

    Its the fact that money is being charged at the door that is making this an issue. If you can afford to live in Castle Rock and want to be a swinger then you should be able to afford snacks for your guests.
  7. P411 is now a closed community

    I don't think they let those domains go voluntarily. Ladies are reporting that their accounts on some hosts are being suspended and the domain forfeited.
  8. P411 is now a closed community

    I think that if you are a provider that already has an account it would be a very good idea to maintain it as some guys such as me will be relying on it almost exclusively for awhile. Meanwhile I would not be surprised if a grey market appears that has retiring providers selling their accounts to new ones on the sly. I think they are going to have to be very vigilant about accounts with sudden pic updates and contact info changes.
  9. P411 is now a closed community

    I find myself both questioning the longer term value of having a membership while also being too uncertain to let it lapse.
  10. 411 on Smokin lil blonde

    ... and the NOs just keep rolling in. It will be interesting to see what ratio of NO to YES reviews are needed before the hypnotizing power of her pics wanes and dudes start thinking with their big head again.
  11. Is it Time yet??

    I think you need to model these outfits and post the pics here. I for one am here and at your disposal to help you pick the perfect ensemble for spring.
  12. 1

    I don't know if Gemma was enjoying a crafted beverage (or two, or three) when she wrote this or if she is just marching to the beat of her own drummer, but she is very cool and entertaining! Mwuahh babe!
  13. It’s time

    Oh, man. Please say that you're not saying what I think you're saying!
  14. Me too. I can't really understand how anyone could be so unaware and inconsiderate as to not have impeccable hygiene before an appointment. I always shower right before leaving for the appointment and to quote Austin Powers give the undercarriage a thorough "how's your father?". Complete with nail trimmings among other places too! Guys, grow up and wash your backside for Pete's sake!