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  1. Soooo...I am sitting here letting my mind wander at midnight with thoughts about going back to school to get either a M.E. or a PH.D. in Counseling, and while perusing the internet for the best options and "need to knows", I realized that I would have to write a dissertation for a PH.D. Now, here is the reason for my post; I have no idea if I chose that route, what I would do a dissertation about. I thought about this business, heck, I know a LOT about it, but what specifically would be compelling enough to interest them about it? It would have to be critical, and with varied views. My interest is in family/marriage...should I write about the intricacies of that mingling with this profession? Do I go darker and talk about sex trafficking, and its affects on the modern day compared to an older era? Or should I just keep it out of the business altogether, and go in a complete whole new direction? Heck, I am clueless!!! I do want it to be good, and something that I am passionate about. I would like it to convey the reason I am going into counseling in the first place, but I don't want it to get too personal. What's a girl to do? Advice? Warnings? Jokes? Predictions? Anything would be good to hear. xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  2. Hump Day Humor or Revenge of the Blonds Jokes

    Car Salesmen Two car salesmen were sitting at the bar. One complained to the other, "Boy, this economy sucks. It's already Hump Day. If I don't sell more cars this week, I'm going to lose my fucking ass!" Too late, he noticed a beautiful blonde, sitting two stools away. Immediately, he offered apologies for his use of bad language. "That's okay," the blonde replied, "I have a very similar problem. If I don't sell more ass this week, I'm going to lose my fucking car!" xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  3. NYC Advice

    I have a gf that works regularly in NYC right on Times Square, and she says she does well there. I tend to stay in Uptown Manhattan, but not far from Times Square and that seems to work. My biggest reason is because I love to stroll Central Park when I am there. I don't know much about the lower. Hope this helps. Xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  4. Screened and vetted but still wants a pic

    So, if I start asking you guys to reenact the "Dr. Evil" pose for screening, you guys are going to get all weird on me?! Y'all SO picky!!! xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  5. Awesome joke

    Gee, I don't know Ana, he sounds like a lot of fun. You should TOTALLY take him up on it. ;-) I kid, kid!!! LOL! xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  6. Users Banned- LustyLeah and RJB1354

    I can't count how many times I have had phone calls from guys saying that him and their "wife" want a threesome, and start giving me the speil on what they want. I stop it pretty quick in their tracks, but there are people that seriously get off on pranking/scamming people with this kind of bs. As I tell ladies, just because you have seen someone a dozen times and he is good doesn't mean he will always stay that way. Always be on your guard. xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  7. 411 on summer?

    I have had a hard time not coming on here and not spouting profanity myself, and I can understand where Sabrina is coming from. I was with her when she read this, and she was very upset because you guys constantly throw her old name and PAST reputation in her face when she is doing everything in her power to change. You guys are NOT giving her a chance, and personally, I am getting tired of you guys judging her! We talked in length about this, and she doesn't nor has she ever known this gal, and if you notice, Summer liked the post with me stating that fact. Sabrina and I do know OF her, but we don't know her...just like I know OF other ladies in this business, but I don't know them personally. I apologize if I wrote in a manner that made it seem otherwise, but I thought it was clear on the "there is no assocation" part. I am with Sabrina every day, and I will say that in the over 13 years of doing this, I have never met a lady that is this loyal, kind, and generous. I have met a lot of gals, and some are nice, or fun to play with, but I have never felt more comfortable with someone and trusted them like I have her. Believe me, I have met ladies that have scared the wits out of me, taken my stuff, lied to me...not once I have had this and in fact, we just took our first trip together and we had a blast!That says a lot to me about a person and I don't trust lightly. I tend to keep to myself, and my clients know this! My clients also know (and so do a good number of ladies) that I am very proud of what I do, and I do not vouch for someone lightly because it affects my reputation and I would never want someone to get hurt or burned. So, when I say something about someone...I truly mean what I say. If you guys don't want to see Sabrina or are set in your "opinion" of her then don't see her, but keep your opinions to yourself. After all, you don't know her and can't for a fact say that what you think about her is true. xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  8. 411 on summer?

    Keyser, I personally know Sabrina and I have met who she has worked with and know that it is not Summer. If I am wrong, I know that Sabrina will correct this as this is the type of lady she is. I don't lie to people, but if you don't want to take my word for it then you will be the first to do so. Yes, she has done stuff in the PAST, but she has changed her ways, and there are many of TOB hobbyists that can back this up. If you boys want to keep talking crap and spreading more hate about her....shame on you! She has done her best to use her actions, not words to show she really wants to do this better, and these kind of rumors don't help. Don't want to see her? Fine, but quit spilling untruths about something that you personally know nothing about(and I am not talking about stuff that happened two years ago). xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  9. 411 on summer?

    Yeah Geezer, I personally know Sabrina Lynne aka Katie Cream, and Summer is not it! Better do your homework better, and maybe not post if you aren't so certain. :-) Some of these 411's amuse me! xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  10. Best provider for UTF

    I hear Monica Lewinsky is famous for her "giving nature". Xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  11. Fantasy encounter

    The only fantasy I have not done, and really want to do is... Me, a wall with a hole in it, and every cock poked throught that wall I can manage to suck, lick, and blow to see how fast and hard they can come. I have done all the others. If I couldn't get this, I would want my ATF to rub me down with oil and sensually get me off as often as he can while I sip on champagne and nibble on his cock and some fruit, cheese, meat, and crackers. Then we proceed to clean off in the shower with it ending with me up against the shower door fucking me. A girl can dream... xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  12. ISO Provider wanting to be Pampered

    Daaaamn! I got excited there for like 5 seconds when I saw the word "pampered". Then I saw all of the posts, and am now disappointed. Buzzkillers!!! xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  13. Newbie love

    Snatch, interesting that you say this as I have been told lately that I should be raising my rates which I will be doing since it has been suggested. I hate to break it to you, but prices in Denver are not getting cheaper, and us ladies don't advertise, eat, sleep, rent, piss, and have sex for free so I would suggest you just keep looking for that "diamond in the rough" that is eager to do ya' for cheap because you won't be getting it here! xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  14. Outcall advice and DTC glut

    I have had both private incalls and hotel incalls, and can say that they aren't really different as long as the lady gives you clear direction as to where to go, and you proceed to follow those directions. I, myself, try to be concise when directing clients to me even at hotels like telling them where the elevators are because I have been in some crazy hotels where the elevator is hard to find. Just dress "dress casual", remember the directions, peruse the area to familiarize yourself with the place, walk in with purpose, and have a good time. The cellphone convo is a good idea if need to be used. xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  15. Overflowed with bullshit

    I ask for it upfront, count it right there, even look at it if it seems off, and then put away so that we can be on our way to the fun. I hate envelopes too, but I will say that I love it when it comes with a card. I am sentimental about things. xoxo, Samantha Sheppard