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  1. Not sure how to handle this, advice?

    THIS!!! The guy is an egotistical asshole who thinks berating you is going to get him an appt. Misunderstanding or not, there is no reason why he should have flown off the handle. The part of communication is to keep people apprised of what is going on after each text, and if you were waiting for a response and didn't get one, then you have every right to assume he wasn't coming. If he didn't check, or was driving and didn't see it until your message that it wasn't happening popped up...he should have been an adult about it, and said yes that he was on his way, and confirm the time. Instead, he became a jerk and wouldn't let off. You were too nice in apologizing as you weren't at fault. He didn't reply back to a time that he was arriving. When I talk to my clients, I do like you and confirm the time of the appt and the rate so there is no confusion on the two most important things. I make sure they know where they are going, and tell them to contact me when they get there. It makes it clear I expect communication so there are no misunderstanding, and if they don't follow it or try to break my can leave to them never seeing me ever/again. Don't be scared to get a bad review. The guys are not stupid and they can read through BS. Also, there are a lot of guys out there that don't even know reviews exist. I have never been threatened with a bad review, but I can tell you that if they ever do...I would just laugh at them and tell them to have fun with that. The guys that matter know the truth. Please let us ladies know...tired of assholes like this. xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  2. Thank you!

    I totally agree! You rock girl, and thanks for letting some of us vent when we need it. Just remember that when you need to blow off steam too that some of us are just a phone call or a hug away. Thanks! xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  3. Booking Apps

    I think it depends on the app. I took my Google one down because I felt it wasn't secure. Have a better one. I do have clients that email info as well. You do what feels better for you, and I understand that thinking. It sounded, to me, like you were concerned about ladies knowing your personal info. Xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  4. Booking Apps

    So I took my phone number down, and set up my booking app. While business slowed down, all but one of the guys that actually went through my screening have been great. Some provider told me I need to put up my phone number so I did, and all I have gotten is one timewaster after another, hagglers, 2AM phone calls when it is clear I never work that time, etc. To me, if guys are really that serious about seeing us, they will go through the protocol. The ladies that invest the time to set this up and check you out want to provide an experience, get to know you, connect. The girls that bring clients in and out just want your money. Even if you just call thinking you are going to hide, most providers will want a reference, see your history of reviews, etc. before seeing you because us getting beat, raped, or worse is quickly becoming a reality with the changes. You want to be "John Smith", that is fine, just understand you get what you put in. Us ladies are just trying to survive. xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  5. Why your penis looks like that?

    ALL I know is that when it hits my G-spot that I like it VERY MUCH!!! xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  6. Friendships

    I do have friendships with a very small number of clients in the biz, but they are no longer clients, and the few that I did still see either quit seeing me, or I had to cut them off to keep it separate. I have only lost two as friends in the time that I have been in this-of course, I am very particular who becomes friends with me in my personal life. Otherwise, it rarely happens because even if they want a friendship, clients have a hard time separating this business from our personal life. Also, some providers don't want to make friendship with their clients for fear of losing out on money, or are afraid they might tell someone in their personal life which can and has happened. If you are looking for a connection, you need to pick providers that you are interested in not just physically, but curious about getting to know them emotionally. It won't always work out, but there are ladies that are working that want more than just to get it on physically with their clients. Then, if you two want to make the step to become friends...discuss what the rules are and respect them. I can say that I have one "client" that I have never seen and won't because we just don't click in that way, but he is a personal friend and we get along great that way. He is the only one I have like that, and I feel that is a pretty rare thing. Just remember that these things come naturally, and try not to push it just so you can be on a personal level with someone. To be a friend is a gift not to take for granted. xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  7. Truth in Advertising

    I don't know about y'all...this whole post was pretty good entertainment to enjoy over a cup of coffee. xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  8. The Picture Issue

    Personally, I love professional because I like my clients to know that I take pride in my work, and want them to see that I work hard for my money, and getting professional pics done is NOT EASY! LOL! That said, I do put up selfies on my twitter so that people see that I am, in fact, a real person and not always all glammed up. I just want guys to know that I can dress that way if that is what their fantasy entails, and I do get a lot of requests for what I take pics in. I think every lady does what they feel works best for their biz. Some are casual, some are elegant, some are cute, some are steamy...we all have our own thing that makes us unique. Find what suits you, and if casual or selfie is what you prefer then go with it. That is the beauty of this biz is that there are a lot of varieties to choose from. I do agree with Hunter on preferring to be in my jammies all day, but I guess we all have to grow up some day. xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  9. I wouldn't use the Venmo for clients to pay for appts unless like Amber said, it is with someone you trust. I do know that cam girls use it, but that is because they have small amounts being charged to them in the form of mundane things like groceries, etc. so it doesn't ding Paypal's radar. Until that money is in that account then transferred to another account, I wouldn't play. I wouldn't take anything but good ole' cash from newbies until they show they can be trusted. Sad that we have to be that way, but someone always has to ruin the fun for everyone else. xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  10. Hungry

    I was just introduced to YaYa's Euto Bistro off of Belleview. Incredible food, atmosphere, and the servers are well versed in the food and drinks. Very impressed! Xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  11. The clients perspective

    If you do your homework, like see if ladies have other ads, or post on places like Twitter...your questions like if the pics are real can easily be answered very quickly. The real ladies that don't hide make it very clear by the reviews, ads, pics if they are real. When you ask questions of that nature to seasoned ladies that are known and it shows that, it does come off as an insult, and we are less inclined to see someone that we perceive can't take the time to peruse the stuff we spend hours, and money on to be successful providers. I can understand your thinking, and are your reasoning, but if you contacted me and I didn't understand your reasoning for 1,000...I wouldn't be forthcoming and I would more than likely pass on seeing you. Just being real, and I know I am not the only lady that thinks that way. Xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  12. Dick Pics for ID the New Me...

    The downer of getting dick pics is that there is no creativity to them. Dress him up like a soldier, or give him a clown face. Amuse me with his personality! xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  13. Vent...blow off that steam of negativity

    xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  14. The happy thread

    xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  15. Ladies, the BL is NOT Your Toy!!!

    I actually got rid of a client over a year ago that I had seen for many years. The reason is he was trying to break rules, short me countless times, and I got fed up with it. The kicker was that another lady screened with ID, and she found he was a rapist another state. Told me to warn me, and when I saw who it floored me. For one, I never(in the years I had seen him)knew his real name. Two, he had tried to push towards doing things against my boundaries, but never actually forced me. Three, he was aggressive in contacting me. I should have seen all the signs, but ignored because I knew him. I now ask for ID because I don't want someone dangerous to come through my door. Another, it shows that they are earnest in seeing me, and understand that I value our time together by being safe. I will take references too, but they are not the only verification I use, and you ladies should never just rely on them too. There are too many horror stories, and they started with a lady checking only references. There is a specific method to use with the ID to ensure that it is actually them. xoxo, Samantha Sheppard