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  1. Posting area...

    Here is the list that I feel is worthwhile advertising on. Denver, Local TOB Denver, Local +Travel TER ECCIE DC BD BP EROS TNA These are others that you can advertise on, but are not as popular. GFEClub BestGFE CV NS There are many others, but not really worth listing, and I am not certain if truly legit. Hope this helps. If I missed one...sorry! xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  2. Funny Money

    This is just another reason I take money upfront. I will now be checking the strips to make sure they match. Oy Vey! xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  3. Funny Money

    I have been seriously debating getting the ultraviolet machine. Much more accurate. Knock on wood, but I have been lucky so far. xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  4. Tipping or gift giving

    Also, no flowers! While I love them, there is no denying what those are for and that I have to explain them. For me, no chocolates...I am severely allergic to a good number of nuts(not the good kind, thank God) and I am also on a diet that allows no sugar. No to Victoria Secret because they don't make clothes foe curvy girls like me, and I don't wear their beauty line. I think money is always great, but if you want to give something else...make it something generic like Barnes &Noble, target, Walmart, etc. A lot of us ladies do shop, and can always use those. Xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  5. In search of Photographers

    Man...that sucks, and you were SO close! Xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  6. In search of Photographers

    Well, you do have "noob" written under your name. That might be one reason, but it might help you out with references of course. The requirement is 4 ladies you have seen, verification of 3 sites you have written or reviewed on, picture of the type of camera using with type of lens, place where it will be done, your kidney(it IS just lying around right?), DNA sample, Christian Louboutin shoes in black, and of course, Peetz "Big Bang" coffee. Once you have provided these things, you are more than welcome to photograph my boudoir. xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  7. A Guide to Escort Etiquette

    LOL! Um, I don't know who you are seeing, but this is NOT a foolproof way to ascertain that a client is okay. You are right, it must be the newer "good" ones. I agree, no client is going to pay $50 just to meet over coffee. If they do, those providers or clients are wasting each other's time. I can count twice that a client wanted to meet me in this manner, and he decided we weren't a fit. I wasn't surprised as I figured he was trying to "waste my time", and he didn't prove me wrong. This was quite a few years ago too when screening was not as strict. Oh, and I remember quite a few years back a cop doing this and then infiltrating P411 taking, I think, 22 providers down that were known for screening. You might want to rethink your theory! xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  8. No Shows

    If you feel he is threatening your safety, call the cops and get a restraining order. Stalking is not something to take lightly. You ladies are not the only ones dealing with crap. I just had a creep asking me personal questions the other day, and then belittling this business by degrading me on the phone. Never met the dude and he certainly doesn't know me. Catch one of us ladies that have been around, and we will help. You are not alone in this! Be safe ladies! xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  9. Underpants

    Dangit, I AM bad with names. I need to catch up on Shameless to see who Monica is... xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  10. Underpants

    Ahem!!! I did, and you declined! *party pooper* ;-) I even have just the right tool for you! :-D xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  11. In search of Photographers

    PM me too please. I have been looking! Thanks! xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  12. BBBJ and DFK

    For me, I find that wrestling with my tonsils pretty gross. I have never really been a big DFK in this business nor my personal life excpet for the rare few that I get caught up in kissing, and even then I still stop when it comes to tongue down the throat. I do find kissing more intimate than a bj, but then again, I really enjoy it and so it isn't a big deal to me whereas kissing is. I have encountered people that have bad breathe that turn me off and that is also another factor. I also have a weird thing about saliva and seeing it...I can go from horny to turned off instantly when I see it. If they have bad breathe, I pray real hard that they don't want to go down on me too. I mean, that area is open and he is putting his nasty mouth there...YUCK! I am conscious that the mouth is more likely to breed infection and spread disease than me going down on them so yeah, another reason I prefer it. I am anal about brushing my teeth and using listerine before any appointment, and I shower before all appointments too. I am a stickler about hygeine. I am not saying that I won't kiss, but if someone doesn't push the issue...I don't really get upset over it. I do really enjoy it when I do have the clients that I do click with on that level and if they want to kiss...the more the merrier. I think this is a YMMV thing. Yep, I am weird! Hope that this help[ answer your question. Maybe other ladies will chime in? xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  13. 30min, 1hr, so why is 45min uncommon ??

    You are right, it is your opinion and your right to make an opinion about it, but what bothers me by your opinion is that you are telling other ladies that would be more than happy to take that offer that it is manipulative, and bad to do. Maybe it is bad for you because you only do an hour or more and that makes you more comfortable. For me, I love it because I have the freedom to cater to that time with what I do, and it works for the client that only has that time available, or that is the perfect time for them. That is okay, but don't be telling other ladies it is a bad idea because it doesn't coincide with how you run your business. I understand it allows the clients to call you about that offer, and that is frustrating when they want something you don't advertise, but I have clients ask me questions I don't agree with too. There is no right or wrong answer to this...clients just need to find the provider that will work with their needs. I don't feel it is fair to make a guy pay an hour when they know they will not be staying for an hour. To me, it feels like I am taking advantage just to get more money. I don't like that feeling, and yes, I know this is a luxury, but I know guys that simply can't afford the hour rate no matter how much they try and are great clients even though their bank account holds less. I do tend to agree with you on most advice, but this one I had to disagree as I felt it only gave one viewpoint due to different aspects everyone has on it. Xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  14. 30min, 1hr, so why is 45min uncommon ??

    There are men that try to take advantage of the 30 minute too. I even know guys that take advantage of the hour. You set the time, and then you make sure to follow through. If he doesn't comply or is annoyed then you know exactly where you put him, and don't see him again. This isn't rocket science, this is "time and companionship". He doesn't follow the rules, he isn't allowed back. If you allow him back, that is all on you! To me, a clockwatcher is someone who watches the clock. If guys call a girl a clockwatcher because he was out the door at 30 minutes when she wasn't looking at the clock, I consider him rude for assuming she was going to allow him more time when he only paid for that set amount. We are running a business here, and even though it is a fun is still a business. You wouldn't waste your doctor's time all day when you know he has other patients to attend to so why waste ours? I think every lady draws the line for what works for them. I know ladies that only do hour or more, I know ladies that love QV. It all comes down to the variety and spice that we provide. xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  15. 30min, 1hr, so why is 45min uncommon ??

    That is why the phones have these handy apps with alarms so you can set the proper time, and yes, if you are going to do less than an hour...the time is going to be pretty strict or you will be paying for the hour. Time and companionship, time and companionship... xoxo, Samantha Sheppard