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  1. Overnights, Your Opinion Please.

    Well, dangit! I didn't get the memo Gr8owl! 😉 I am coming to the conclusion that this is varied depending on many things. Xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  2. The Horse That Just Won't Die

    I should have clarified...that was making a general consensus on what I have seen ladies advertising that are visiting(not all, just some). Some ladies are charging that amount and getting it. Me, I will not be charging that much, but I know it is in the market here for some and it is not unrealistic that clients are paying it. I agree that I think $200 is undercharging, and I will be changing that after the holidays because I like to keep my word. Other ladies will charge what they feel is best, but I agree with Lucy. Xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  3. The Horse That Just Won't Die

    I agree Lucy. My bills are $6000 and so far, this month with me running a special even, I am still over $3000 in the hole, and due to busting my butt am now icing my back because it has gone out due to some guy being tough to get off and making me bust my ass for almost nothing. I am over it! I like a good portion of my regulars and will be nice to them, but starting the new year, I am heading to better paying cities, and raising my rates because I am tired of barely making ends meet and sweating about if things are going to get paid because Colorado doesn't meet other city's rate pricing. I see ladies charging $400 plus coming here and doing well so yes, the market is here. Us ladies need to quit thinking it isn't. Also, I will be finding other consistent income and focusing on school too as I just don't see this being something that I will be doing for much longer. Turning 40 soon is making me want to turn over a new leaf, and I am so ready for changes. I thought doing FBSM would be so much fun, but all it has done is caused me to gain weight due to my chronic back problems, and I am done living this way...physically busting my butt for little pay. I am not going to be unreasonable about my pricing, but when I got into this business 14 years ago, I wanted this to keep me from living paycheck to paycheck, and that is what it has turned to. Just over it! Yes, I know some guys will say to drop my bills...well, that would mean I would have to get rid of my incall, and if I did bills would be more. Hotels and traveling are way more expensive. Heck, condoms even cost more! I am doing everything I can, but there are some things I can't get rid of. I know I am not the only gal with this problem. If I could get an incall for $600 a month again, that would be great, but it won't happen in Colorado. xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  4. Overnights, Your Opinion Please.

    I am the same way, Pfunk, I am not real crazy about sleeping with someone else. For one, I hear I can be unfriendly if bothered and yes, I like to be in my zone when it is time to sleep. I also need at least 6 hour or I am a bitch. LOL! It could work if someone understands that I am that way, and let me do my sleep thing. I would only do overnights with guys I enjoy outside of bed as well. I made the mistake of going on a weekend excursion with a dude that while I tolerated him in the sack, I found him to be annoying out of it and it ended up being a LONG weekend plus we never saw each other again. We just didn't click, and nothing is worse than spending extended time with someone you have very little in common with. I don't care if it is good money...I want to enjoy everything about the time together. At the same time, I don't want to be nice and short myself because I think that is what they will only pay when it could be more. I also don't want to be unreasonable about the price either. The ladies that I know see guys for overnights real cheap don't publicly advertise the rate, and it is not my place to divulge the providers that do that so you are on your own Gr8owl. :-) Good luck finding them though. Also, when I did look at some provider's rates for like 3 days excursion or more, if you break them down is pretty low. Thank you, everyone, for your input. xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  5. Overnights, Your Opinion Please.

    To me, I don't see it as a woman's worth, but about business. What do I tend to make and if I am taking X hours to see someone, what will it cost me to step away from my normal appts to do X hours with said client, and how do I cover that cost. I know what my worth is, but how much is my time? This is my job, and so I don't want to lose money by being focused on my worth or being nice to the is what do I tend to make if I would be working regular hours, and will I be making a profit. xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  6. Overnights, Your Opinion Please.

    Hmmm, I didn't look at it this way and I see your point. You are right...a lot of it isn't in the bed, but I have heard the wonderful stories of ladies getting woke up by the morning wood more than once through the night. I have also noticed that a good portion of ladies don't state specifically what entails for those longer hours so maybe this a "YMMV based on the scenario and client" thing which brings me to another point. I don't charge as much for going out for a drink or dinner, but I know ladies that make it the same rate no matter...that it based strictly on "time and companionship. Should that play a part in how it is priced, or should it be set based on what you feel "time and companionship" is to you. LOL Laci! I should charge less for my snoring...made me chuckle imagining my client's horror having to listen to my nightly musings. Yes Furious, I will be expecting a cup of joe from any client that expects to put up with me for that IS all I ask for my time. ;-) xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  7. Lately, I have been getting a lot of interest about having more than 4 hours up to 4 days of "time and companionship" and questions on how much. So I went perusing through other ladies websites, and what I feel is the average pricing...took out my handy dandy calculator and realized that the longer we spend with a client, we are way undercharging per hour to spend time and companionship with a client. Why? If you figure that you are $300 per hour, but we cut a deal for for more than an hour it is usually $500 for two which is $250 per hour at that point. After 8 hours, I see it go significantly lower to about $100 an hour even as low as $40 an hour. If we state that we won't go less than an hourly rate, why do we then significantly drop it down much lower for many hours when it is much more work to spend extended time with someone and that is why we are getting paid? We say this is a luxury, but we are majorly discounting ourselves so we can bring in only a couple grand more when we can make that in less time with a couple of different clients. I am not trying to be rude or discredit anyone...I am simply pointing out what I feel is a big business faux pas in us maximizing our work, and how we are affecting our money by shorting ourselves. Maybe I am wrong, and this is what clients will only pay(even to top shelf models/escorts), but my opinion is why would I go through the pain of sleeping next to someone, having them watch me get ready, dressed, deal with my grumpy butt in the morning because I am that way until I have had my coffee only to be paid $40-$100 per hour when I can do that in my own time, and then be sharp, dressed sexy, and horny for a few short hours and make just as much without all the other things that make me go UGH! Thoughts? Should I maintain that too or ask for what I feel is fair due to me having to spend what I feel is a "true GFE" with someone for an extended period. xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  8. bait n switch

    Ya' know, pics tend to add like 10 lbs on you I swear! Or is it 10 inches? xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  9. Giving It Away For Free!!!!!

    Love it Lucy! Some things I would add is... Educate yourself about this business. Know the laws in your state and county, and if you travel know the laws in that state and county, as well as Federal laws. Have an attorney number memorized and know your rights. Knowing and understanding that the worst could happen helps you be prepared. Learn to screen clients. Even if you think your spidey sense will keep you safe, it is not a guarantee, and thinking it won't happen to you is just being naive. It is a great way to know what to expect, and you will feel more comfortable with someone you are meeting for the first time. Set goals. It helps you to be more focused and they are things you will look forward to when you have tough days. There will be bad days. Take the rest of the day off and do something for yourself. Remember that tomorrow is another day. xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  10. Condoms - Yes or No?

    Dammit, I was getting low and was going to buy some more. Ugh! Xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  11. Nearly made me tear up!

    Well, when my flip phone doesn't hang up right away and I hear him get on a CB and say, "I'm in!" I am pretty sure it was a cop! Especially when I see two cop cars, and two other unmarked leave 20 minutes later. It was a good thing I hadn't told him my room number... Mind you, this was a long time ago, but still. xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  12. Most desired toys?

    I want to get a Tantric Sex Chair! Looks fun and what visuals on that thing. I need a new vibrator too...Christmas is cumming up boys! xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  13. Nearly made me tear up!

    Ugh! One of my pet peeves is providers that stand up men, or vice versa! Those kind of people have no idea what is going through your head when that happens. Hell, I freak out when I can't get my phone to cooperate when they call. I will honestly say that I have only NCNS one person ever and it was a cop so...I wonder if he was sad. LOL! xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  14. I wish there was a way ...

    Then you are a "diamond in the rough" because I can't count how many multi-hour appointments I set up only to have them canceled or not show. I don't even get excited about them anymore until I am literally with them at said appointment with the money already tucked away. That is how often it happens. If I am the only lady this happens to then there must be something wrong with me, but I highly doubt it when all I see from top providers all over the world keep chanting "get a deposit". If it is working for you not to pay in advance for those long appointments, and things are good between all of you then you are indeed one lucky fellow. I am just not going to count on luck with my business. xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  15. I wish there was a way ...

    Oh hon, the guys that set those up without never meeting you first tend to be the type that do that. With appointments that long, require a deposit. In this type of business, you shouldn't be expecting clients to pay you a large amount of money for those kind of long hours without something in advance...that makes it more likely that he has no intent on following up even if he did screen. I have a dude a few weeks ago, write me wanting a whole weekend with the works even bragging about paying my airfare, fancy hotel. etc. He gave me everything about him, and he has a pretty good job too. Once I told him that I would screen and then have no problem discussing rates, etc. he ghosted on me. Upon looking him up, he is famous for doing the same thing he did to me to countless other ladies. Some people just do this for the makes them feel like they are in control. Take back the control, and run this like a professional business. I would NEVER do a 4 hour without deposit, and if I don't get it...he doesn't see me until it is in my hand. xoxo, Samantha Sheppard