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  1. Best tool for your tool

    Disposable razor and scissors. Pull the skin tight and shave. It's surprisingly easy and safe. I've never drawn blood, but got some razor burn once which made it hard to sit still. Lots of shaving lotion/cream is the secret to avoiding that.
  2. Ironic

    Saw this ad yesterday. Made me laugh.
  3. Minneapolis

    In MN we don't have one good source. I have to use many of them: eros, slixa, AdultSearch, AdultLook, Megapersonals (yuck). Recently Tryst and PrivateDelights have started to pick up. My favorite local spot is MinnesotaErotica.
  4. Saying Goodbye and Thank you - Retiring

    I never had the pleasure of meeting you, but I wish you good fortune and happiness going forward.
  5. Time Wasters

    Your message is much longer than mine. I have message envy. I haven't taken advantage of them, but there are some agencies out there that operate that way. You pay a flat fee for a specific time slot and if you cancel within 48 hours of your appointment it costs nothing or just a small fee. If you're really interested in that arrangement, you might want to give one of them a shot. I'm not too sure about the prepay option, though. Credit card charges are too easy to dispute, so it's tough to use them in this industry. Good luck out there.
  6. Great when he is???

    Every provider I've met has told me I'm well endowed and damn good at playing. Why would I ever doubt them? Seriously though, unless you're paying to be dominated and abused I don't think any provider is going to tell you anything negative--not if she wants the return business. I would, however, suspect some might be willing to instruct you if you express interest in learning.
  7. It’s cold....

    Not sure whether this is sarcasm or not so, I'll clear it up. Weather <> climate.
  8. My date that ended in tears

    Kids are great, but can be challenging. I hope you got it all straightened out. I've had some interesting emergency parenting calls myself. Any parent would understand. Maybe you could offer to try something new with him; something that will make it a special visit?
  9. Time online

    I spend a lot of time online for the "hobby." I enjoy "window shopping" for my next companion. When I'm having a slow day at work, I can spend a couple hours. I like it so much that I actually feel some regret once the hunt is over and I've booked my appointment.
  10. Arriving at the appointment.

    Well, when I'm the one hosting I will give the room # and tell her to walk right in. Then I stick the room key in the slot between the latch and the strike plate. The door will hold itself closed, but won't latch shut and will easily push open. Voila! It's funny though. Whenever someone walks through the door and the key card falls, she always tries to catch it or stops to pick it up. It doesn't matter whether I warn her ahead of time. It's just human nature, I guess.
  11. References

    Hey Cowboy, I'm also In infrequent "hobbyist," so I run into similar issues. I always ask a provider if she is willing to provide a reference. This serves two purposes. First, I can make sure she is reference-friendly. Secondly, it serves to remind the provider of who you are and why you're worthy of a reference. I usually do my best to give a distinct gift that I hope she will remember me by in the future. You could also try P411. The same thing can apply. Providers may still want more information than the P411 "OK's," but it's another easy system where you can be verified. I don't remember whether they are accepting new members, but it's been useful to me in the past. Finally, I have built up some relationships with people on this board. Because of my posts and my respectful attitude, several providers on this board have been happy to see me. For us guys who can't get out that often, every little bit helps. Good luck out there.
  12. Just a mini-rant because this bugged me and I need to get it off my chest: I hate when this happens. I thought I was doing everything right, then I got this response. I assume she didn't like the verbiage I used, but can't really be sure. I guess I'll just be more careful about which terms I use in the future. Fortunately, I found someone else to spend my time with; someone I've had my eye on for quite a while. I think it worked out for the best.
  13. Being a newbie is hard work.

    Dude, it's not that bad. Do your research. Find threads on this board about being a newbie and read them. Remember, screen is for her safety and for yours. If she feels comfortable, you're both going to have a much better time together. Get used to handling "no" gracefully. I'm an infrequent visitor to Denver, so whenever I visit I get a few "no's" due to lack of recent history. Whenever I get a no, I still send a brief thank you because she has spent her time replying to my request. If you are respectful, you have already started building a relationship with that provider even though you weren't able to book time with her. There are plenty of newbie-friendly providers who advertise on this board. Choose one, be polite, and follow her screening instructions. Chances are you will be pleasantly surprised by who you end up meeting. Have fun and be safe.
  14. Screwed that one up

    I thought of giving more details (incall vs. outcall, etc.) about her ad to continue the conversation and defend myself, but if I go too far it could identify her. That's not why I posted this. Sometimes you just need to vent a bit. Thanks for the support, y'all! That's why I'm a member of this community.
  15. Linktree...I'm a fan!

    Cool concept but things change too fast. I've found several providers who have linktree listed as their personal website. Without fail, many of the links are dead. Like anything, it has to be managed. If not, it's not particularly useful. Still, if it's managed properly it's a great idea. Being a nerdy type, I don't see how this is better than creating a simple website with a list of links but I do understand that for most people the linktree concept is easier to handle.
  16. Meaning of term Alternative?

    I assume that, like the term "open minded," it means whatever you want it to mean. It piqued your curiosity, so it must be working.
  17. I've been getting a LOT of flakes lately...

    Maybe this will help:
  18. Hoems

    I found a new genera: hoems--poems by or about adult service providers. Has anyone here contributed to this fascinating form of art? Also, https://scarletblue.com.au/escort-diary/asha-fox/a-collection-of-hoems
  19. Moar. Give me moar. To me that's the entire point!
  20. I don't know about other guys, but here's the order I check sites in the Twin Cities: Eros Tryst PrivateDelights MinnesotaErotica Slixa AdultSearch AdultLook Eccie / USASG Other crap sites like ListCrawler, Megapersonals Good luck and enjoy your stay!
  21. BBW Fantasy?

    Sordid! That's the word that was on the tip of my brain the whole time I typed that response, but I just couldn't get to it. And don't be Frank, just be yourself (sorry, couldn't help it). Have fun, my friend.
  22. Hobby clothes?

    Brilliant! Be sure to smoke a cigar and spray some Febreze in front of you as you run that way you'll cover all the bases.
  23. Hobby clothes?

    I have a simpler solution. Bring a plastic bag to put your clothes in. If your part time friend questions you, just tell her that your spouse has a very sensitive sense of smell and that you don't want to take any chances. Sure, you might be considered a bit paranoid, but it should be fine. She might even make fun of you for it (good-naturedly, of course). Besides, if you need her as a reference in the future she'll definitely have something to remember you by. I haven't gone that far, but I always bring my own soap. That way I can shower and leave smelling like myself. Good luck!
  24. BBW Fantasy?

    Good for you that you've met the woman of your dreams. Might I make a few suggestions? First, why don't you let her take the lead--at least the first time you are intimate? You said she has a lot in store for you. Why don't you just go there and simply enjoy your time with her? Sure, you can tell her about your potential E.D. issues, etc., but as she said, "buckle up" and enjoy the ride. Chances are you'll have a great time. Also, You may have some misconceptions about what she may be into or able to handle. Just because she is large doesn't mean she would be able to handle what you have in mind. A woman's outward appearance has no relation to the way she is built on the inside. Keep this in mind as you go forward. To be honest, that is some naive thinking (no offense intended, but I can't think of a better term) sort of along the line that having more sex stretches a woman out (which is not true at all). Finally, it seems that you presume that because she is a large woman she will simply be into what you propose. I'm kind of reading between the lines here, so I apologize if I got it wrong, but it sure seems like you feel that you can denigrate her because of her size. I'm not sure that's the best way to approach her. Your description makes it sound like she's a confident woman, which means she might not be so willing to simply do what you want simply for your satisfaction. Maybe she is into the same things you are, but maybe she is not. You definitely shouldn't assume that she will just go along with your fantasies simply because she's a big girl. As you can see from the responses here, some of what you have set forth doesn't sound pleasant to most of us on the board. It's a non-scientific sampling, but the responses to your foot idea are overwhelmingly negative. She may feel the same that we do or maybe she shares your appetite for the not-quite-mainstream. I would show the girl some respect by putting it out there and letting her decide rather than making these assumptions of her. In the end I'd say you should let your freak flag fly with this girl, but be respectful. She may be a BBW, but she deserves your respect as much as anyone. As always, have fun and be safe, my friend!