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  1. Colorado Sprigs

    Y'all are too kind.....yup y'all...the Texan is already coming out of me. Denver so excited and appreciate of the warm welcome.
  2. Colorado Sprigs

    Thanks for all the replies and making me feel welcome before I even get there. I’ll actually be staying mostly in Colorado Springs...and working in Denver during the days generally...I’m pretty excited
  3. Colorado Sprigs

    well you've officially made me change up plans......and i will still be in colorado springs but only for in denver
  4. Colorado Sprigs

    thank you i appreciate your kindness very much
  5. Colorado Sprigs

    so i havent been to CO since i was a little girl on family very new here to TOB.....and was told this might be an area i can post when im in town next week on Thursday....this board seems to be more popular in your area... can someone point me in the right direction for posting? so i don't break any rules?
  6. Anal ease lol .too funny. Never heard that one before. Eccie isn’t coming back. I prepared for that in many ways before it went away. Please stop talking about all have been impacted. A lot have,yes....but not everyone.
  7. Will the real Shep 3.0 please stand up lol You’re exactly right....this is not eccie...and who were you on there...that now you’re hiding behind a different handle? Doesn’t even matter. I’m noticing from several of your posts that you like to stir things up with sly remarks. Keep my name out of your mouth please and refrain from talking about me like you know me. Not gonna feed the trolls already making their way here...good morning y’all hope you have a great Friday
  8. I mentioned spinners because that’s who Shep commonly reviewed and I’m pretty sure that’s the body type that he was referring to someone having ....truth is I set my rate whether that’s 250, 300, 400 or even 500 an hour it’s what I say someone should pay for my “time” and if you don’t like it...that’s all fine and completely fair but I don’t need you to bash me or say anything negative to me about it or towards me...move the fuck on and pick a lady you do like. What is the point in saying what a guy like him said..none...except maybe to make himself feel better about what he sees when he looks in the mirror. I’m not perfect. I’m a 32 year old woman who use to be really fat. I have stretch marks and my tits might sag a little but hell there are men out there looking for women just like me to show them affection and companionship and worship this body I have. WALDT...enjoy this hobby for all that it is ...the negativity will not be something that I allow to be the focus of my life and determine my bank accoun or let me feel bad about myself. I have options too. I choose this lifestyle daily!
  9. @Shep3.0 Lmao...where have you seen me trying to charge 400 or 500 an hour....and your Opinions yup opinions cause that’s all they are...are just like assholes..everyone has one...and if I ever let that stop me I would be one broke hoe...that will never happen. Honey we all know what you are and that was clear from the very obvious reviews before eccie went down...Spinners are not the only chicks making money in this business and if you think that you’re sadly mistaken my dear . I’m taking money to the bank everyday always have always will....this face and body might not be what you like but let me tell you without a doubt I’m having no issues booking appointments since eccie went down nor before it went down phone will always ring because I am me...i got an inbox full of men who love this baby ....nothing you said hurt my feelings you really have no idea what you’re talking about so I think before you get on here and start talking shit about something you clearly don’t have a clue about you need to close your mouth and observe ....yep more observing less shit talking ... and to to the guy who posted under him talking about every girls business is slow the last also don’t know what you’re talking about...I literally am turning people away because it’s too busy. I never understood why the heck the clients thought they gave the best advice about how to sell it....would be the guys who don’t even own one trying to tell you what to do with it. I’m sorry but I’m not about to let you two just talk out of your ass. I would not be Ana if I did that. No hard feelings again...but please y’all both have some things to learn in this business. Errr just stay in your lane. Sined Honestly, Ana
  10. Most of my regulars are grandfathered at a special rate...they always have been once I consider them that. I get the idea of a guy getting multiple offers at lower rates..but does a guy really chance losing or wasting his money on a lady just because the rate is lower ? Is the donation amount really that much of a factor right now for you guys? How are y’all losing any type of income with the sites being down? I mean you weren’t out searching for a cheaper lady before eccie went down ... it appears to me that guys want to take advantage of the situation some ladies are in...that’s slimey imo. You are paying for something...a service...that’s work imo..some people happen to do what they love to earn a living for themselves...and some people just embrace the hobby and ea h experience and allow themselves to ha e fun with guys.. And I think the term “work” wasnt meant to be taken so literal. It’s just a way to word something to help people understand where some ladies minds might be at...yes while your ATF might enjoy the hell out of you....I guarantee she isn’t going to be seeing you for’s her job to have good IOP, make you feel like your the best man she’s ever been with, loves giving YOU pleasure and repeat over and over. It might sound fake but really it’s not. You end up talking and getting to know each other and finding many qualities and activities BCD and non BCD that make your time that much more enjoyable. Show your ATF some gratitude for being your ATF...stick with her..don’t run to the first thing cheaper...and she will continue to provide the level of service you seek and and like to think you are owed. Signing off, Ana
  11. I’m inviting only people Ive met bcd to a different board like this one....and they are forwarding invites the same way...just to be safe glad that there is a place for us to land somewhere
  12. I agree this could very well be devastating to our wonderful community...I don’t think it will disappear but it will set us back in a time where this was more dangerous for all parties involved. i can’t stresh enough that sticking to regulars and the guys or ladies you know are safe is in your best interest right now...the guys I’ve prescreened are already starting to schedule and regulars that have moved on are already back in contact. The running joke is that we’re stuck with each other. I personally don’t see that as a bad thing. Safety and reliability of TCB and service will help us thrive in this business right now and maintain our cash flow for the time being. Why I worked so hard to build a name and reputation for myself on eccie and in this community. I can admit there are probably not many who haven’t heard of I’m very grateful for that right now !
  13. ECCIE down

    The reason for this is because when the system was doing upgrades, for some reason it was only listing Gman at the top. Was was like that for months, he actually brought it up in the mod/admin section of why his name only appeared above many forums. The mods did not step down except him prior to eccie going down. I specifically asked a couple of mods that I communicate with regularly about this and this was the answer I received.
  14. Hello Dallas

    Glad to see more replies...yes p411 is still accepting usa membership I’ve been a reference for two of my regulars already this week.... yes it’s sucks starting over however just all the more reason to keep providing a great service to your clients. We have a reputation to uphold in this community or at least I do and so service won’t be lacking