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  1. Colorado Sprigs

    Y'all are too kind.....yup y'all...the Texan is already coming out of me. Denver so excited and appreciate of the warm welcome.
  2. Colorado Sprigs

    Thanks for all the replies and making me feel welcome before I even get there. I’ll actually be staying mostly in Colorado Springs...and working in Denver during the days generally...I’m pretty excited
  3. Colorado Sprigs

    well you've officially made me change up plans......and i will still be in colorado springs but only for in denver
  4. Colorado Sprigs

    thank you i appreciate your kindness very much
  5. Colorado Sprigs

    so i havent been to CO since i was a little girl on family very new here to TOB.....and was told this might be an area i can post when im in town next week on Thursday....this board seems to be more popular in your area... can someone point me in the right direction for posting? so i don't break any rules?
  6. Hello Dallas

    Glad to see more replies...yes p411 is still accepting usa membership I’ve been a reference for two of my regulars already this week.... yes it’s sucks starting over however just all the more reason to keep providing a great service to your clients. We have a reputation to uphold in this community or at least I do and so service won’t be lacking
  7. Hello Dallas

    Someone suggested to start a thread for a specific region ...I’ll go ahead and start this for us so that if/when all the eccie refugees come over there’s something already here. Matbe someone else can start one for Ft. Worth and so on...
  8. Eccie cities

    So Texas is dumped all into one...very interesting...when is the last time this site got an update on something like this? I suppose lack of activity in Texas has caused this as well. No need for a change with so little posts.Rules are similar however some are quite the guidelines or ypul receive a warning very quickly. Ladies cant even reply to iso directly all has to be done through PM and aren’t even allowed to post pictures in the open forums.
  9. Eccie bites the dust

    Eccie refugee here as well fro Dallas.....
  10. Eccie cities

    So far I'm liking this site....I dont think its a horrible idea for us to to come here. I was sent the link and joined but have to rebuild my history here.