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  1. FBSM Only

    I had the same problem.. I just had to put all my information on my website and write my ads so they come across that its FBSM only and the real smart respectful guys will get it...the ones that are not, won't...but it weeds out the jerks
  2. any other Oregonians?

    yes And hi!!!
  3. NS refugees

    hi all! I you all might remember me from rb... I’ve t joined this site today. Nice to see you all!!
  4. technically I am a Californian but I am a transplant here. Seems lonely here, any other Oregenites?
  5. new people

    thank you laci!!!
  6. New to this site

    I am new to the site... yes but I've been in this industry for 17 years. I used to be on myredbook I'm also on TNA I understand that a lot of you are leery about new people coming on the board I hope that I have a welcome here lol. I live in Salem Oregon. I am working on rebuilding in light of everything that happened. I look forward to meeting people and making new Web friends.
  7. new people

    I guess that means I shouldn't post a hi and i am new here lol I am new to the site but I've been around for 17 years in this industry. but it seems like the weather here is you don't want new people on the site? or you don't want new postings of Hi I'm new here that's kind of sad...