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  1. Things I don't understand

    Hahahahaha.... Did you see guy that on that MSNBC "Locked Up" show TOO? *winner* 😉
  2. Mine is Budweiser...

    My thing at a bar/in public? Vodka+pineapple OR bloody Mary OR dirty martini. In private? Lol. Seperate cup of vodka and a chaser- preferably white Monster. 😉😜 (So basically... Yeah.❤ Vodka.LOL)
  3. Things I don't understand

    Well.....if it doesn't matter to/affect your life in any way.... Why are you even putting any of your time/energy at all trying to figure out answer that doesn't even EXIST? To each their own. Don't judge people based simply on their style/appearance. Different strokes for different folks and the thing is- certain people can pull off/look great w/ em in my opinion. I also was born & raised in LA so I realize my viewpoint is a bit different than many. Bottom line- don't be a hater lol and who cares guarantee u bout 97% of gals on here do NOT have any. XO, Devin
  4. Prices dropping and shoes are hard too find

    THAT PART... and I'm totally new on THIS site- and reading this and wondering why the hater(s) when you should be happy & grateful af this site is even here... seriously
  5. Thank you for welcoming me for a min I was in here than listings taken down I may be ridiculed for this but haven't seen really anyone talk about possible help/assistance/fun ideas Such as mine SOOO what the he'll im gonna give it a shot and in a nutshell the best I can... Thanx for listening! 1) there are many a p p s on our phones made for "dating/one night stands" where the guys act almost offended/surprised if a girl asks kindly for a donation for her time. Well. On the DL, I feel there is a few even free ones to interact thru pm's that ALREADY exist therefore.. as discretely as possible have as many people as possible sign up and have a certain number or letter in username from ur area to identify each Other (hope I make sense a bit lol) . Thanks! Devin D