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  1. 4 corners

    Recently moved from the Denver area to 4 corners. Have to say there is no hobby activities Here.. wondering if anyone has any ideas or info..i really miss playing..
  2. 4 corners

    Thanks everyone for the replies. I have checked out Farmington and Durango. I got use to a variety in Denver.. Very limited here.
  3. Colorado Companion Are there any ladies in the Parker area? Seem there are never any listings.
  4. Can't say i have seen Sara. Emailed her and just couldn't get to where she was at the time. However...she sends me leads when her friends come into town. Have always wondered if they are legit.
  5. Natalie Luck which pics are current

    Her pics are real and as far as i could tell fairly recent. Saw her about y months ago and she was one of the most professional, sweet, and accommodating i have seen..