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  1. TOB is great - Is there anything like it in another state?

    Eccie - good overall but weaker in some places. Very popular in Texas, etc. im not sure how anyone new joins p411
  2. WTF is going on??

    I know someone who has 74 reviews mostly good and I’m guilty for not saying i got ripped off. 1hr massage was actually a 15 minute (or less) ...level 1 experience i just didn’t review i should have i do like the rest of the story option on the other site
  3. What’s your favorite

    Rhaegar fought valiantly, Rhaegar fought nobly, Rhaegar fought honorably. And Rhaegar died. sums up game of thrones in one quote (underlying theme)
  4. I think some users have commented on how there are so many YES and few no. Sometimes it leads to expectation issues .... For instance i find pictures rough. Yes, no-old and no-fake Saying “No old.”.. is so harsh especially if it was an older picture ... i think it would work better as more of a scale Like 0-5 where 0 is fake and 1 is accurate but not recent and 5 is recent and accurate Give people a little room... I think some people say yes or no and they mean somewhere in between Just two cents
  5. Shop locally

    Local providers of all fun things have advantages. They know about the other board and can build up reviews/reputations. It cuts both ways . . .some do some don't If a non-local but visiting provider comes enough to have decent reviews. . .and provides an experience you like. . .maybe it is worth considering. If the reviews are good (and consistent), All the negatives posted here about non-local talent should be reflected in the lack of reviews and/or review ratings. Unless you don't think the reviews help that much.
  6. why so insistent on screening again?

    Okay, every time a immigrant causes someone to stub a toe Fox goes on a 2 week story blitz. No source / seems conspiracy focused. I mean of course it’s political if your accusing the news media of skipping stories.. (though they covered recent crimes without issue, just skipped this one)? on the topic at hand - if the provider doesn’t screen... I’d be suspicious.
  7. GABF

    I like Avery - Rumpkin tapping (yum) Hit shorts Brewery early and often Funky Buddah (FL) and their peanut butter beer I would focus on a style. . .and just hit it this year breweries are in alphabetical order. . .so they will be mixed by region. don't drop your glass! Wear your food (pretzle necklace)
  8. Vegas trip whats the best board for Vegas provider listings

    Usa sex guide has decent tips on Casino Girls. Definitely a be careful situation. TOB does have a few vegas postings
  9. How to bring up a threesome?

    i've noticed a lot of providers offer doubles. You can type in "double" into a review search. Plenty of hits. You can ask if she does "doubles" and they should tell you yes/no most likely they have an already existing relationship with another girl if they provide.
  10. Would you be offended

    If someone is so easily offended, perhaps not a good fit? I would dismiss a review that said no because she made someone use mouthwash and soap