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  1. More Stings

  2. More Stings

    No shit! its ridiculous. and they get off on stings. They love it!
  3. More Stings

    DPD has been using EROS.com And a little birdie told me that tuesday and thursday nights are 'vice' nights. Thats when they like to do stings.
  4. I just wanted to acknowledge the beautiful and gracious providers of Denver! You ladies have been so amazing to me. I have had the pleasure of corresponding with some of you ladies and I am very impressed. Thank you ladies for being so supportive! And to the gentlemen......wow!! Denver has to have the HOTTEST hobbyists ever! And the most respectful! I just had to say thank you to providers and hobbyists alike!
  5. How do you feel about your Client/ASP

    I enjoy every session because I simply enjoy sex. But I especially enjoy a session where I connect with my client on a deeper level. Even if its a 3G session, we're sharing a deep primal emotion and that's HOT! Gettin off together is so sexy to me, GFE, PSE or 3G, its fun, hot and erotic!
  6. I am amazed how many women nowadays are into BDSM

    I definitely think it has something to do with the 50 Shades trilogy. But I don't think its a fad. I think the popularity of the book just made is less taboo. From my understanding the books are pretty tame. Anything that allows people to explore new sexual fantasies is a good thing,so long as its safe, sane and consensual of course.
  7. I feel horrible...should I?

    No that's sketchy, I would have cancelled too. Better safe then sorry!
  8. I've also seem ads from black providers staying no AA. So I'm more prone to believe its about attraction then race. Lots of my civilian girlfriends are not attracted to black men. It could be that the provider had a less then favorable experience with a black hobbyist and so she's no longer accepting black clientele. One bad apple spoils the bunch. We're human, we generalize, make assumptions, it's our nature.
  9. I don't automatically think a provider who doesn't see black men is racist. I've spoken with providers who don't see black men and they stated that they its just an attraction thing, they just aren't attracted to black men. The same is true from the provider perspective, some hobbyists are not attracted to black women and so they do not visit black ASP's. And just as its the providers choice not to see black men, it's the hobbyists choice not to see a black ASP. That's the breaks! Its equally frustrating for me as a black ASP as well but I accept that I am not the preferred ethnicity for most hobbyists.
  10. Is p411 worth it anymore?

    As new provider I have to say that I love P411. Not only for references but I also like to read profiles to find out what his likes/dislikes are etc. It helps me to make each session more personal and fun!
  11. What was your inspiration to start this hobby?

    I have never had a real boyfriend. I've dated a couple guys, nothing serious and I have some FWB situations. But nothing compares to being 'girlfriend' for the hour (or evening). The passion, the pure lust and excitement of seeing each other is exhilerating. The freedom to act on my carnal desires without fear of judgement......if I give it up too soon will he think I'm easy? None of that 'will he call me the day after' angst. It's refreshing to be so open and honest, no games no drama. And I have to say that being able to make a man weak in the knees is highly erotic and a huge turn on.
  12. Allow me to introduce myself

    I picked a hell of a week to make my Denver debut. Raining like crazy outside but my bed is dry as a bone lol:eek:
  13. Allow me to introduce myself

    Thanks hun! The gentlemen have been wonderfully gracious.
  14. Allow me to introduce myself

    I have updated my profile I apologize for the oversight
  15. Allow me to introduce myself

    Thank you everyone! I'm very excited to be here and I'm having a great time.