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  1. So what's the difference between a Listing and a user profile? What I'm saying is that for me the profiles seem to have a good amount of information if set up correctly: Stats, pics, contact info.... Granted there's no "donation", or "availability" info, but I'm still able to get an initial impression. Are there any places that are allowing Listings yet? As mentioned elsewhere, if you do a listing search, but click on "profiles only", you can at least see who's in your area of interest. --Goss
  2. Just went to TER and got that notice. Seems if you're in the US, you can no longer access ANYTHING they have to offer. --Goss
  3. ok now what

    Like we're doing, I think we just sit around and wait, making posts in the mean time until others find us. A dead board will not attract many new users IMO. --Goss
  4. Am I reading into that statement too much?....Do you have any official info, or just an opinion? I hate to say it, but I kinda feel like I like this site better than NS, but IDK why. NS was home, but I see so much potential here. --Goss
  5. NS refugees

    HA!! A fellow Monster / Monger! Liking your handle bro!! --Goss
  6. NS refugees

    I'm here. --Goss