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  1. why be here then... splain it lucy
  2. NS refugees

    GLH was get lucky here.. a invite only site. small but a tight community of known vouched for clients and ladies... it is sorely missed
  3. thank you. i thought i was losing my mind... again
  4. following Zeps lead east bay (or anyone) peeps can post here
  5. Sacramento Love

    good idea Zep
  6. anyone know about these sites? when i go there it says "parked site"
  7. NS refugees

    hey there tall and pretty
  8. on a few other sites and none really gaining traction......now what the fuck.....
  9. NS refugees

    heyjoe here too hope this works out
  10. heyjoe here fellow refugees from NS and GLH see some familiar names in here .....this is 1 of a million or so boards i am researching as im sure all of you are also ..hope we can all settle down on 1 that does it all