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  1. Pretty dead

    Yes, pretty dead. I really liked the set up of this site, until they took down all the ads 😒.
  2. Hello!

    Awwome 😘😘
  3. Is it Time yet??

    As a student in Fashion Design, I say wear whatever makes you happy. That’s how trends start ☺️.
  4. Insight

    You’re not a provider, so you can’t see things from a provider’s perspective. Smart providers know how to find new sites to post on. But you don’t just post an ad and get calls. -some sites must be paid for, and they’re not worth paying to post on -some sites don’t get traffic like the sites that we’ve been using that are gone now -post an ad and get a bunch of calls from flakes, BS’ers and people that we can’t verify because reputations are gone with websites that have gone down and reviews that have been removed.
  5. Fraud references

    Honesty is the best policy ! Lol
  6. These times definitely are rough. Not only has screening become much more difficult, I have had a significant decrease in inquiries. Gentleman may have lost their hobby, but for providers, it’s like we’ve all been laid off.
  7. Ladies, you are not alone.

    I think of this like we are all getting laid off from our jobs. This is a super rough time for a lot of people. 2 years ago, I had a thought that something like this could possibly happen, so I saved up to be prepared, as well as always have a civi job as back up. I hope ladies wont hesitate to come up with a plan. Hang in there, and do what you gotta do.
  8. Not sure when this went into effect, but I just checked and they’ve taken down their ads. Forums are still active. But their forums suck majorly. MH
  9. SESTA / FOSTA to be signed Wednesday

    I get that hobbyists want to know that they're getting for their money, but services and rates should not be discussed for legal concerns. That's the issue here.
  10. SESTA / FOSTA to be signed Wednesday

    This is probably exactly what needs to be done and probably what should have been going on all along. There are a good percentage of hobbyists out there who push for more though. They want details. They want to know exactly what they’re getting. They have no sense of the word "discreet" except when it comes to themselves. They want providers to post all and reviews to reveal all. Now, nobody has a choice.
  11. new people

    Hey girl! you were on NS, right? Do you have an IG? Direct message me if you do.
  12. Too many bp are coming to tob

    Just saw an article earlier today that there is a group trying to change the laws in Nevada to make such places disappear...
  13. I keep seeing everyone say this. That it’s messed up how NS just took their site down without notice. They did what they needed to do. They also did not completely delete their site. They still have a note up, and are waiting to see what the future brings. We all had a chance to know this was coming. I had time to screenshot all 64 of my reviews and my ad, and profile. I also went through my inbox and messaged a bunch of gents that I enjoyed meeting not long before the shut down happened. It’s a bit selfish for people to complain about how NS handled their business, when they are the ones who would be dealing with the repercussions. Other sites have gone down with no notice AT ALL. I’ve said this multiple times in multiple places, but if anyone has been charged/is continuing to be charged for their NS profile, contact CCBill and discontinue your acct. Others have done it and said it was simple and easy.
  14. no listings?

    I can’t make an ad, and the ads I had don’t show up in my profile anymore...