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  1. Own Who You Are

    Oh how lovely of a thought!
  2. I want to say hi to everyone in Denver

    Welcome Welcome to CO
  3. A funny video on a Sunday night!

    Are you going to make me cookies?
  4. Personal preference is something you should go on. Some young 20 something woman call themselves the Elite provider yet some more mature women consider themselves that. I prefer a woman with a head on her shoulders, more mature, enjoys a glass of wine and is not all bubble like they just came from a club. Conversation makes a woman sexy etc......talking to a cute door knob.... not so much. And this is all in my private life. So I wouldn't suggest asking people who the elites are, you should go with what you feel is "Elite".
  5. DILF’s

    Well I am no grandpa yet. At-least I better not be. But I am a dad!
  6. Vent...blow off that steam of negativity

    My classic car is like a hot little red head, always over heating but still to dam nice to look at that you keep going back.
  7. Spell check

    Me too, however I have enough negativity in my day to day routine that the last thing I need is for someone to jump my ass about grammar. Just write the ticket then I guess.
  8. Thigh highs or pantyhose !

    Thigh Highs, but if I had my way a nice sundress with a sexy pair of athletic legs to go with the dress.
  9. Hello Denver

    I am not new, but he may have a point. Becarefull, it could give a bad view of personality.
  10. Au Naturale is the new Brazilian! Love this article:)

    I still prefer smooth, and always will. Its easier on the chin!
  11. Post Your Funnies

  12. Just wondering question

  13. How is this possible?

    Lack of knowledge on other peoples parts. They do not ask questions ahead of time. I know who you are speaking of, she is attractive but has a horrible reputation.
  14. Disgusting text reply

    I do not think he will bother you anymore or say such things again. You are far....far.... better then he is.