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  1. Why is it?

    Who gave out personal info on this forum? I find the ones with bad reps commenting on stuff when they need to keep quiet.
  2. Why is it?

    It is not a boundary if she tells you.
  3. Why is it?

    So I have begun to take a brake, but I do find one thing interesting when I look back. I have found that a lot of the fine ladies on here have been or are currently nurses. Why is that? What ever happened to Flight Attendant? The best one I had heard and seen was "In school for an English degree". Yet the page on the English book on her table never changed......very interesting.
  4. NE Denver FBSM Recommendations

    Go see Zelda. The extra 16 miles is worth it
  5. Wife is out of town & feeling kinda "off"

    Wow. That was low
  6. Tattoos...

    Some tats are nice but when the woman takes it over board it becomes tasteless in my opinion. I would rather see one or two at most. I have one myself, but it is nothing large and it is on a part of me that no one sees nor will it shrink or stretch over the age of time.
  7. Yeah, like others said, plenty of fish (Tuna) in the sea. Move on, just don't cause any drama and act like an adolescent like some people can on this board.
  8. 411 on Nicole of Lakewood

    This is probably to late but the pictures you see of her are not her. She is super nice and gives a good back rub. I have not seen here in well over a year, but she is a cool woman. Pending on what you want she maybe worth it still.
  9. Length of Time to wait

    I cant answer that, I have only done incall. However if her TPS reports do not have the proper cover sheet, then yes, she will be written up.
  10. Length of Time to wait

    Here is a simple rule to follow and what I told everyone of my employees on their first day on the job......and this is fairly consistent around the working world of 9 to 5ers. If you are early, you are on time. If you are on time, you are late. If you are late, you are fired. Simple. Those of us that work standard jobs live by it, why cant others?
  11. Length of Time to wait

    So a few days ago I decided to go visit someone and we had a specified time. I arrived 10 minutes early and let he know I was there. There where crickets for about 10 or so minutes when I finally heard from her. At which time she said she was at such place, which is exactly where I was at. Strange, but OK, I will just wait a bit more. I ended up waiting a total of 30 minutes beyond our scheduled meet time. She did tell me what floor she was on....but at the 30 minutes beyond our appointment mark she never gave me a room number. Once again.....weird. So I left instead of standing in a hallway. After this amount of time I just up and left because I felt she was playing games. My question. What is your max wait time before you tell her you left and she wasted your time?
  12. Blackhawk

  13. The difference

    Fluffy can be fun!
  14. There goes the neighborhood

    30 and under? I would think they are starting to show up.
  15. There goes the neighborhood

    On a serious note, I think it has to do with the younger generation that thinks they are entitled to things. Growing up they are given whatever they want so they just expect no matter how they talk they will get their own way. now part of this blame is on their parents or adults around them. hopefully those gentlemen around them bitch slap them from time to time to teach them how to treat a woman etc...