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  1. Ed meds

    Where is a place to purchase ed meds without prescription in the Denver area but not mail sites?
  2. Looking for incall

    The posibility of Colorado Companion I am looking for a provider in the ne Denver area. Gvr, gateway dia area.
  3. BJ + HJ ONLY Appointments

    Looking for the same thing but due to age. Looking for gvr gateway area
  4. NE Denver providers

    Are there any providers in ne Denver, Green Valley ranch gateway area? Looking for a close in incall location. Been a long time and need some relief.
  5. What is your Zodiac Sign ?

    I'm a libra but don't mean a thing.
  6. The End of Escorting?

    I know exactly what you mean about scammers. The bells and flashing lights go off when you ask for an incall meet and they ask where you are located. It's getting more difficult even though I live in Denver. Good luck on your quest.
  7. How often do you hobby?

    So very true. Mutual oral stimulation cuts to mind and is quite rewarding.
  8. How often do you hobby?

    Used to be monthly but age has caught up to me and instead of the little man looking up at the stars he now, sadly only looks at the ground.
  9. North East Denver

    The posibility of Colorado Companion I'm looking for a local incall Lady in gvr or Montebello area. It's been a while a need to taste vagina. Vax'ed fully. Please help a gentlemen get his needs taken care of. Been told I'm good at face between your legs.
  10. Trying not to get your feelings hurt…

    I see nothing about you that makes one think you eat cake. As a lovely Finnish girl once told me when I asked her to come down for breakfast she said "you go eat breakfast and when you get back I will eat you". I guess same goes for you.
  11. Happy birthday! Have a wonderful day
  12. Hey Friends..I wanna Get Nosey :)

    I did squat. Have not been to the gym in a year and feeling it. I get my second shot next Saturday and I cannot wait. About a week later I will be on the prowell jonesin for a tasty pussy to eat for a long time to make up for 2020.
  13. Shoe size

    What do the lady's mean when they quote shoe size?
  14. Loss of reviews

    I am disappointed with the loss of information lost with no more reviews. I miss trying to find somebody close or a provider that is receptive to DATY. Can we make an ill conceived assumption that providers with bare are open to that to that