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  1. Maia Klein aka Maia-Mia-BANNED

    like an idiot, i had her to my home on many occasions. not only did she look through my personal things (and found my wife's name and then found her on linked in), but she also added her name to my hulu account. imagine wife's reaction to find a strange woman's name on our hulu the problem? she was 21 when i first hooked up with her (off and on for 2 years). i'm sticking with the over 35 providers. toomuch drama and trauma with the really young ones on many sites, she shows up as several different people. then she gives herself reviews.[snip] as Maia Mia or Maia Klein. ...her alter egos. she is on Eros, Slixa, Seeking, Kittyads, fetlife, adultfriendfinder. you can search by her phone (607) 793-4534‬ or 720-590-7427 or 415-384-9255 i believe one of her alter egos was kicked off TOB for giving herself reviews
  2. 720-590-7427 Colorado Companion She goes by the name of Maia Klein/Maia-Mia-BANNED She sent my wife an email informing her of our affair. She included pics and texts. AVOID her. TOB should have her pulled. She can also be found on many other sites under Maia Mia, Maia Klein.[snip]
  3. NY Visit

    I’ll be headed to NYC for a few weeks. Since TOB is not used there as frequently as some other States, can anyone suggest other sites to use to ensure credibility and reliability of providers? Much appreciated!