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  1. Accents?

    I know i’m Not the only one who thinks they are sexy! i love me a British or South African accent. what are your favorite accents!
  2. TOB is dead

    Ok...look at this trick here. This is what i’m Talking about. Why are you angry at me? Are you an engineer for this website? Are you a lawyer who wrote the new law?
  3. Is bedpage gone too??

    Another one down?? 😢
  4. TOB is dead

    WTF happened here? all I meant was that this site is much less useful now and was looking for some other resource....but WTF happened? People start insulting me, as if they developed these pages, and then some batshit crazy argument about TX vs CO and somebody throwing around the stupid “co native” BS.... i know things are stressful, but some of you birches are straight-up nuts....
  5. TOB is dead

    Well, TOB is dead, so where to next? this site is basically useless now...
  6. BackPage SEIZED

    Rubmaps seems to be gone as well....