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  1. BB

    I have tried them but they dont really work for me.
  2. BB

    Just had this conversation today.
  3. BB

    I had a man offer me 1000 dollars just yesterday to do bb. Then got 4 more inquiries asking for bb. What is going on with that. Ive been doing this for 2 years now and this is the first time I have been getting these request. I'v never had an std in my life and no money in the world would make me want one. This is getting ridiculous.
  4. What's up Vegas ?

    Im am trying to, before everything was taken down, I was trying to get my name out there. But then he signed it and now i dont know how to advertise out there. Im new to touring but I'm working on it.
  5. How to be a provider's favorite...

    I messed up sorry, this was going threw my head..
  6. How to be a provider's favorite...

    That went threw my mind a couple of times... 🤣🤣
  7. What's up Vegas ?

    I love your website, the first time I seen it was on gbn banner and 😲 your gorgeous. I have never been to vegas, but on my I would love to meet you💋
  8. Hello I am new here

    I have never been to Richmond, Virginia. I am trying to become a touring lady. I am not very good at it yet but with more practice I think I will rule it..😁
  9. Hello I am new here

    Hi everyone, my name is Anabella Snow and I just found out about this website last nigth. I am very excited to be here.
  10. How to be a provider's favorite...

    Yes, I have a few favorite people who knew excalty how to approach me from the start. But the real newbie really should research what this business is really about. Especially now with everything up in the air.
  11. Hello I am new here

    😀😀🤗 Thank you so much. Do you tour to Illinois?
  12. Hello I am new here

    Welcome, I like it. Still trying to figure things out... I will get there...
  13. What’s the first thing you notice?

    The first thing I notice is their eyes are dawned to my outfit. After I pick their chins up, I give a big welcome.
  14. Hello I am new here

    Well i am coming to the area. Planning on traveling. I do not have any set dates. But I found this broad and thought I would like to get to know people and have a Presence before I show up to meet with new people..
  15. Hello I am new here

    I am in Illinois but I have traveled to Colorado and love it.
  16. Hello I am new here

    Thank you...
  17. Hello I am new here

    I seen that. I'm not sure how.