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  1. Sorry for resurrecting this thread. But this girl randomly texted me just now and i dug everywhere and other than posts this is the only thread i could find. She at first said she hasn't met with me yet, then said i was a tad bit drunk - which i can definitely see happening, but nothing stirs my memory at all about her pics. She used to go by Chyna from what i gather. 

    either she somehow got my phone number from another provider or maybe a website? if anyone else around is seeing this happen i'd love to know.


  2. Ive been posting on here for a while and Ive been enjoyed quite amount of time with providers on this board. As much as i do respect my fellow hobbyists (you guys have laid the ground work for me) I'm looking to expand my experiences.

    I'm not the kind of person that can schedule, not the kind of fool that always dives on BP last minute (thats a lie, ive done it a few times). But still, I'm looking for a provider in Denver who likes metal, loves guitar, and is ok with limited and expanded activity outside of the usual. I need muses for my work.

    I love this community and the guys here because i feel like we're all looking out for each other. But I've been having a hard time finding a provider who looks beyond FS because i'm not a guy in a suit with a ring on the finger.

    Guys here, flame away, i'm sure you're going to pick apart what i can and can't say right now ;) i know i'm leaving myself open here. but if any providers think they're into a good night of classic rock debauchery.. please pm!


  3. Most times you can block numbers from contacting you if you have a newer smart phone. Comes off as desperate for a provider to initiate a call or text to a client in my opinion. Sorry this happened to you.

    you can hit me up any time you want hannah! lol


  4. I've definitely fallen in love...when i was stupid drunk, that one time in germany at pascha.... those times you wake up the next morning, look at your slobbering dried up on your face and say 'woops!' and move on.

    i think the point of your topic... (Maybe?) was supposed to be focused on pimps being the magician behind the curtain even though the lady says she's independent... but you filled it up with this other story that pretty much baited you for the beat down.... either a slip up or an excellent troll, not sure.

    i think its safe to assume most of the ladies on here are truly independent. I feel that i can usually spot the girls that have pimps, but you never know. I've definitely had a few encounters that i could tell a pimp was near by, but as long as i stay the role of john everything is generally ok. pimps want your business, the lady who is with the pimp can either have a mutual setup or it could be some fucked up terrible situation... who knows, but that's not really our place.

    i've only ever known 1 provider outside of her profession - probably because i was never her client (through a mutual friend). I've had a great time with many providers but most of them are there to provide you with a service... so just like if you were a bartender or a server at a table - they're going to laugh at your dumb jokes and make you feel relaxed... its what they do for a living. Even though i'd love to go out and get a drink with them and kick off car mirrors through capital hill, it's probably not going to happen.

    If you're the kind of dude that falls in love with strippers every time you go to a strip club you should probably avoid doing hobbying too much. we all have our reasons for doing this, some guys don't even FS.... others like feet. whatever the fuck that is.

    just relax and have fun, don't over think it. Throw your dick a party! Cowboy hats and all.


  5. So this may be a no brainer for some but i've never known how to really deal with this situation. On private messages on P411 i feel it's a lot easier, but over the phone when making contact with a provider - how do you ask if they're FS/require tipping/do specific things? Do you just use acronyms? If a provider doesn't know any acronyms, do you usually avoid them (i've encountered quite a few BP girls who don't even know what reviews are).

    It's happened to me 3 times where i've gotten to the provider and have been "oh i don't do that" or "you have to tip"... of course, i know based on some reviews that's happened to quite a bit... so curious how you guys handle this.


  6. like some of the other guys i don't have any problems meeting girls or anything like that... i'm single, successful, good looking - i just don't like to deal with the bullshit. Its exciting, its always kind of scary because you don't know whats on the other side, if its a trap or something like that - and then sometimes it can be really fun. i hate emotionless providers. :cool:


  7. yeah i generally try to stay away from BP but the problem is most providers that are on highly reviewed sites do things during the day... i find it difficult to get out of my office during the work week for that :P BP there are generally more girls available late at night - and i mean late at night - but there is the risk... luckily ive been able to read a lot of red flags, but the face covered up in the pictures thing/not able to find reviews is always the gamble


  8. hey guys

    too many times ive had the same problem i'm sure you've all ran into where you meet the escorts and she looks nothing like her photos/you've been tricked into meeting someone else. i've known to take photos with a grain of salt, even with online dating its the same thing, but when its a completely different person or just so radically different.... whats the proper thing to do? usually if its an incall situation i drive a long way and i'm just like 'fuck it, already here' or an outcall i feel bad for the girl for driving all the way to me. this isn't exactly a 'customer satisfaction guarantee!' type business... so curious what some of you guys do. i just got back from france and was surprised to find the same thing happening to me out there as it does here. granted i've met a few pinpoint people of course...


  9. Scarlett is pretty awesome, i've had her come over to my place twice, the lacking services made me stop though but i'm still always tempted. one time i was even drunk as shit and just had her come over and watch tv with me (trust me... i woke up face palming). but yeah, don't expect anything, its a show - but she's still ultra hot, really sweet and cool to have around.


  10. my shoot-from-the-hip answer is it's harder to find parking downtown than a suburban locale like DTC. Seems kind of insignificant, but possibly a deal-breaker to some hobbyists.

    Ah that makes sense. Yeah, trying to travel down to DTC is a pain for me - and i generally try to stay away from Aurora (no offence all of you that live there :) ) - it makes sense though!


  11. If you include the phone number in the ad, others will be able to find this post in the future.

    Doing a search of the phone number, looks like she has changed her name several times.


    Dahlia, Alexandria




    This post concerns me the most.


    great thanks for the tip!


  12. Hey all, new to TOB!

    I've noticed most providers service incalls around DTC. Is there a specific reason for this? I know DTC has a lot of travelers coming in for all the businesses around. I'm assuming that is it. But, is there some other reason? Just curious. I live in Cap Hill and work in Downtown Denver, but I rarely see providers serve downtown denver/cap hill for incalls.