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    School is my main focus, I am double majoring in Geography and Anthropology with a minor in Geology. My other interests are in cooking, reading, I really love to read! Baseball and of course making my clients smile.


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    Colorado Springs
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    Cooking, Reading, BASEBALL, anything fun
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    gee you found me here so

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  1. Cancelation epidemic

    This is why I haven't worked in Denver for years. The hotel prices are outrageous to risk the amount of no shows and last minute cancellations. I highly encourage the ladies of Denver to compare notes on e mails and numbers. To the gentleman who do show up, thank you!
  2. I haven't...

    Going to the pool😁 I love swimming and it's a great workout!
  3. Orally speaking

    It's a molar on the bottom right and the pain is awful. have to have iv sedation because I freaked out over x rays. have hated the dentist since I was 16 and my drunk dentist pulled a wisdom tooth without Novocain. So, haven't gone to the dentist in 19 years. My dentist now said my teeth are in better condition than a lot of his regular patients. Go sonicare toothbrush and water pic. So, I am anticipating a lot of pain. They are doing a crown buildup as well. The pain can't be any worse than the stabbing pain I have now. Oh and I have to wait til the 13th....happy happy 😊
  4. Orally speaking

    Ok so I can't just ask my dentist this question. I have my very first cavity ever annnd I have to get a root canal it's so bad. My questions for those with experience in this matter is, how much pain should I expect and more importantly, how long before I can start giving French again?
  5. New to the board and the hobby

    Well hello there! Welcome and have fun! Some of the greatest ladies you could ever hope to meet are right here on TOB.
  6. Rocks, neat/up, shaken

    Don't drink anymore....well rarely, but, when I did, Tequila straight, warsteiner beer. Now an occasional glass of moscato.
  7. Any you nerds going to ComicCon?

    Holy crap, just looked up her!!!
  8. Any you nerds going to ComicCon?

    I had no idea Mercedes was in Playboy! I knew charisma carpenter was and of course bought a copy. Like JR said, might get confiscated.
  9. Any you nerds going to ComicCon?

    I'm only interested in Buffy actors, specifically James Marsters. Oooo and Firefly of course. To the OP, I'm a poor nerd and just to get tickets is too rich for my blood. Gotta pay for school. It's ok though, Spike said he'd wait for
  10. Date ideas that are more than just the bedroom

    Exactly how I have started to feel. Still see my very first client ever and he's a dear friend for life! In fact, he and my husband are very good friends as well. We have gone on hikes together, some sexy, some as friends. Another dear friend who passed away I went to Rockies games with. It's nice to have people who you can share a friendship in and out of the bedroom. I can't think of anything more intimate than being able to share your mind and body with. I don't know Laci, maybe it's because we're older and we seek more than the 55 minutes or we just have the experience and need more than just sex. It's routine at times. I had dinner last night with an Indian man and we talked about culture and geography, philosophy, literature etc and by the time we left I was more turned on by the conversation than if we had just had sex. It made the bcd activity that much better.
  11. Let's Play TALL TALES The TOB Edition

    Tim Curry came into the dressed as Franknfurter and started singing "Lets do the time warp again". Hobby Bobby was bulging through his gold shorts, when suddenly...
  12. Favorite coming item

    Oh fuck, yes please! I'll get something cooking real quick for a slice of that pie!
  13. Day at the Beach

    Lmfao!!!!! That's the funniest thing I've heard in a long time!
  14. Favorite coming item

    My favorite coming item is a hot mans tongue orrr my vibrator. My favorite cooking item is probably my food processor. If only I could get my hands on a kitchen aid mixer
  15. Something Different

    Welcome to TOB! Sounds like a pretty accurate assessment! I have a few clients that have the ability to make me melt like butter. But that's the point of this crazy secret... to have fun. So, have fun, and smile!