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  1. Wolf Creek Lodge

    Water world is way better! It’s almost $300 a night and if you don’t have’s a family place. And you have to stay there, you can’t just go to the water park.
  2. Netflix and chill by myself is my happy place

    Shameless!!!! The ranch Schitts Creek
  3. What is your dream vacation?

    Tahiti/ Bora Bora!!! One of those rooms with the glass floor over the water! And if we’re dreaming, the big 30k a week deals! Why not have it all!?
  4. Period Sex Blanket

    What will they think of next? Having a hysterectomy was the best thing that ever happened to me! But as I remember, yes sex relieved cramps and felt awesome during that time! But this gal doesn’t miss that crap at all!
  5. Favorite snack

    Nobody is gonna say it? FINE, I will! PUSSY!!! Should be a food group! Like I always say, Live healthy, Eat VAgitarian!!!
  6. Music makes the world better 🎷🎸

    Lionel Richie, Elton John, Beatles, Eagles, Halsey, Selena Gomez, Blake Shelton, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, ELECTRIC light orchestra, Pink Floyd, Jimmy Buffet, LED Zeppelin, ZZ Top, Eagles, Tom Jones, Frank Sinatra, Depeche Mode, Morrisey, The Cure, Prince, Michael Jackson, U2, Roxy Music, Guns n Roses, Meatloaf, Cheryl Crow, Sophie B Hawkins, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS!!!! Panic at the Disco, Eurythmics, The police, Phil Collins, and on and on and on!!! Play it often and play it LOUD!!!
  7. Libertarian Party ENDORESES Decriminalization of Prostitution

    Hell yeah!!!! I’ve been a libertarian for years now! Still carry my republican voter registration, but libertarians are more well rounded. I’m a firm believer that the government has no business in my business! My vagina, my choice if I choose to sell it! Same with taxes! Just say no to income tax!
  8. This just in: Pussies are all different

    I posted a thread about the Great Wall a few years ago. I have been with many women (though not as many as bad boy, high five) and I can totally agree that there are no two alike. Wait, let’s find some identical twins....who with me? Purely a scientific experiment! Visual test, taste test, smell test, and for my male lab partner, touch test.
  9. One of my favorite holidays is coming up and I'm not ready.

    Go to king Soopers to the deli and ask for their Red white and blue potato’s incredible! Otherwise fruit salad is always good, macaroni salad or pasta salad.....bbq ribs etc!
  10. Favorite summertime beverage

    And pitchers of Sangria, how could I forget!!!!
  11. Infatuation…

    Oh 2big! I have always been a fan of yours! I’m one of the rare people that sees your humor. T.O. Used to tell me all the time how he wised more people would see things the way you do. Sometimes a bit abrasive, but other times funny as hell. People take you too literal. Cheers! Fishndude, enjoy the ride! You never know where it might take you! Look at me! Rare, but it happens. Keep it real, and let her define the boundaries. Continue to be your charming self, and maybe, just maybe sparks will fly. If not, be grateful for the time you spend with the gal and grow from it. Love, infatuation, lust etc comes in all different ways and looks different to everyone. You gotta try it on til you find the right fit. Word of caution...Be careful with falling for hookers! Most bitches be crazy! Don’t try to fix a young lady either! Either accept her and hang on or fucking RUN!
  12. P411 changes 2019

    Well I was one of the first girls to be invited to the site. It was always a verification site so girls could verify the guys. It slowly became the current site. I got WAY more business before it had available now etc. I’m totally fine with it going back to it’s original form!
  13. Fair warning to the ladies...

    Devils advocate, though I totally agree with you all, the daddy bidness is gross...that being said, it could be a way to get a sugar daddy.?.? Maybe? But I think it’s girls being run by management.
  14. Bold

    Yeah so um I’m Johnny’s ATF he spoke of. She sent him a text saying hi. He explained that he was with me, but for future reference, what is her couples rate. And then the shit show started! I have never seen this level of stupid in all my life!!!This is insane and guys PLEASE DO NOT send an unknown provider EVER! Hi XXXXX this is Melissa Sterling an 18 year veteran of TOB. So sorry to hear you are in a financial bind. I want to congratulate you on the stunning display of unprofessionalism when contacting Johnny Tsunami. I was considering having you join us as a couple until your fantastic display of stupidity. You have balls like I've NEVER seen! Who the hell asks someone you have never seen before to help them financially while he's with another provider.
  15. Favorite summertime beverage

    Sweet tea, lemonade, linekugels (sp) summer Shandy, margarita, chilled white zin, Chardonnay with ice and Sprite, watermelon soaked in vodka or rum...but if it’s really hot, water only!