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    School is my main focus, I am double majoring in Geography and Anthropology with a minor in Geology. My other interests are in cooking, reading, I really love to read! Baseball and of course making my clients smile.


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    Colorado Springs
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    Cooking, Reading, BASEBALL, anything fun
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    gee you found me here so

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  1. What do you want for Christmas?

    Just some peace and quiet! Love and joy in everyone’s heart, smiles on little faces, and all the happiness anyone can be in, especially when some people have crazy families. Remember those you know who may be away from their families.
  2. From the hoses mouth is February 23......hurry up and effing wait! Ugh! So frustrating!

    I’m going for oil and gas and environmental doubt you’ll need me for that

    Well everyone, I’m finally done with school! I am graduating with honors and I am on top of the world! This roller coaster of stress with ups and downs and twists and turns is finally over...whew! I get my life back! Just a little break before the next fun school. Yeah I know...I’m crazy! What positive experience have you guys had that has left you feeling accomplished, excited, and left you feeling like you’re on top of the world? Other than sex! Because well Duh!
  5. A good conversation

    My dad...the greatest man ever! present...the Queen of England
  6. So this happened

    A perfect example of why I don’t text! Communication is key! If you have to cancel, you better contact the person at every level. Email, phone, Pm, text or smoke signal. If the person doesn’t respond to your notice then repeat the process. Example: Had a date schedule in Denver on Friday. I had emailed him to Confirm. No response, so I thought well he works late, I’ll just get there early. Had visited multiple times and never had a problem.Got there, still no response so I answer and no voicemail was set up. 2 min later I got an email saying, I emailed you last night canceling. NO YA DIDN’T. If you had, I would have responded. He could have pm’d, called, or sent smoke signals...he didn’t do any of those things. Youd think that with so many girls black listing for this type of thing, guys would be more diligent. I did not blacklist the guy for this. I reserve those for the truly deplorable offenses such as violence or ripping me off.
  7. Tis the season for giving.

    So a bunch of my friends and I from school are going out to various corners and malls with signs that read... I have a home and food in my belly, I’m collecting for someone who doesn’t. My kids have warm coats and toys, I’m collecting for someone who needs them well be collecting $ and tents and socks and sleeping bags, portable stoves, etc.
  8. Looking to make some new friends

    Welcome to the board!
  9. "Embellishing" Providers?

    Sorry to hear that! Not all of us lie about our age. I’m 42 and put in my ad my body type. My suggestion would be to read a gals full ad, then read it 5 more times. Write an honest review but still be respectful.
  10. From the hoses mouth

    Yeah it’s not cervical cancer, that’s been ruled out!!!
  11. Gifts, Gifts, Gifts

    Gift cards to Barnes and Noble....I have so much reading for fun to catch up on.
  12. From the hoses mouth

    Thank you Kali, but let’s keep things positive! Im on a mission to save $$$$ so I will not have financial stress during recovery. I’m a strong woman and I’ll be damn if I’m going to let a little surgery keep me down.
  13. From the hoses mouth

    The rumor mill here is quicker than a blink of an eye, so I thought I’d address my bad news here. I have to have a hysterectomy. Sometimes us ladies have things go awry and it’s not always fun. I’m told that I’m going to have to go without sex for 8 weeks which is the worst thing for me financially as you can imagine. Anyway, I’v always said that if I retire I will just , poof, be gone. This is not however the case now. I will still participate in the discussion boards. I don’t know if I have cancer...but it is possible. no, I do not have an STD! I have my lab results if you want to see them. I do have a large mass on my left ovary so that sucks. As soon as I have a date for my surgery, I’ll let you know, but most likely just after Christmas. If anyone hears anything from anyone other than me, assume it’s a lie. I’m happy to answer your questions, just pm or email me. Normally I would keep this to myself, but I’ve already heard some fantastic lies about myself. It’s very sad that grown adults can act so childish as to say hurtful things about someone else. So there you go, straight from the horses mouth. Google Socrates truth of three!
  14. iPhone Users: Heads Up! Crashes!

    I’m member got it for me for super cheap because she works at T-mobile. Nothing out of pocket $25 a month unlimited everything.
  15. iPhone Users: Heads Up! Crashes!

    My I phone is my personal phone, but I appreciate the heads up! I didn’t see any software updates yet. Then again this iPhone 8 does more than I can imagine. The! I never download apps because the stuff that comes on it is enough