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    School is my main focus, I am double majoring in Geography and Anthropology with a minor in Geology. My other interests are in cooking, reading, I really love to read! Baseball and of course making my clients smile.


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    Colorado Springs
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    Cooking, Reading, BASEBALL, anything fun
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    gee you found me here so

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  1. P411 question for the gents

    I like it when guys post pictures. Just adds a bit of credibility.
  2. New to COS

    Welcome to the Springs!
  3. stings tonight in northern colorado

    This is my understanding as well. Stay off back page in co springs.
  4. I had to abort

    Booker, you did what was right for YOU. Everyone, not just the ladies need to follow your gut. Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you. Could have been an innocent mistake with the p411 link, doesn't matter. You felt uncomfortable. As long as you called and didn't ncns, there's not a problem. As for condoms, bad form on her part. A lady should always be prepared. If a guy likes a certain kind, then yes he should bring his own.
  5. Screened and vetted but still wants a pic

    What in the, huh? What or how does touching your cheek say you're not Le? Silly and well, stupid. I'm not gonna sugar coat this one at all. I mean seriously, why couldn't a cop touch his cheek? Moron! Dude, you escaped the stupidity. I mean I'm pretty sure I'm a little dumber now for reading about her dumb ass. Future freaking rocket scientist that one is.
  6. Is there a BMW mechanic in the house?

    Yeah I'm not going to a dealer. Got a shop here who does some the racers cars. Comes highly recommended and willing to take payments. Probably gonna trade it in on a new one. Thank God I have fantastic credit.
  7. Is there a BMW mechanic in the house?

    Yes, but I've driven it for 3 days and then it stopped.
  8. Is there a BMW mechanic in the house?

    Nope, the battery is in the trunk and everything is super tight and connected. It's the starter. And the starter is way in the back under a bunch of engine so tapping it to life doesn't work. Plus the giant indicator light that if it lights in red, your starter is bad and as a safety precaution the car will not start. So I'm screwed for the moment. But, I'll figure it out.
  9. Is there a BMW mechanic in the house?

    Click, click,'s the starter. Very, very frustrating! Taking it to a new mechanic Monday.
  10. Every mechanic is freaking closed on the weekend! I have a 2007 328i. Brand new battery, but it won't start. I just had a diagnostics run on it Wednesday after the new battery, and the starter tested good. So, I turn to the good folks of TOB. Please send any helpful suggestions via PM. Thank you and xoxo
  11. Unhappy with your VJ? There's a fix for that😜

    Yeah if he was doing it for women who were victims of sharia law, I'd get behind it. I'll never understand getting plastic surgery just because your labia resembles an Arby's sandwich. Guys just wanna get in it. Leave it alone.
  12. BP TROLLS threating bad reviews.....

    I have never had as much trouble with guys since BP fiasco. It's all new people who are doing it. The well known, classy guys of TOB do not behave this way, at least not in my experience. It's so bad, I've changed almost everything in my ad.
  13. Who's going to the EXXXOTICA expo?

    Bet Jr wolf will be there.
  14. Overflowed with bullshit

    Envelopes suck! I'd rather it be set out in the open. No need to hand it to me, just set it down.
  15. Ladies, for those moments when you just HAVE to GO

    This falls under one of those WHY didn't I think of that. I so want one. Not sure I can pee standing up, but I'm willing to find out. Simply brilliant!