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    School is my main focus, I am double majoring in Geography and Anthropology with a minor in Geology. My other interests are in cooking, reading, I really love to read! Baseball and of course making my clients smile.


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    Colorado Springs
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    Cooking, Reading, BASEBALL, anything fun
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    gee you found me here so

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  1. RIP - We lost two with important legacies

    I only hope there are people worthy enough to keep their visions alive. RIP gentlemen!
  2. ...The Other Bored...a Parody...

    Hi Fish, I have $50 bill, got change? I can do a regular thing, but after the 3rd visit I'm gonna fall in love, and therefore ask you to give me a discount because I am just that awesome! Plus um, I want dick pics, and that includes funny underwear like the elephant etc. I don't mind back or chest hair, but I do like to braid it, if you don't offer that , it's a deal breaker. I expect a reply, nowish!
  3. Eclipse...

    I didn't bring my animals in because I was afraid of the sun.... read...I had brought them in to get their nails clipped when my VET MENTIONED keeping my pets indoors during the eclipse. Since so many people are going to be viewing it, I thought I would mention it. A lot of people take their pets with them. Me, I won't be able to view it at all. Ill have to be one of those folks catching on the news.
  4. Eclipse...

    Hey just an FYI that nobody has mentioned yet. Keep your pets inside if you can. Our eyes are not the only ones that can be affected. I took my dogs to the vet yesterday to get their nails trimmed and my vet made a special point to keep them inside.
  5. Questions for you folks, what makes a regular a regular?

    ^^^^^^This^^^^^ Added bonus if you have a really good connection that when your phone rings you smile extra big, do a little dance because you can guarantee you're gonna have a good time!
  6. Eclipse...

    Yeah, no, 42...gosh where does time go
  7. Eclipse...

    Yep that's how I'm viewing it...old school...I remember the one in 79 because my dad worked for NASA and we got to see it. Even though I was 4 I still remember it. All the kids made boxes and it worked fine. Still if you can't do that and you can't find glasses, several news outlets will be broadcasting it live.
  8. Live life and love every moment....

    Best thing to do is walk away from the tv. The media is garbage. It's a small few with negative thoughts and messages. Go out, interact with your fellow man. Embrace the beauty of people regardless of color, religion etc. I feel sorry for the people who can't handle it. Who choose to be negative and ugly. Not everyone is or has to agree with anyone else, but I do think we should respect each other. But it all starts with a choice. You can choose not to be a part of the ugliness, or you can choose to be an ignorant, hateful person. Me, I'm going to concentrate on me and my happiness. That's all any of us can do. We have no control over what people do.
  9. Tattoos.......

    I'm a chicken shit when it comes to tats or piercing. I like them on others just not me.
  10. "I Always Encouraged Her to Be Strong"

    This is all so terrifying to me. It's tragic, sad, frustrating, all at the same time. I'll never understand the ignorance of hate because of the color of ones skin. Nobody is correct in these acts, nobody has made their point, both sides only spread more hate. People, pay attention how others behave. I'm a George Orwell fan and this latest news once again reminds me of his book 1984... "Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered and the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the party is always right." George Orwell - 1984 Is this where we are heading? We need to keep our eyes open.
  11. Oops wrong name

    No, but I have used the name Melissa Sterling since I was 16. I grew up in Santa Cruz and when my friends and I would go to the boardwalk to look for boys, I always used that name. I do have to resist the urge not to turn around when I hear someone call out for Melissa.
  12. Burning Man

    I've never been, but I'd totally go! Just for the experience. Definitely have a motor home though. I would get a kick out of people watching. But seriously, go on YouTube. There was one older guy who went and he documented his trip. It's a cool perspective and well in the comfort of your own home. I don't think there's any devil worshippers. The "burning man" is different every year and not necessarily a man. It's supposed to be a real emotional experience for some people.
  13. Burning Man

    Do a search on YouTube! Burning man is different for everyone or so I'm told. Watch the videos and then decide. But it is out in the middle of the desert, giant party, and a bunch of people on drugs.
  14. Trim your trees

    They're just horny little buggers trying to find a female to get it on with. Thought cicadas emerge every 13 or 17 years though.?? Still I can understand the frustration, they're noisy! Id prefer the noise for several weeks compared to the stupid beetles killing the trees. Those are the worst creatures alive! And what ever happened to the miller moths? I remember when I moved here in 99 how bad they were, but I haven't seen them last year or this year.
  15. Ladies preference – session length?

    I agree with the others who said the quality and connection is what's important. One of my regulars has only been able to see me for 30min lately, but the quality of the time spent makes it seem longer. Then there's sometimes where an hour isn't long enough.