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    School is my main focus, I am double majoring in Geography and Anthropology with a minor in Geology. My other interests are in cooking, reading, I really love to read! Baseball and of course making my clients smile.


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    Colorado Springs
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    Cooking, Reading, BASEBALL, anything fun
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    gee you found me here so

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  1. A Guide to Escort Etiquette

    Um $50??? Most girls charge their hourly know for TIME AND COMPANIONSHP!
  2. Tipping or gift giving

    Personally cash is always appreciated. I have a bingo habbit..seriously I do. What I would absolutely die to have though is a gift card to Barnes and Noble. I need several books to start studying for the Lsat. These things are not cheap 80-100 bucks. Tipping however is never expected but greatly appreciated!
  3. A Guide to Escort Etiquette

    And most importantly....WASH YOUR ASS! Don't discuss rates Pay her the rate she has listed Show up, and if you can't make it, CALL! She's not going to care why as long as you call! Don't be judgy by asking schtoopid questions about how many guys they see, std's, and for the love of unicorn farts, don't ask for Bare back. Give her whatever screening info she asks for. If you're not comfortable with it, move on, but don't be a jerk about it. Simply say, thank you for your time, but I'm not comfortable giving out that information. You never know, she may have other ways to screen you! Use whatever contact method she prefers. If she says no texts, don't freaking text her. ALWAYS be nice (this of course goes both ways). Have fun! Oh and WASH YOUR ASS!
  4. PSA and apologies, clarification

    I think of them as ladies as well. I did say that lol.
  5. Underpants

    SO HOT! Do you have the super hero socks with the Cape on them too?
  6. PSA and apologies, clarification

    I was referring to those with a penis who PAY. No hate towards you or any other TS ladies.
  7. Where my A's and B's at?

    Ladies with A"s and B's I'm envious! I'll trade ya! My DDD kill my back. Doesn't matter what size the rest of me is these suckers stay this size. I'm glad the guys appreciate them but I'm over it. I'm looking into breast reduction. So if you're a member of the Itty bitty tatty committee, rock that shit!
  8. PSA and apologies, clarification

    Thank you Kali! That really means a lot! I'm wathing and waiting before I make a decision on rates, but the thought has crossed my mind many times. That decision will based on the guys and not the girls. The ladies are going to run business their way, and I'll run it my way. My only hope is that everyone stays safe and healthy. Not one single member on this board deserves anything bad. I hope they find peace and happiness wherever they go.
  9. Overflowed with bullshit

    Guess you missed it
  10. I'm oh so close!!

    Ikea has cute decor stuff without breaking the bank. They even have the garment racks for men's suits for 25-50 bucks.
  11. PSA and apologies, clarification

    Since some people do not know me and seemed to have misunderstood me, I feel I should make an apology and clarify what "low hanging fruit" is in my opinion. Low hanging fruit are first of all NOT ladies who advertised or participate on BOTH tob and bp. If I offended any lady who did that, my apologies! Low hanging fruit ARE those with pimps who are charging stupid low rates like 120 an hour. Rates that low are what LE looks for. SO, when I asked the guys to stay away from low hanging fruit, I was trying to protect the TOB clients from possible trouble. Ladies of BP who will be advertising here who hadn't before, take some time to read other ladies ad's and reviews. You're now exposed to a higher quality of clientele. Guys here dont call at 2am or send pictures of their cocks. Raise your rates a little, and before you know it, you will be welcomed here if you aren't already. Many of the guys have said they have found some great ladies on BP. Great! Many of the ladies here found tob from those clients and continued to advertise on BP, great, I have NO problem with you. I do not wish to see pimps, unmentionables, bait and switch, robs, and rip-offs, or anything else on TOB. TISH, LUCY, and anyone else who advertised on BP and TOB, YOU DO NOT fit into any of those categories!!!! If you thought I meant you, I apologize. To all the BP refugees who have a PENIS, go fuck off OR learn to behave. We have rules and expectations of certain norms. Every community has them. Just because we are hookers, providers, courtesan, etc, here on TOB we expect respect, and you will probably not be seen if you act like an ass. So you too need to read, and learn. Hopefully, this clarifies my statement! IF NOT, nothing I can do.
  12. LADIES AND GENTS BE CAREFUL Screen, Screen, Screen!!!
  13. Can we visit....

    A huge yes!!!! I have tons to contribute
  14. Overflowed with bullshit

  15. Overflowed with bullshit

    Lucy, please stop! There's a few of us here that have been around A LOT longer than you. Stop taking the BP comments personal! When people are complaining about this stuff, it's about NEW people to this board who are NOT behaving in ways the people around here are accustomed to. If that behavior doesn't bother you, fine. Go lead a coalition March or something. LE has always known about this board. They left us alone for the most part because they know we screen, and we're not out there causing trouble. And before you call Bs on that, this comes from a client who is a cop. So the fact that you have a lack of regard for the history of this board, it's members and the efforts many people have taken to keep us elitists safe from LE and harmful men may just piss a few off. TOB was created by TO to separate US from RT's board mostly for the guys. Gentlemen call this place theirs and they don't want their sand box shit in. Likewise, the ladies do not need a bunch of guys who behave badly coming on here. You're a Tob lady, who used to advertise on BP. AS YOU mentioned at the beginning of this mess, perhaps it's time to expand advertising efforts as a back up plan, in case this place goes away. THATS THE WHOLE POINT. WE DONT WANT LOW HANGING FRUIT HERE. We don't want the pimps, and the like here. If that is who you feel you relate to, then by all means go. BUT please stop preaching to someone like me who has been here pretty much longer than anyone. I'm very sorry for all the ladies who this is affecting, not all of them are low class and trashy, and NO ONE said that you were. There are however MANY who are and we don't need them here causing trouble so that TOB goes away. For someone who preaches all the time about safety and screening, you are awfully quick to judge the community in which does that far more than BP.