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  1. Visiting another city

    Wondering if and if so how can I post when I get to Seattle next week? I don't see barely any in that area with ads. Can someone tell me why that?
  2. Gone Fishin

  3. Gone Fishin

    HAPPY Travels my love 😘😍😊
  4. My first real forum post

    Has any ladies had a strawberry blonde from a Wyoming area code contact you? PM me please.
  5. no listings?

    Thanks for helping me trying to figure out why Colorado is the only state I see with listings *phew* got nervous there for a min 😂🤷🤦
  6. Greek.... I don't get it.

    Totally agree on both points as to why people like it
  7. New to TOB

    Hi guys I'm new to TOB and looking to get acquainted with the forum