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  1. Enough "honeybee's"

  2. Enough "honeybee's"

    No lol let them keep the honeybee name. I’m starting to see LaRue’s. Makes me want to change my name lol LaRue is starting to become like honeybee... pretty soon there’ll be LaRue’s everywhere 😂😂😂
  3. New friendships

    I just want to say to the gentleman, please don’t walk on egg shells with your favorite providers and definitely don’t allow them to dictate whom you can see. That irks me that ladies are like that in this business. If you want to be treated that way get a girlfriend or wife that will tell you what to do and not do. Where in the world do escorts get jealous over John’s 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ Mad annoying lol With that said, sorry you’re going through this babe. All the best xo
  4. Why the reluctance to take credit and debit cards?

    Oh my gosh same shit happened to me, but he didn’t make it right and now I’m in the negative and can’t accept payment from others because it’ll just pay off what the cock blocking spouse did. I’d love to take CC but just can’t because of these kinds of issues. Smh
  5. Snapchat Verification

    I use Snapchat for tour updates mostly. I do videos and pics so the guys can see I’m not 40lbs heavier than what I advertise or 20 years older lol. I love Snapchat! it’s a great way for the client to see the real you and better than Twitter bc everything is deleted after 24hrs. I’d never verify through Snapchat or FaceTime though bc I don’t book via social media sites. I’ve been trying to figure out how to start a premium Snapchat. Can’t figure it out for some reason 🤷🏻‍♀️
  6. Happy Birthday SophiaDeLaRue

    Oh my goodness. Thank you all so much! Had no idea this thread was here. Wish I was a Colorado native. I absolutely love Denver. All the gentleman and ladies are so amazing in your area. Love you all! Bless up!
  7. Wild Visit

    Anyone in DuPont Circle? Any other areas you’d recommend? I’ll be available this Thursday for 2 weeks in DC area. If any ladies want to get together and go for lunch/dinner pm me. Looking forward to catering to DC gentlemen xoxoxo
  8. Lots of Talk About References

    I’m always reference friendly even if I’m out of town/home. I have noticed guys using me as a reference when I haven’t seen them in months and can’t remember them. I know they only use me bc they know I’ll give the reference. Although I still give the reference, I have started to tell the providers that they need to tell the client to use someone else more recent. I rarely reach out to providers when guys give their references simply bc it’s too time consuming and I’m not waiting on anyone to make my dinero ya dig lol I will continue to be reference friendly even to those users lol I for one like when a guy sees other providers. There’s enough to go around for everybody. Happy Hobbying folks!
  9. The happy thread

    I know it’s way early but I’m happy for Halloween 🎃 Can’t wait to slit my throat this year LOL with spfx makeup of course Meet Hagatha ladies and gentlemen 😂😂😂
  10. Spoiled

    It’s evident that we all have been spoiled. Back in the days you’d open a phone book or newspaper and call for a lady you were looking for. No photos or reviews required. Now-a-days there’s a “menu” and reviews with photos. Providers never had to contact other ladies for a reference,which most ladies don’t even respond to. This hobby shouldn’t be so difficult with a million questions. A menu to me is cheap, I’m not a restaurant. No offense to other ladies who have one. But what happened to having fun and going with the flow safely ? I say we are spoiled with today’s technology. I understand you want to know how you’re spending your money but it shouldn’t be so drab with uncomfortable questions. Just my opinion. What are your thoughts? Delete if not allowed. Thx xo
  11. Post Your Funnies

  12. Hey Guys, New to Colorado, Loving TOB :)

    Welcome beautiful xo
  13. It's a Business

    Although I save numbers for future references, I NEVER text or call even when a guy says, “let me know when you’re back in town”. It’s not my job to let someone know I’m around. Although it’s nice, there’s far too many that I wouldn’t know who said I could contact them. That’s just my opinion though. It also screams desperate for business ,again that’s just my opinion.
  14. Bad Day, Roll In the Hay?

    Music is my healer when I’m blue..I put on some good Salsa 💃🏻 or Reggaetón and jam out
  15. Mr. Number

    I’ve been wondering the same thing...