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    A Colorado native. A new hobbyist trying to make up for lost time...
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    When I'm not enjoying the outdoors, I am busy worshiping beautiful women.
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  1. Does anyone know if there is a demand.....

    gr8owl hit the nail on the head. You be careful out there. You're too beautiful to go to jail.
  2. Now I know why...

    Damnit mom! You ate too much chicken...
  3. Nothing says hooker like.....

    You are right Jez... While I am a major fan of; "black seamed thigh high stockings w/ back seam , cum-fuck-me high heels, and a short skirt", I don't think the risk of drawing unwanted attention is worth it. I will gladly wait for a lady to change into that attire after she arrives and we are both comfortable with the meeting. One of my most memorable meetings was with a young lady who looked like she was headed to a business meeting. Skirt just above the knees and a matching jacket. Once we were BCD further investigation revealed thigh highs with no panties and no blouse or bra under the jacket. It was hot to make those discoveries.