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  1. Wording in Listings

    The guys that she's directing that too probably won't read it either, since they didn't read the ads before saying screening was required. More power to her but does her tagline hurt or benefit the guys that do read the listings and do screen? If it's a toss-up between three women I have on my "type" list, I'll probably go with the sexy or just informational listings. That's just me. Not offended but not swayed towards making a date either.
  2. Wording in Listings

    I haven't seen the ad but men look for a positive experience with a woman and if you're first impression comes from the ad title, then having a "pissed off" sounding title doesn't indicate that's the woman I'd expect to have a positive time with. I get it, the women are getting inundated with guys wasting their time all day/every day. I just think that letting that frustration bleeding into your ads is not a wise choice but it might work for her....who knows.
  3. Lucky photographer

    The only providers that I've shown my nude/boudoir gallery to was providers that already had very well done professional photos. It's nice to show off photos to women who appreciate the effort. One of them did say they wanted hers updated and told me to bring my equipment next time but she wasn't one I was going to see again.
  4. I see ads pop up, on occasion, that offer that option. It wouldn't be hard to find.
  5. Take a shower, it's summer!

    Oh, I've had it happen in the opposite direction. I have showered right before each encounter but I actually had a provider who said I was the first one of the day. Everything was fine until I flipped her over. It was horrible "swamp ass". I tried to be nice and deal with it but it was too much. I told her, in the nicest way, that she needed to clean her ass. I'm sure, as men, there are many of us that are disgusting pigs but it does go both ways on the rare occasion.
  6. Stood up too many times

    I think he mean, if she called ahead of the scheduled time. Once the scheduled time passes then it's a NCNS.
  7. Hose and Heels?

    I'm going to be the weird one in this thread. I do not care for heels in the slightest. I don't like a lot of makeup and I don't like jewelry.
  8. Stood up too many times

    It happens to most everyone. I had one lady that initiated contact with me in PM, three weeks in advance, because she was going to start taking incalls at the end of the month. I had contacted her two days in advance to verify we were still on and to explain how I would proceed, by texting her before I left and then texting her again when I was at the exit of her general location she gave. She was very happy with not having to explain what I would need to do. I got dressed and just started my bike when I got a text from her asking to push it off for 45 minutes, because she was in another city. Later, she cancelled the date entirely and couldn't reschedule for the next day because we couldn't find a time that matched both of our schedules. She was well reviewed and does participate in the forums. I had a traveling provider, who has a great record on TOB and who I was already screened for, because I had seen someone from the same service they use. It was actually a short notice attempt, which she stated she was available all night. I texted her I was leaving, which she replied acknowledgement to, and went to the general area given. Once there, I texted my arrival. Crickets was all I received and I waited for 30 minutes past the time, with no reply. The next morning, 12 hours later, I received a text stating she had an emergency but didn't elaborate. No explanation beyond that was given. Because I rode 45 minutes and was stood up, I did give her a "No Show" review. My very first TOB provider attempt was a very well reviewed lady who NCNS me and I was halfway, of an hour ride, before I started texting asking for an update that was already supposed to have come. I never received one. I rode back home and didn't receive a reply until 2 hours after our scheduled date and was told that there was a scheduling change. I got bumped but was not told. I decided to not try and see her again. So yes, even reputable providers "drop the ball" on occasion and not provide the service and communication that is expected.
  9. Aaliyah of Denver

    I would say she's okay because she just posted a listing. If she has time to post an ad but no time to explain an NCNS then that's a big red flag
  10. BP advertising techniques that need to go away.

    I'll also throw in that many of the Sports car girls look absolutely amazing, would expect great performance, and look fun to ride. The problem is that they end up being like a Mitsubishi 3000GT, beautiful and fast looking but no options and the performance is horrible. Sometimes you run into a "sleeper", one that looks pedestrian but the moment you get in you realize that you better hold on for dear life.
  11. 411 on SamanthaSex

    A new girl with no reviews and not willing to send a verification pic definitely means TGTBT.
  12. BP advertising techniques that need to go away.

    I'm going to hijack your car analogy. I would think that women here would try to reach two markets, the general population(having an ad like a Toyota Camry) or high end(like a BMW 720i). If you go with a bunch of Snapchat photos then it's like advertising a Scion XB, which means you're only looking for the younger crowd. I've never seen a 40 or 50 something in one of those. I have a history of going after the sports car girls, young and fast but usually has horrible reliability. I'm in my 40's, so maybe I'm having a mid-life crisis.
  13. Advance Planning Mistakes?

    I should have kept reminding one provider about our date, that was set 28 days in advance, because it ended up being cancelled. I made sure we were still on 2 days before the time but when I texted her that I was on my way, she replied back she was in another city and would need to cancel. I tried to set up a time for the next day but could not find a time that worked, so I never got to see her.
  14. Advance Planning Mistakes?

    There's no answer to your question. There are some providers that think you're a waste of time unless you're ready to set a date within the next few hours. Some providers require a minimum 24 hours notice. It's hit or miss, because every provider is different.
  15. Aaliyah of Denver

    Many people miss this, like I did. She's an FBSM provider, not an escort. If you're looking for an FBSM provider then she might be great.