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  1. The Trials of a Newbie - Chapter 2

    Don't break my heart and tell me all those Lakewood instagram models aren't actually real.
  2. Texas TOB

    I've seen two ladies from MassageRepublic and almost had a third one scheduled but we couldn't get in sync. It's legit for many ladies.
  3. Sigh, I miss BP

    The first one was horrible, it was a $250 session that included a really crappy massage and her just being nude. Afterwards, she told me that it was $500 for mutual touch and a handy. The second one, she did an amazing massage job in the flip was really nice but I still prefer FS. I do have an fbsm provider on my favorites list but her incall location is really far away from me.
  4. Sigh, I miss BP

    If they click on the "I" then anyone can see that a provider is fbsm only. Many guys are lazy, for FS and fbsm alike. I've had two fbsm sessions but I've still found really hot providers, added them to my favorites, later review the profile, see fbsm only, and say, "damn" while removing them from my favorites.
  5. A newbie for how long?

    You mean the "Dutch rudder"?
  6. Ladies we have to do better

    If guys only thought logically with their big head then there'd be no lobbying, because that little head causes us to spend money on a hobby that could be spent on more important things.
  7. Hello all new here

    It gets better. My first provider ever was a bait and switch. My first TOB provider, who was well reviewed, was a NCNS with me already over halfway on an 1 hour and 16 minute drive to Canon City. I heard back from her later and sounds like I was bumped. I just moved on to other providers and things got better.
  8. Not sure how to handle this, advice?

    But it's not a NCNS. There was a time set, he did show up, but she did cancel before the time he arrived, which knocks out the NC(no call) part of the NCNS. NCNS is when you show up to the location and you are ghosted by the provider, never given any further instructions and thinking you are still on. That didn't happen in this circumstance.
  9. Spoiled

    As a hobbyist, I'm very happy I wasn't in the game during those times. No photos....nope, wouldn't have even started. Reviews and being able to talk with other hobbyists is great. The ladies think that men care about everything on the menu but mostly, if they care, they only usually ask about GFE, MSOG, and DATY. The other things just aren't that important, unless you have a certain fetish or really like Greek.
  10. New provider in town

    I'm from the Springs too and the people saying these things are the providers in the Springs. Every single provider I've seen in the Springs talks about how much the guys try to haggle with them and it's mostly men from the military bases. Denver doesn't have much military presence, so it's probably not as much of an issue. I never said all Springs guys are that way, because that'd add me to that list too and I never haggle, but it is something that's much more prevalent than in Denver.
  11. New provider in town

    I've heard those type of horror stories from Colorado Springs guys, with much of that due to the military, but not the Denver crowd. Sorry you had suck a crappy time booking.
  12. Not sure how to handle this, advice?

    I mostly ride my motorcycle to dates and many times, I've heard the ding of a text message and stopped on the side of I-25 in Denver to check on the text. If I can check it on a motorcycle then someone else can check theirs in a car.
  13. Escort Babylon???

    It's a scam for the Asian ads, because they are bait and switch. None of those girls in the photos are the ones that you will see at the place. The photos are always pilfered from overseas models, who are probably in China, Japan, or Korea right now, but definitely not in Denver. There are even some ads there from girls that have posted on TOB but it's all the girls with zero reviews, even though they've been posting here for months. How does someone post for months, very hot photos, and never get reviewed?
  14. Musings of an old man

    You need to have thicker skin and more patience. If you bank on one provider for a quick rendezvous then you're going to be sorely disappointed. If I'm looking for a date, in a short amount of time, then I've learned to try more than one provider so there's a backup. Less than 6 hours later for a reply and that's an issue? I've had providers hit me up days later, after I messaged them minutes after they posted an ad, and I have no clue who they are because I already deleted the text conversation. It is what it is and you deal with it or just get really frustrated, which doesn't help out anyone.
  15. Escort Babylon???

    The site looks nice but I couldn't find a single ad that wasn't a scam