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  1. Just checking....?

    It's a chance either way. I've definitely had a few that I've set up well in advance(1-3 weeks) and they all failed to follow through but one. Even one who used to constantly say she was a professional here completely bungled it and ended up not being able to meet. I've given up on setting dates more than a day out with every provider, except the traveling providers who I need to schedule with ahead of time to get a slot.
  2. What happened to Zoey Portland?

    I looked through that site and DAMN, those women are expensive. I'm just looking at the $1500-2000 hourly rate and going through my head how many providers, who are just as attractive, I could see for the same price....answer: quite a lot.
  3. Where the Fuckery Comes From

    I resemble that remark.....well as much any more.....sometimes.
  4. Where the Fuckery Comes From

    Would you give the same second chance to an outcall that you had to drive 45 minutes to, only to arrive and be told they changed their mind? That's what BadBoy had to deal with. I can see second chances with an incall for you but I'm betting that you might not, having driven 1 1/2 hours round trip for nothing.
  5. 20 Songs to Keep Off Your Bone-Zone Playlist

    Anything by Bjork. I'd have to wonder who I ended up with.
  6. Does a connection count?

    I guess everyone is different. What you're saying sounds like dating. I'm looking just to get laid with a beautiful woman, with no strings attached (besides money). If we have a great connection then all the more better but it's definitely not a requirement
  7. Do the ladies mind ?

    if you read the article itself, there are a multitude of issues with that statistical analysis. There are problems with the collection methods and how they compare national numbers of police convictions to cherry picking states that have numbers that benefit their theory. The dissertation wasn't even a peer-reviewed article, which means they don't want it to be put up to scrutiny because their methods would get hammered. I had to do analysis papers in college and I would have failed if I turned in a paper using that methodology.
  8. Do the ladies mind ?

    That should never be done. Brandishing a firearm to intimidate your possible attacker is just stupid. You only pull your weapon when you have no other recourse and you are going to pull the trigger. Trying to intimidate someone with a gun is just being cowardly.
  9. Do the ladies mind ?

    I have to see the statistics on this. If you're going to throw out that big of a statement then you must have a link to back it up.
  10. Does a connection count?

    Not a provider but I have seen some of them say they've met up with clients for drinks or dinner. That time isn't free, so you have to factor that into it. You'll probably get a wide range of answers, because every provider is different.
  11. I am an ENFJ, like Johnny Depp

  12. Other sites!

    For you, that makes sense but it depends on what you're looking for. There isn't a large sample size of the providers I usually see on TOB. There are some and others that show up every so often, but you sometimes have to venture outside of the safe garden of TOB.
  13. Who buys these?

    I also found a 55 gallon of silicone lube on Amazon too but damn, that's expensive at $7,213.
  14. Do the ladies mind ?

    Even if it is a Hi-Point?
  15. Who buys these?

    I seen a sale on 55 gallon drums of lube and wondered who buys that much. Figuring the cost per ounce comes out really cheap.