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  1. Self-driving cars

    There have already been articles of cars that reacted faster and better than a driver would have. The reaction speed of a computer is much faster than a person. There was even a Tesla that pulled itself out of an ice slide.
  2. Manscaping

    The best thing a man can get.
  3. Choose your hotel chain carefully

    I'm surprised you didn't know that. I know of some traveling girls who you have to book early, because they are packed with their schedule. There was one provider that wanted to push guys out as fast as possible to get the next one in.
  4. I'd Definitely Bang These Two 50+ Girls

    The provider with the best skills I've ever been with is 19 and it wasn't even close.
  5. Karaoke 101

    Margaritaville. It's stupidly easy to sing and the crowd usually gets really involved.
  6. Atf Adventures....round 2!

    Sounds like fun but I'd probably be like....
  7. Last Minute Cancellation

    The three times I've been cancelled on, while I was leaving or on my way to Denver or Canon City, I never received an incentive. They were all first time sessions, which means that it's already started off on the wrong foot. I never rebooked and just moved on. If it was someone I had seen multiple times then that's a different scenario and it wouldn't bother me.
  8. What is up with super tight covers.

    My reply to that is, "that's fine, those don't have as much sensitivity so it's going to be much longer for me to finish". It's still a win in the end.
  9. Good morning starts with____?

    Telling Alexa to snooze a couple of more times.
  10. Valentine's Day

    There's another way to cook steak besides Medium Rare?
  11. Pictures: How Things Have Changed

    Hold on, let me get comfortable to see this.
  12. A tough one for me

  13. Filters

    If we're talking all filters, I absolutely will not see a provider that using a skin smoothing/blurring filter. It just screams that they're too lazy to learn to do a decent job on editing and they are trying to make them look much younger than they actually look.
  14. Is common courtesy like common sense now?

    It's not just in this hobby. Even with dating, people get ghosted. I've done it and should have known better. I've always replied to a provider but I have ghosted people in the past. It's a bad habit that's been happening with our culture.
  15. Deposits

    I would say extended times too, say anything more than 2 hours. If a provider gets flaked out on for a multi-hour appointment, they can't make that up because that time was allotted to that individual. That could be a $1200 or more loss.