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  1. 411 on Classy_Kali

    Anyone that blurs out their face but the photo is easily found online with the face pic intact is using stolen photos. Maybe she has the same type of body and is too cheap to hire a good photographer.
  2. Cos

    I think it's close to the point that I give riding to Canon City another try.
  3. 411 Ella Lilly Dane

    One of her pictures shows up in Google Image Search to another site. She has a P411 and she's not cheap but not crazy priced either. She would definitely be worth a TOFTT.
  4. Las Vegas

    I've never been to Vegas. I don't gamble and I'm more of a hiking/scuba diving vacation person, but I am thinking about doing a road trip there on the bike to see what all the fuss is about.
  5. Flake Filter?

    I wish there was a "Tinder" style of way to look through the listings. You could have a "not my type" and "definitely my type". If you clicked "not my type" you would no longer see them in future listings.
  6. greetings from a new member and just thoughts on pics

    Sorry Sexplorations, I meant to quote ColoSeekers post, not yours.
  7. greetings from a new member and just thoughts on pics

    One last thing
  8. greetings from a new member and just thoughts on pics

    So far, three women I've seen had professional photos done of them and they looked exactly like the pro shots, except one of them had their tattoo removed to keep their identity confidential. I'd say that most of the professional shots are not photoshopped much. You obviously have to use Photoshop or Lightroom to tweak the contrast, saturation, sharpness, etc., but to do a really good job on a photo and make the skin perfect, while still retaining texture, you can spend 30-45 minutes easily. If you do that on a number of photos then that's going to cost a lot of money and I can't see many shelling out that much. You can do a quick job but it's not going to be near perfect. Some of the girls could benefit from professional shots, because they'd look better with different lighting. That doesn't mean flash photography, just how the light hit's the body to emphasize attributes that others would like. Also, maybe they don't know how to model for a good photo. A good photographer can put them in a position that looks extremely appealing, based on their body type and what they're going after. There's one woman's ads, whose photos drive me up the wall. She absolutely knows how to model and the pictures are decent but the surrounding environment is too busy and ruins the photos. The lighting is also bad and is not the most flattering. Snapchat filters are a huge turn-off, whether that's the distorting ones, bad filters, or bad skin smoothing.
  9. greetings from a new member and just thoughts on pics

    There are even cell phone apps that can clean up a selfie and show no flaws. If you look close you can tell who's using them, because I've seen them on here. Learning how to process a photo, to clean up flaws, isn't rocket science. A girl could download a basic editing software and do the same thing in 15 minutes on a photo.
  10. greetings from a new member and just thoughts on pics

    I like pro pics, with a mix of selfies thrown in. I do photography as a serious hobby and pro pics show what they look like at their best angle and with the best lighting. It's not about photoshopping(airbrushing for the old school crowd). Post processing a photo like that takes quite a bit of time and money to do, so I doubt many are going that far. The selfies thrown in just show their own view of themselves and corroborate the pro pics.
  11. KISSES to you All....last few days in Colorado

    Congratulations on graduating. College is definitely a marathon.
  12. Worst Movie

    I drove an hour and a half to watch Star Wars Episode 1 in the best theater within 500 miles. What I got was a kid that had zero acting skills and Jar Jar Binks. The fight scene at the end made up a little of it but it was still horrible.
  13. Time to hang it up ?

    Crap, that was fast. The site is really nice.
  14. Recent text message-

    It's going both ways. I've asked what the provider needs from me and don't get a reply. This has happened with the last two attempts with different providers. Just like there are BP transients on the men side that don't know how to communicate, there are BP women that get weirded out if you text more than "are you available now". There almost needs to be a sticky thread that is a required read and acknowledgement button for every person that signs up for TOB, with an outline of what/how to ask for information by men and how to reply back for women or a standard sample back and forth that is expected by both clients and providers.
  15. 411 on summer gypsy?

    It appears she created the second account to get a fresh start. Her first account had so many negative reviews that she removed reviews.