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  1. Storm damage

    Hope the damage was not to your body. Things can be fixed but body hurts.
  2. Will East Colfax make a comeback?

    I cruse West Colfax regularly and see NO providers. I look hard hours 7 to 11. I'm not looking for real just looking cause I havea regular. Haven't crused East Colfax recently.
  3. Your First.....

    First? In Juarez at Irmas. Went there expwcting a fine time and received it. Place was clean changed sheets when we went to room with freshly washed linen. Had a room keeper who popped in with wash cloths and took dirty items. Two UTF sessions and a covered FS. Left feeling great.
  4. Undressing

    Watching her undress while I slowly get my clothes off is the best way to continue after a bit of smooching.
  5. Favorite summertime beverage

  6. Website info?

    You are not alone. With the current problems a website with services, rates and a general location, serves a GREAT purpose. I hate shopping blind.
  7. "Normal" Fetishes

    I had a provider who had a client (NOT ME) who would have her over to his place sit on a makeshift toilet seat andshit in his moth! UGH!!
  8. Ladies we have to do better

    I for one REALLY appreciate the full review. I tried but got a message that I was a user but not a provider. Sure bet I'm not a provider!
  9. Les Misérables in Denver

    I subscribe to the Broadway traveling shows at the DPCA. They do a great job. I've Sen a couple that were just so so, but all in all I would not give up my 8 show package.
  10. Share your favorite naughty vid links

    For a large selection of categories and links that work when I do this (and now that my back has me laid up more often) i use Maturetube http://www.maturetube.com/.
  11. Quick Car Date

    Way back in the day when the c action was on Colfax I crused for action. Had a lady have me put the passenger seat all the back drop my drawers and she kneeled in front of me and the head was great. A couple of weeks later found her again and wanted FS. She had me put the passenger seat all the way back with the seat back down. She stranded me. It c worked but wasn't very fulfiling.
  12. I shed a lot...

    Personally I think most ladies like men who are well groomed. I always shave face and keep the boys clean of hair cause I LOVE a tounge and sucking on them. As for chest hair it self reduces as you age.
  13. Father's Day

    I'm a father and I've spent several Father's Days in harms way due to a"retirement eligable" army career. On those days a) I thought about was not my safety but the pain and suffering my family would have if "they got me". Let's us remember the families of those in harms way.
  14. Loss of reviews

    As I said fore ALL providers needs website (no I don't kow which is cheapest to create, host or maintain.) But without info I'm sure not gonna book with a provider I haven't seen. Of course that excludes TOB regulars.
  15. Mine is Budweiser...

    Single malt (no need to add scothh). BUT they are all different and you need to try before you buy a large bottle. May be in for a surprise.