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  1. Lo T/ Hi T

    See a doctor! My Doc had the test done. Said yep you are low. He prescribed a gel. There are several one underarm, mine on the inner thigh, others some wher else. DO NOT USE WITHIN SIX HOURS OF BEING INTIMATE. She doesn't need anymore testosterone.
  2. Retirement – rhetorical

    Lucy I'm certainly not looking to place anyone into servitude. Just a relationship which may or may not evolve into an emotional tie. The lady would be free to do as she wished (said that in OP). I'm too old to be dating and wooing anyone. Yes, the Senior Living Communities may or may not have eligible women, but I expect they are looking for emotional attachment and commitment. I am NOT asking for commitment she is free to move on when she wishes I just want a companion, room mate and occasional physical exercises. I offer the things that make life livable without having to "work" for it in the hobby profession. Yes I'm probably still a JOHN with flaws, but I don't hit CONTROL or restrict your outside activities. servitude NO, the god life MAYBE
  3. Retirement – rhetorical

    I have been thinking about when I no longer wish to visit multiple providers, but don’t want to stop having my fun. If I proposed the following would any of you ladies consider the proposition? You retire from the hobby move in with me and dedicate your services to me. I would provide ALL living expense (board, lodging, allowance for spending, etc). You would provide light domestic duties (cooking, light housekeeping, etc.) I hire a cleaning lady to do the heavy stuff including laundry you would have supervisor duties over her. I realize that I have ED and mostly can’t provide gratification, so as I have hobbied all this time I could not object if you did that on an as need basis (hobby rules no emotional engagement, condoms, etc.) I would not expect you to sit at home so whatever things you do for entertainment you would continue. I also subscribe to the DPCA, DCTC and pops symphony. You are obviously included as you wish. In short we would be a couple. Of course there would be a get to know each other period before we leap into the unknown, Any and all finances of yours would stay YOURS. Why a retired provider - because they understand men and cater to our desires. My requirement are not excessive (three times a week would probably kill me in a year). The emotional stuff may or may not happen we would be living togeather and who knows? - this is basically a business proposal.
  4. Lack of pricing

    For what it's worth - if I can't fnd a rate on he website, P411 or somewhere else I don't even try to contact her. I don't want to gaggle and most providers now say that they will NOT discuss services or rates on the phone or in texts or email. So-o-o If it ain't posted I move on.
  5. If you could...

    Back to Africa on a photo safari.
  6. The best kisser

    Kali Sensual Reiki Reason for edit.................. It's not shilling if the original poster has ask for the information. the rule reads " Posting an unsolicited endorsement for a provider". So you can say Betty Hot Lips is the best kisser but you can't post links to her pictures, advertising, or her contact information.
  7. Rocks, neat/up, shaken

    i drink scotch with a splash or two cubes of ice. However, Martinis (gin) I keep premade (12 to 1) in the freezer. I like margaritas shaken with ice then up with salt..
  8. Bat shit crazy!

    The only part of his bragging that I believe is the part about listening. Listening to anybody is the key to establishing a relationship. And yes women like it bettter than men. Wen yu listen even without answering or offering a suggestion it gets you into the "good guy" category. The good providers understand this and get repete customers. the clients who do this get a better GFE. I try to listen even in the throes of geting it on. Some providers are more talkative than others so sometimes you just have to ask a leading (not necessarily a personal one). On those occasions when the provider wasn't at al interested in a conversation I usually write the off for anther visit.
  9. I think I can say this ...

    I can get it in more than one time in a session BUT that doesn't mean I can "finish" more than once. When I was much younger it was twice, but I can't remember three in less than an overnight.
  10. Advice Needed: Sex Vacation in DR etc.

    When I was in Panama they had amotel where you drove in put the car on an elevatoor which took you to your room - just step out and open the door. Never saw anyone so discretion was perfect.
  11. Which ads work better...

    Concur with area of town and some indication of donation. Menu can be on personal web site, 411 or whatever.
  12. What would your gang name be??

    Unfortunately now its softie
  13. Low-Volume vs High-Volume

    OK where did the first come from. I said I don't want to be third in a short period of time. I also said I don't like clock watchers, but i respect time limits. If I pay for an hour I want it to be an hour maybe a FEW minutes longer to get ready and clean up. But seeing a provider who just had time to baby wipe and maybe comb her hair isn't for me. I want my provider to be fresh not sweaty from the llast encounter and with any luck into me (fake or not). I know this is a business and do not expect that a provider is just waiting for me. I can't afford to keep a lady on call just for me and I would not trust one that said she was. I don't use Backpage for these reasons I have seen several of you who threw rocks at my post and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Most of those who post here are professional enough that their clients don't feel like they are rushed or "just another john". That is why they are still here not in jail or on Backpage scheduling every 1.2 hours. While I'm at it I might say that except for porn movies I don't know any man who wants to DATY in a pussy with another guy's leavings in there. (condom or not). Sorry for the long diatribe, but who I see is not just biff, bang thank you M"am. I want a lady who screens, is "fresh" and if at all possible likes what she does.
  14. Low-Volume vs High-Volume

    Sorry Lucy, but volume is a big deal to me. I don't want to be the third guy in line in four or five hours. I don't want a provider who checks er watch and just lays there and that's what High Volume ladies do. I prefer a lady who is fresh and into me (fake of not).
  15. New Kids on the Block....

    Who are you talking about?