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  1. Regulars

    I'm a regular and it fits me fine.
  2. Thanks on Thanksgiving

    WE all have things to be tankful for. Our Nation and its freedoms (problems resolved peacefully if not friendly), our families, this board, the ladies here and elsewhere, my ability to enjoy the hobby ( I'm 81). lets all be friendly and have a wonderful day.
  3. Where to start?

    A nice kiss r then a gentle squse of the brest moving on to taste the nipple.
  4. Cuddles and pets. Late night thoughts.

    My friend is an 80 pound goldendoodle. I now use a walker he greets me at the door then runs and gets a drink of water and is by my chair when I get there. It is great to be lov Ed unconditionally.
  5. Be Careful Out There, Boys! (A tip for newbies and in general.)

    Long ago I picked up a red headed gal in Florida. . When we finished I went to bathroom. When I returned she gave me a lesson about leaving my wallet with her. She correctly stated that there lots of bad gals out there. I've heeded that advice ever since.
  6. Body cleansing

    As usual your posts are helpful and nothing negative. I miss seeing you but my age has crept up.
  7. Pussy is not free.....g

    As I stated in another thread my regular provider and I are friends, but I would never think it is free. Once she gave me a birthday present - a second hour with no extra charge. I was grateful!
  8. How many times?

    Untill this recent gap (illness) it was week ly and I'm 81 so don't use age as an excuse.
  9. What do the black dots mean?

    Woops I've got 6 so I'm good.
  10. What do the black dots mean?

    Guess I'm not active enough to get many dots.
  11. Knowing her real name

    We, my regular provider and i, know about each other. We respect each other, in fact I think we are freiends. Due to illness we haven't met physically since April, but we've kept in touch, email, and as soon as I can get out without help she Wil be my first outing.
  12. Storm damage

    Hope the damage was not to your body. Things can be fixed but body hurts.
  13. Will East Colfax make a comeback?

    I cruse West Colfax regularly and see NO providers. I look hard hours 7 to 11. I'm not looking for real just looking cause I havea regular. Haven't crused East Colfax recently.
  14. Your First.....

    First? In Juarez at Irmas. Went there expwcting a fine time and received it. Place was clean changed sheets when we went to room with freshly washed linen. Had a room keeper who popped in with wash cloths and took dirty items. Two UTF sessions and a covered FS. Left feeling great.
  15. Undressing

    Watching her undress while I slowly get my clothes off is the best way to continue after a bit of smooching.