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  1. Share your favorite naughty vid links

    For a large selection of categories and links that work when I do this (and now that my back has me laid up more often) i use Maturetube http://www.maturetube.com/.
  2. Quick Car Date

    Way back in the day when the c action was on Colfax I crused for action. Had a lady have me put the passenger seat all the back drop my drawers and she kneeled in front of me and the head was great. A couple of weeks later found her again and wanted FS. She had me put the passenger seat all the way back with the seat back down. She stranded me. It c worked but wasn't very fulfiling.
  3. I shed a lot...

    Personally I think most ladies like men who are well groomed. I always shave face and keep the boys clean of hair cause I LOVE a tounge and sucking on them. As for chest hair it self reduces as you age.
  4. Father's Day

    I'm a father and I've spent several Father's Days in harms way due to a"retirement eligable" army career. On those days a) I thought about was not my safety but the pain and suffering my family would have if "they got me". Let's us remember the families of those in harms way.
  5. Loss of reviews

    As I said fore ALL providers needs website (no I don't kow which is cheapest to create, host or maintain.) But without info I'm sure not gonna book with a provider I haven't seen. Of course that excludes TOB regulars.
  6. Mine is Budweiser...

    Single malt (no need to add scothh). BUT they are all different and you need to try before you buy a large bottle. May be in for a surprise.
  7. How Old Am I? Lemme Tell Ya...

    The K Mart at Broadway and Bellview in now closed. I remember when it was the trash dump and Englewood and Littleton had agentlemen's agreement about who would annex what.
  8. Suggestions for the Denver area...

    Have to disagree tag Burger Bar is good, but I realy like My Brothers Bar best.
  9. Contacting providers

    With the current restrictions in place I would think that most providers would opt for a private web site. I know the extra expense isn't that expensive. I always look to see basic services (Urban Dictionary abbvs.) and donations. Without some indication f donation requirements a visit may be embarrassing. I'd hate to show up with three bills and find out it was four. Additional pictures, indications of location, and perhaps some info on just whom you cater to =- newbies, mature gents, etc are also great info.
  10. Oh Snap…

    Yep I've been using for a while. However, CAUTION this stuff has a somewhat short shelf life according to my pharmacist (Colorado Pharmacist of the year 2015). No more than six months in the freezer and don't thaw and refreeze. Thanks for telling that it is practically painless. The fear of an injection there may be keep some from trying. Going to a regular doctor an Urologist is the key don't fall for the overpriced "clinics".
  11. Hermaphrodite

    Don't know how my post got so messed up sorry you couldn't read it. I was looking for a Hermaphrodite provider, but noone seems to now where to find one. It is just an off the wall thing and I'm not sure just we would do - I'm not gay but maybe a HJ would satisfy.
  12. Hermaphrodite

    I have Sen poor of these in divulge (most of which are fake). However some servery rea. Has anyone ever met one? Are there any in the hobby in Colorado? l
  13. Hello I am new here

    Your web site says you are far, far fro Denver. If you just want the camaraderie of the site WELCOME, if you are cumming to \our area let us know.
  14. Best Local Denver restaurants

    For good seafood you can't beat Cherry Crestate S. University and Orchard. I don't think they fry anything but it's all good.
  15. Really, how long?

    I like hour or 90 minute sessions not because I can last during the actual deed, but I really enjoy foreplay and cuddling after. I've gotten too old for MSOG (I'm 80 now). The deed is about one to two minutes.