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    Gardening, travel, plays and musicals, symphony nice places to dine, and of course "The Hobby"
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  1. Multiple Providers Associated with One Numbers?

  2. Providers/Hobbyists

    I am very thankful for many things. My doctor who hung in there even though I didn't want to start dialysis. I finally complied and am thankful that I feel better and will be here for a while longer. I am thankful for the Ladies I've visited from this Board. They have been wonderful. I extremely thankful for my regular provider who has continued to provide great visits. I am also thankful for my family. My wife (who I don't tell about the hobby) is supportive and despite her health problems tries to make me happy. I am also thankful that this forum exists for me to say I'm thankful.
  3. Its like Yoga....

    If by fishing you mean dipping the rod in I'm for it. If you mean sitting in the cold waiting for a nibble or wadding in a cold stream trying to get your line out of the branches then I'm out.
  4. Whew, made it!

    So how cum no reviews for the other six?
  5. Happy one year Hoversary..

    First time I "hobbied" was in 1959 in Mexico. Although I was in Germany for a long time I never mixed with the Frauleins (was married). I started in the US with girls on the street - was before much internet stuff. It has been a good ride and I'm grateful for all the ladies who have hosted me. I've had some qusi- long term relationships with providers and the longest is still in progress. Although I do see other providers sporadically I'm very happy with my regular. guess I 've
  6. To incall or not to incall...that is MY question.

    Some of us HAVE to go in. REnting a room just for hobbing is beyond what I want to lay out. I've never had a problem with an in call, but the ones in a Motel/hotel are somewhat scary. The worst time I've ever had was at that place on Wadsworth at 6th Ave. She was the problem not the place. A provider with a nice in call makes the whole experience sem much better.
  7. TER VIP membership worth it?

    I've failed in the graphic department on TER. If you are up for graphic porn they like the review. If you don't want to describe the ejections and bodily parts then don't review there.
  8. Question for the gents.....

    I usually send a Private Message from this board as an initial request.
  9. Farewell Blueberry Hill

    The first time a girl in high school asked me for a date she wanted to let me hear "Blueberry Hill".
  10. Are any of you...

    For thoese of you who haven't enjoyed a visit to Kali's she has a wonderful gass colection.
  11. What's in Your Glass?

    a good single malt scotch. At the Denver Center I drink Jameson cause their single malts aren't very good.
  12. Hello

  13. Nothing in particulars

    Your neighborhood is usually quiet. Hope the kds aren't disturbing you.
  14. signs of trafficking?????

    I patronize "mature" women. There are several reasons -first she probably ins in this business by choice; second the younger ladies are too fast and hard for me and there usually isn't any conversation worth having; third trafficking really turns me OFF.
  15. stings

    I totally agree. The degenerates who pimp underage girls (or boys) should have their dicks cut off _ not their balls cuse I want them to want it for the rest of their lives.