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  1. I disagree it AL depends on the provider, her attitude, her experience, her desire to please, and to a certain extent her age. I've experienced great connections.
  2. Do you know what frightens me?

    Loosing my loved one
  3. I am an ENFJ, like Johnny Depp

    I'm ENTJ
  4. Who buys these?

    WOW you sure do.
  5. Other sites!

    No, but you are a big partofTOB!
  6. Pondering life and other random thoughts.....

    The post and where from the ladies is one rEason I read. They are so welcoming and nicw.
  7. I totally agree with this post. I make 90 minutes to 2 hour appointments just for that reason. She is right sex takes about 5 minutes if you don't count foreplay. Teh comfort and relaxation provided is really what I pay for. There is a lady on here that only makes 90 minute appointments so she can provide just this.
  8. The Table of Wolves

    Anyone who is this depressed when there are so many comforting ladies here need help.
  9. Heads Up; (Jessica Speed) now Jessie Jamieson

    Hope business is good. Nice website.
  10. some texts are just better than others

  11. Cutting The Cord!!!

    If not she certainly has provider pictures and they are nice.
  12. Target practice.

    Yep but what about dribbles?
  13. I got a wierd request!!

    Sure tey do you canbuy packages of "baby" carrots.
  14. New to forums but well established

    Hope you enjoy the posts - most are good, but some are spiteful or just stupid. on't let those post deter you. Have fun here.