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    Gardening, travel, plays and musicals, symphony nice places to dine, and of course "The Hobby"
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  1. This reminded me of you...

    I'm told that I use mine to very good effect.
  2. BS

    Well as you know I'm old (80) and BS falls into two catagories the general stuff to include spam I just ignore. BUT anything personal gets the full blast from me. I just don't put up with it no mater who it is from - friends, sales people, family, etc. Fortunately the folks I visit in the hobby don't seem to put it out. Thanks girls.
  3. Computer vs Cell

    me to!!
  4. Warm drinks for snowy days?

    Gluhwine a spiced German red wine. You can buy it by the bottle at Applejack and other large liquior stores or you can make it using the following: 2 bottles of good quality red wine 2 cups of water juice of 2 lemons 5 oz sugar 6 cloves 2 cinnamon sticks 2 oranges - cut into bitesize pieces oranges for decoration Put all ingredients in a pot and bring it close to boil For additional taste cut 2 oranges in to bite size pieces and add to the wine Let simmer Remove clove, cinnamon stick before serving it into lightly pre-warmed glasses Decorate glasses with a slice of orange .
  5. On the mend!

    Great news. Glad you are on the mend. Unfortunately I had the artery in my tummy rupture. Luckily it had been leaking and I was in the hospital. WOW the scene was like a TV movie. Crowds rushed into my room and there was lost of yelling and activity. They did a great job in saving my lfe (Kudos to Littleton Hospital). I'm not up for the gym yet, but I'm back to work part time.
  6. quick question

    This is mainly a local board filled with the usual grumpy old men, voyagers, and GREAT escorts. You can get all the local info who, where, and when. Put up a good ad with some pics with a link to your page (where you give some mpore info like times, prices, services, etc) and you should flourish.
  7. pictures

    and so are you.
  8. Taxes, the Audit is coming

    I am a tax professional. Most Escorts do indeed list expenses such as clothing (the IRS requires that it can't be worn on the street as ordinary clothing), laundry, oil (after body rubs). However they do this not as hobby but on a schedule C (self employed income)
  9. Interested in knowing

    P411 or a website is almost REQUIRED to prevent misunderstandings on what is provided.
  10. Friday Fun

    Gotta admit that's fun. I've only had one lady who didn't taste nice.
  11. I miss you my favorite ASP.

    Heidi the Housewife moved to Hawaii then Florida
  12. Happy New Year’s Eve

    Have a great time. If youneed transport RTD is Free Uber and Lyft are only $35 PLEASE DON'T DRINK EVEN ONE AND DRIVE. TOO MANY OF US ARE KILLED BY DRIVING WITH ALCOHOL.
  13. New Year's Superstitions and Resolutions

    Ham, blackened peas , collard greens and cornbread guess where in the departure south I'm from.
  14. How old are you guys?

    I may be the oldest here, not worth bragging about but at 80 I'm still active and had a wonderful encounter today with a Board regular. Review to come.
  15. Xmas Eve Providers

    Check the ads!