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    Gardening, travel, plays and musicals, symphony nice places to dine, and of course "The Hobby"
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  1. meaningful quotes are they accurate

    my favorite is " As long as there are tests there will be prayer in school" not just for the paticular subject but for the philosophy you can't control human thought or action.
  2. Tattoos.......

    Small well done tats are OK and enhance the lady, but big ones over the chest, arms or back even when colorful are a turn off. I want soft warm skn next to me.
  3. Thoughts on using CC?

    Why expose yourself to another way of being outed? CC is convient but costs the taker money and is easily traceable by LE.
  4. Wanna play a game??

    Nichole of Denver is a caring, underused, and beautiful lady.
  5. The best Italian food!!

    I hardily agree. This is a great place. My kidney doc turned me on to here as it is in the same shopping center as a dialysis center. May have to wait for a table, but worth it!
  6. denver? what areas to avoid?

    This stay out of Lakewood stuff is WRONG. My favorite providers are in or very near Lakewood. The hotels may be iffy, but the apartments and semi perm ppads are OK.I don't have to talk about street walking that is nono everywhere I think.
  7. Texas the eyes of nation are upon you

    What bugs me is the folks who are under "Mandatory Evacuation" and don't leave. Then they scream for evacuation. I understand that it takes money to leave, but I'm sure that the emergency crews would rather get you out BEFORE it is an emergency.
  8. Wondering why Lakewood has a bad rap?

    I tink the Lakewood rap i bad. My last three great visits were in Lakewood or close. All were in calls with very well reviewed ladies. all in calls with very well reviewed ladies.
  9. Love in the Time of the Hobby

    I think you'll get several "you dummy this is a business' replies. I found myself with the "feelings" and took a break to see other providers. That cured the problem, if it was a problem. I know that keeping in mind that it is just sex and companionship, but from what I read here you would be a fool to try and develop a relationship with the average provider.
  10. Apology

    I agree that when the woman responds (and I can tell by her body vibs not vocals) it is the best part of sex. I have not gotten that type of response for a while due to my inability to prolong my actions. I just get tired! Let no one tell you that these are the "golden years". When I do have the energy and she responds with a genuine "O" it is almost better than my own in fact sometimes it is better. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment and I genuinely like to please my partner.
  11. Questions for you folks, what makes a regular a regular?

    Gotta have a connection not just physical.
  12. The broker

    It is a very special place. Not only is te atmosphere (bank vault) nice but the food is excellent. The wine list is slightly overpriced but so is it almot everywhere. The steaks are ver good, but some of the other specialties such as roast beef or tornadoes. I have had super meals and once when the Beef Wellington was done poorly they changed it out almost instantly. Parking isn't great but down the alley is a lot which is in easy walking distance. I give it 4 stars out of five.
  13. You're reviews are great, and that's ALL I know.

    Never expected Laci to say this. Thanks Laci.
  14. Dog Bless You…

    I'm slowing down a lot - 80 in two weeks. I'm retired twice (ARmy and building launch pads for rockets). Now I do taxes (Jan - Apr). I gardened until last year but it got too much so its a mess of flowers and weeds now. I love to read my tastes run like Fishndudes. My Sig. other is really ill now and I spend a bunch of time caring for her. I was very active in a fraternal society (state Officer) and am still treasurer of four bodies, but that too is slowing down I've told them all that this is my last year as Treasurer. In case you don't know getting old is not for sissies!! My kids come over every now and then for Sunday dinners. Wish it were more often for my Sig Other's sake. Yep I still hobby as it is the only outlet left for me.
  15. Loving life.....and moving on....

    I agree. You have to compartmentalize things.I hope you are around for a while I too have you on my bucket list. If the negativity here is hurting the don't read it. If it is something else you must believe that there are nice folks around who cn help. Please take a deep breath and see if there is another way around the problem.