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  1. Low-Volume vs High-Volume

    OK where did the first come from. I said I don't want to be third in a short period of time. I also said I don't like clock watchers, but i respect time limits. If I pay for an hour I want it to be an hour maybe a FEW minutes longer to get ready and clean up. But seeing a provider who just had time to baby wipe and maybe comb her hair isn't for me. I want my provider to be fresh not sweaty from the llast encounter and with any luck into me (fake or not). I know this is a business and do not expect that a provider is just waiting for me. I can't afford to keep a lady on call just for me and I would not trust one that said she was. I don't use Backpage for these reasons I have seen several of you who threw rocks at my post and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Most of those who post here are professional enough that their clients don't feel like they are rushed or "just another john". That is why they are still here not in jail or on Backpage scheduling every 1.2 hours. While I'm at it I might say that except for porn movies I don't know any man who wants to DATY in a pussy with another guy's leavings in there. (condom or not). Sorry for the long diatribe, but who I see is not just biff, bang thank you M"am. I want a lady who screens, is "fresh" and if at all possible likes what she does.
  2. Low-Volume vs High-Volume

    Sorry Lucy, but volume is a big deal to me. I don't want to be the third guy in line in four or five hours. I don't want a provider who checks er watch and just lays there and that's what High Volume ladies do. I prefer a lady who is fresh and into me (fake of not).
  3. New Kids on the Block....

    Who are you talking about?
  4. Happy Mothers' Day

    All my current favorites are Moms. We hobbyists tend to NOT think of our providers as Moms. This board helps in reminding ou that they are regular people like uus. Their business just isn't conducive to family thinking.
  5. New To TOB.

    Your hair makes me want a visit. Willl contact you when I am available to see what we can set up.
  6. Credit Repair Advice!

    Don't forget to pay the rent every month ON TIME Your landlord can show up on th rport. He (it) is a good reference after about a year if paid on tome of a day early.
  7. Schedules!

    My schedule is for mid morning dates.
  8. Perfume or not ?

    I like a light scent on y ldy. Hopefully it won't rub off too much.
  9. change in taste

    The flavor does indeed change. With women who squirt if becomes much more salty. I haven't noticed metallic , but it always get wetter.
  10. Time to Restock....

    go to a reputable liquor store like Aqnaught or Apple Jack ask the clerks. Tell them what you like the taste of and the price range. Theer are some fairly good Australian wines (yelllow tail )which can fill the bill. The clerks at the barred window liquor store probably won't be of much help.
  11. Favorite type of escort ad photos?

    If a girl is too cheap to get someone to take photos of her I'm not sure I want to see her. This is no longer a quickie on Colfax trade. I want to see a pro and it is better if she enjoys her work.
  12. Aubergine Sign

    As I've related in some detail the shots are NO TV painful. The thought may be, It works
  13. Question for the gentlemen on TOB...

    I agree with most of the posts. Full nudity is not a requirement, but a sexy pose is. Full face ot required but I don't like blurred photos and a smile means friendly. I do like to see a little nipple. Pictures that are accurate no matter ow old are OK, but we all age and 5-10 year old snaps are not true to the provider. Also pictures in the bathroom don't turn me on PLEASE take them somewhere other than in front of the bathroom mirror.A nice bedroom setting is best. I have seen a couple of mixed galleries where the provider shows she has been outside at least once n the past year. Single photos no other people work best because you only wonder who and what is the relationship.
  14. Just read me

    As many before I started when my wife cut down on my sex life. Now It is over completely so I continue. The wham. Bang, thank you Mam isn't for me. I need at least a hour and some physiological connection. I enjoy the conversation and know when I'm prying so I stop. I love to cuddle after and just talk so an hour or two work for me even though the physical part is usually accomplished in 15 -20 minutes. What would I change if I had a chance? More dates!
  15. My Restless Mind Is Pondering Again...

    Knowing that you like to talk about several topics, I understand that picking one might be difficult for you. But you do know a lot about men and their desires. A paper on why men desire to be with women other than their "significant other" might be a deeper subject that is obvious. The emotional and physiological reasons are different than the physical. Think about what you observe in clients other than physical reactions to sex. How many want closeness or conversation or mothering? I assume that most if not all clients enjoy "the act", but I've been told by other providers that they have several clients who do not want intercourse or even any type of sex act. AS others have said you have the dissertation well before the other requirements of any degree, but tis might be a good topic.