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  1. Review Bullying

    I've know it to happen because certain services were not preformed.. Its quite stressful to know you have friends in the business that do certain things that you don't and its "your fault" because you choose to run you're business a certain way.. I'm a twin and everyone can't tell me apart from my other half but that doesn't mean i enjoy the same things she does in life..
  2. The Horse That Just Won't Die

    This just shows me to save save save...
  3. W4M Details Omitted From BP

    I figured it was for the weeding out of fakes!
  4. Overnights, Your Opinion Please.

    I'm with all the other ladies on this one...I would be more willing to talk overnights with regulars then someone that i've only seen a few times! In my stories i've heard the regulars are the first ones to turn! t know just things that i've heard!
  5. New to TOB

    Welcome im new too..
  6. Emma on CityVibe?

    What is this city vibe your asking about?
  7. Northern Adventures..

    I know the snow it's coming but before it does i would like to hey anyone's opinion on nice places to venture too in the north side of Colorado..Im new to Colorado and I must say I'm really loving it..
  8. Leaving Texas In The Wind

    Thanks guys i love Colorado so far lol...
  9. Happy one year Hoversary..

    Aww super cool they have a special day for us!! Im new so this is cool too learn about..
  10. Leaving Texas In The Wind

    Hay everyone I'm Jessie Lynn (YES IM THE SISTER).... I'm just introducing myself to you lovely people..Any advice is appreciated of course I have searched and found out wonderful places to eat, visit and Explore.. I'm pretty sure I have all the screening down packed but could always use the extra advice.. Well Im ready to mingle.. Xoxoxxo Jessie Lynn