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  1. Is bedpage gone too??

    I just checked it out. I feel like Im starting all over again when I was new and didnt know any better. But I do know better. Should I or shouldnt I??
  2. ScreeningMate.com an alternative to P411??

    whats the deal with secret benefits anyway? A few sites like Eccie and another one I tried to go to sent me there. I didnt get into it because of the warnings. Is it a sugar baby site or something? Whats really the difference anyway?
  3. Another new guy

    Many women have different ways of screening. You need to be comfortable with at least your name, phone number and email address. You can set one up for hobbying. Proton mail is encrypted. If you can make a referral in a way that can verify your line of work, as in a company website or linked in account then one can moving forward. You can give all this info verbally to many of us as well. I understand your fear but we really need to all get on the same page with this. Many of us are quite savy at protecting our privacy and yours because quite frankly Drama is Just not good for business.
  4. Let's Talk About Switter

    Ok, Ive been reluctant. As I dont Tweet, hate to text and prefer a more authentic mode of communication but these times they are a changing. So here I go... @TantraErica
  5. Too many bp are coming to tob

    Well, Im glad I found this board and read the experiences that have been going on. I was wondering what the heck happened because i started to get all kinds of weird messages. I wasn't even advertising at the moment and waiting for things to calm down. The past few weeks have been so weird. Resistance to screening more than usual, and my screening is pretty basic. I was actually bitched out by a guy because I didn't take his vague "Consultant" as a referenence. I see so far Vegas is not really very active. Hmmmmmm.... well at least I can still enjoy creeping the discussion boards for my amusement.
  6. Las Vegas

    Im kinda thinking this place should start to get more attention now that TER is gone. I really miss lurking on the discussion boards and reading what people write about. I dont watch TV so this was my amusement.But now Im here so let the festivities begin!