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  1. New client trying to join community

    I like you are very new to this and have social anxiety. The providers I have met have been amazing. Like everyone has said research is your friend here. You First time will be a little awkward because you do not know what to expect but that will pass trust me. Welcome to the community. If you have questions people here are amazing at giving good feed back
  2. Proper Etiquette

    Thank you all for the great advice thanks to you I was able to meet a provider and my review for her is now posted.
  3. Proper Etiquette

    Thank you all for the advice you have been most helpful.
  4. Very New

    LE and BSC ? sorry still learning the lingo
  5. Proper Etiquette

    In a post I made a few days ago I am very new to this what is proper etiquette when contacting a provider? Do I message via text ? If i call and there is no answer do i leave a voice mail? If this subject was already clarified in another post would someone please point me to it.
  6. Very New

    You make a very valid point about the screen name Would i need to make a new account to do that ?
  7. Very New

    Hello I am very new. I have not been with a provider yet but am very interested my problem is that i look at profiles and adds and have no way of knowing what the provider provides and what they do not. I might just be missing something but figured it was worth a shot asking here