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  1. Filters

    Great Thread
  2. Safe Communication

    Don’t use google. Duck duck go for search engine!!!
  3. Express VPN Proton mail DuckDuck go for browser Tor and incognito as well. If I am missing something let me know but its time to be aware of the openness of the internet. Also I don't use face book or snapchat. Use tweeter but thinking of letting it go. I like switter but wondering about its safety as well.
  4. Now Law

    Just an idea. If you have lets say 30 reviews , now they have no content but a handle tied to them. Could you not contact that individual how wrote the review. Get their synopsis of the lady and then make your decision to see them or not. Everyone just needs to do a little more work. We ladies like when you work a little bit, at least I do. Just saying, think outside the box....for a minute!!