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  1. Ladies why be so flaky?

    Someone else suggested it, I just acknowledged maybe it was possible but doubtful. Wouldnt be right but who knows what goes on behind the scenes.
  2. Ladies why be so flaky?

    Also THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPYS! This is a pretty awesome response and has always, nationally, been a great group of folks. You all rock!
  3. Ladies why be so flaky?

    Its possible, but doubtful. The first texted me back the next day, I asked where she went and she clearly didnt want to answer. If it was because I was on a black list, she wouldnt have reached out the next day. The second did the same with an apology because she dropped her phone. I have seen her 3 times before and she is very reputable 90 plus and pages back over a year to find anything remotely negative (although her first few reviews from years ago show the NCNS pattern). If I was black listed as the reason she flaked on our set date, she wouldnt have replied next day. The last one, I chose to just call it a night, I was done with any BS. If the two of them had decided not to see me due to a blacklist, the one wouldnt have replied with "after screening" they just wouldnt have replied. That was just an obvious communication issue between them that led me to say fuck it. The older partner of the duo had screened previous in the week, said I was good to go and I was waiting to see if I would have time later in the week to set a date (this was first contact, the night here Im referring to was second contact but to the other younger partner of the duo) If Im on a blacklist then or now, Id be shocked. I didnt leave a review on the one that was a valid no show after date set and left me hanging. I wont leave a neg review unless its reaaaallly bad and people need to know. Most issues or mishaps I can understand or relate to or can realize that everyones MMV and some people just simply dont click :/ if a girl has a ton of good refs, I cant see tarnishing that unless it is very well deserved. Life happens
  4. Are you woogie ready RIGHT NOW

    This. This is the other side of that coin ladies. In the midst of the douche nozzles that throw a fit if they cant be at your door in 15min are us guys that have been getting flaked on the third time in a row and by now are needing something asap. Anyone thats serious on either end needs to communicate and be reasonable.
  5. Ladies why be so flaky?

    Oh I know it happens. Its part of the industry. But it just seems like I see and hear a lot of it here in Denver lately. How many girls can loose/drop/break their phones before its just BS excuse that you double booked or chose someone else or were too tired or forgot...? It seems here there is such a good demand from hobbiests and such a wealth of good providers that they get lazy. It doesnt help I'm drawn to the girls that are on the wild side and of course that brings its own issues like this. With my triple fuck off I posted about, I cant justify a bad review for the first one we didnt 100% set a date just were at 99... The second was full on flake, I drove there and everything. But she is a great girl and has a ton of reviews. Shit happens and she did apologize the next day and said she dropped her phone. But Im pretty sure the last time we set a date this happened too. I dont know if that should constitute a no show review. Probably. The third I just had no patience for even a little flakyness. Not completely her fault but hey their loss in the long run. They were still trying to fill vacancies and get money and they lost mine and a good time. Shit I could understand this a lot better from civilian life but damn... these girls here must have a ton of clients to choose from so it seems many simply dont value good ones. Or they simply dont know any better. Its a shame.
  6. Ladies why be so flaky?

    I am appalled at my recent experience here in Denver. I had three well reviewed providers flake out on me in the past 24 hours (well on review I only count two). One just stops replying while working out the last of the details for a date, then out of the blue replies the next day with hello, i give a whos this since i erased last nights convo... I get a name, I reply oh I wondered where you went... then dead cold, nothing. Keep seeing posts from this girl after through the evening and this morning. Next one is someone I've seen 3 times. Very very well reviewed. Set up a date around 630 for 9pm (hour later than I requested but thats when shes available, cool with me) and mention as long as you wont be tired she promises she wont be shes just cooking and catching up laundry... i take the hour plus to get cleaned up and freshened up and ready myself... and then no contact the rest of the night... just leaves me hanging after I drove to her area and no reply with an address comes. I start to think maybe shes done this to me before...? Cant remember. This one hurts. Now Im all clean and ready and am ready all over ya know... wtf. So I contact the partner of a traveling duo that I got verified with earlier in the week and it appears that the one I verified with is not here since no ads from her anymore just her partner in crime posting every 15min... seems like she may be available now, hustling for work. I contact her and let her know I believe I was verified by her partner and I think her partner may be gone (i reviewed those texts with her partner I had and it said "okay screening went well") she replies, "she here by me now"... alright! Sweet! Maybe I can meet both of them like I originally wanted. I ask are you two available now? Ten min later, I get "after youre screened" I immediately send the screen shot of the conversation with her partner where she says I was already screened. Wait a few minutes and get nothing back... its now after 10pm and I decide Im just done with games and too tired and fuck it Im done. So I let her know I'm changing my mind and just staying in for the night. I cant really count this as flaking but jfc get your shit together if shes "there by you now" how hard is it to communicate? This was my birthday week and I couldnt be more disappointed. I am a good guy, I dont haggle more often I tip for good service, I leave reviews because I know those count, I take at least an hour to shower, scrub and shave and get smelling good just like if I was going on a date. Im respectful and considerate. Ladies, our time is valuable too. There are as many flaky, crap serving, excuse making girls out there as there are guys who bail and smell and lie and waste your time. If you expect better, you need to act better. Now I really dont care to waste my time with any of these options anymore. Im certain I'm not the only good guy that has done the same with these girls. Eventually, these providers will only be able to get calls from people like themselves. The ones who string them on with endless texts, waste thier time, haggle prices and in the end dont end up meeting. They will blame the guys, or their phones or thier cat or dog. Anyone but looking at themselves and where they drop the ball and got themselves to this point. Idk but I never had this kind of consistent BS from other major cities.