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  1. FBSM in Boulder recommendations

    What?!? That's flippin awesome!!
  2. Ashleigh Sparks and Wedding Rings

    She is amazing. A friend of mine.
  3. Ladies who is your provider..............

    soooo many
  4. Provider in search of FBSM

    Hello ladies! I am a fbsm provider, seeking the same for one hour appt. This is not for a duo appt. I am seeking an awesome massage for myself! If you are ok with a female client please contact me. Natural breasts and killer personalities to the front of the line! Xoxo Alexa Pulse
  5. Shower!

    How could you be offended by a provider that requires an immediate shower beforehand? She is likely to be much more hygienic herself due to lack of direct contact with dingleberries and stinky feet.
  6. Date $220, Hotel Room $149, Epiphany… Priceless

    Oh no! I've been considering calling another provider as well, but am terrified! Not only about a possible no-show (rejection), but also wanting to find a provider that would truly enjoy my company as well. Having close friends in this industry, I've learned some of us love what we do, some are indifferent, and for some it's a serious chore with great reward. Among many other feelings. Hmmmm....
  7. Shannon Stone

    Prefers women..hmmmm. I've always been curious about hiring a date. Just to get a view from the other side. Ha.
  8. Just wanna say hello Denver!

    Welcome, Have fun and be safe!
  9. For the ladies!!!

    Ooo, lemme know too please!
  10. 5280 Restaurant Week. Dinner Dates Anyone?

    I've always enjoyed being wined and dined. I have never yet had a bad experience. Mostly sharing funny stories, lots of laughter and anticipation for dessert. I could see how this experience could go terribly wrong with the wrong type of client. Yikes.
  11. Respectfully looking in Colorado for well endowed ASP

    Hermaphrodite is a outdated term for an intersexed person. Very much real and more common than you think.
  12. Colorado Boys.... A soft touch

    A-fucking-men! You take the good with the bad in this industry. It's a risk we all take, on both sides of the fence.
  13. Speer on Sundays

    Omg, why am I not surprised? I've very quickly found out how colorful this city is!