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  1. I am going bowling. Join a league etc.
  2. Is common courtesy like common sense now?

    Definitely just let the ladies know u cant make the date or budget. Simply say sorry no can do. If you cant write a polite message.
  3. How do you know?

    Sex Trafficking how do you know if a lady is being trafficked. How to stop that crime! Any ideas!
  4. private or hotel

    I just go where ever l feel comfortable. If the lady has a few ref then it's cool any place works.
  5. Are you woogie ready RIGHT NOW

    Anytime is some times a good time. It's like fishing if you get a bite go for it.
  6. I like a good negative review

    Here's an analogy not all cars are great but if it gets you to where you need to go it's good. If it doesn't then it's bad . A no show is negative period unless you get a reason and a extended trip for your troubles. What the ladies put up with has to be hard at times some thing most of us could not do.
  7. My Breif Forray into the Civilian World

    The sad truth is any lady over 20 ish is looking for the same thing. Hasn't changed since the beginning of time. A strong mate that can look after her. Just like the animal planet the only female that doesn't is a praying mantis. Kinda like a sporting lady with only one agenda. And after 45 they have usually heard and seen enough bs that they are cautious and a little jaded. But keep looking because there always is that diamond out there.
  8. I didn’t do it!!

    Well they are gifted and bored. Hope they don't cause you any headaches!!
  9. Yes being over 50 has it's advantages

    27. Being able to do whatever you want.
  10. What's a MILF to you?

    35 and older! That's when the engine gets turned back on. Plus anything younger and l feel like a perv.
  11. What's better? Longer or shorter?

    I like an hour for sure. 30 min is like wham bang thank you maam. But don't get me wrong sometimes after 30 minutes l want to get the xxx out of dodge. Then you have the connection where you are like gee times up already. Gotta love the Rollercoaster after all its the thrill of the ride!!!!
  12. How to become a regular??

    Rob a bank first! I doubt you can become a regular for less than $1200.0₩ per month. That's only 4 pops a month.
  13. Merry Christmas

    Have a wonderful Holiday !
  14. Today’s burning question- Do cats fart?

    They also scream when the male pulls out. Cause his penis just rips her when he ejaculates and pulls out. Poor pussy!!!
  15. Traveling Guys

    Eccie for me