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  1. Providers asking for deposit

    Well certainly a interesting conversation. Pay half now and get 30min extra. Cool discount sorta like bogo. Buy one get one free. Where do l sign up.
  2. Sadie Hawkins Day

    Not one PM. Wow and l thought l had made some connections. Time to go to the ATM.
  3. Doubles show

    Lol with some it only takes one to be a orgy
  4. Doubles show

    it's fun with any number of fine ladies. But 4 would be max. Unless she likes to suck toes lol
  5. Hello to Denver

  6. Sadie Hawkins Day

    Wow such a fantasy! Let me empty my mail box.
  7. Making Love vs. Sex

    Wow some great comparisons. I think l always have considered it sex, sometimes great and fantastic. Love is the emotional feeling! So for me l would love some sex now. Umm.
  8. Polygamy

    Variety the spice of life.
  9. Generic fails

    Most of the stuff at Safeway that's their generic brand is pretty good. Not like the old black box stuff. If you remember that stuff.
  10. Ladies please be careful around the airport

    Darn and that's one of my favs.
  11. Ghosted

    Well it sure didn't go the way l thought. Time to close this thread. Ghostbusters. ..........,,,,..,,..
  12. Well there goes my secret life....

    Turn off GPS location and turn phone off. They know every move.
  13. Ghosted

    Ladies only you know for sure. PM me with your answer.
  14. Threatening bad review

    Don't worry about it. Life's too short to worry about his BS!
  15. Just because you say your a newbie....

    Being honest is all part of being respectful.