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  1. Expectations for Incall Necessities

    She is a class act
  2. This just in: Pussies are all different

    It's my mission to continue to check them out! Taste testing included. Next?
  3. Sweet Dreams

  4. Bored

    Not broke, just had plans that did not work out. And was looking for a plan b.
  5. Bored

    Just what to do on a rainy nite.
  6. It’s not you, it’s not me, it’s Countess Oreo.

    Another way to torment your self.
  7. I have had some of the same feelings. And yes it feels great to let go! But always have a little caution.
  8. Broomfield/Westminster Men

    Well thanks for the compliment. Yes we are a nice bunch here in DTC.
  9. Expectations for Incall Necessities

    All l need is a Sexy lady. Just like a kid l always have one somewhere. Lol
  10. Lower back sexy holes

    I hope to explore your dimples someday Sexy!
  11. Connecting

    Wow, some people need to read and then reply. It was just questions. No blame. And it really was for the ladies to answer.
  12. Connecting

    Ladies how do you like to be contacted.? Which is the fastest and works for you. Lately TOB messages seem to take days for an answer.
  13. Where's the Love?

    Tali, That truly was deep!!!!!!!
  14. Which path are you on

    I give so others can live!
  15. Lower back sexy holes

    And l thought they were thumbprint marks from my grip. Lol so much for that dream.