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  1. Not sure how to handle this, advice?

    Leena, Just move on. If he writes a bad review so be it. You can have a rebuttal. Get some more reviews and move on. Love Turtle
  2. References

    I totally agree we all need to feel safe. If the person p or c has reviews then that should work for most of us. When it doesn't l just move on. About a 98% success rate.
  3. Spoiled

    Sophia, I totally agree with you. But that was then and this is now. With you on the menu it must be a buffet.
  4. How Old is too Old?

    40 plus for me. But 70 may be a game changer.
  5. Real men of the forum...

    If you can afford to give the amount needed then go for it. Loans hardly ever get repaid. It's like co signing a loan most people get burned. I was 2 for 3 but the one that paid was really thankfull. So give if it wont be missed!.
  6. Own Who You Are

    Just own it. Laci such a kiss able ass you are. Plus one ladies Trolls 0
  7. Married guys and outcalls

    Dude Incall in ur case. What if she left something behind? Even the back of an earring could be a disaster. Heck l have had several ladies leave there burner phone lotion or cigs behind. Any thing is possible. Her car outside and your wife's best friend drives by!! Incall only go to her
  8. Friendships

    Great advice. So reading between the lines it's just like high school. Practice the 4 fs. Unless there is a real connection. Stay Calm And Hobby Along !
  9. Truth in Advertising

    I got it! Bros before xxx . Really!!!!
  10. Friendships

    Has a provider or hobbyist been able to make that work out? Does life get in the way? Ladies any hints on how to find that connection.
  11. Cash is the best.. But l am sure some idiot has paid with fake bills. It's all a risk. Cards can be blank and unless you check the balance in front of the visitor your out of luck.
  12. Another weekly holiday

    I am open to give it a try?
  13. Hasty La Vista

    Well l certainly will miss you. Best of luck on whatever you do. May you stay healthy and wise!
  14. Generations

    And we continue to make a better mouse trap. Look at the technology that has went into the design and manufacturing of your basic tire. Cars started running on steam and now we are talking about hydrogen powered? Umm.
  15. The Picture Issue

    Audrey your sexy with and without clothing. Loved sharing a drink with you.