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  1. Which sense could live without?

    After some health scares, most of those are too important. But I like silence, and many sounds are triggering, to me, so I'd go with hearing.
  2. Summer love of 1968

    Sweet. Some things do last forever, certainly when we are young.
  3. Eccie?

    There was a post on twitter from a semi legit account, I believe. Public response is that they have voluntarily taken the site down while they review their options.
  4. More Breached Hookup Sites

    Interesting. But really, anything you sign up for and post, can be exposed at any time--I wish more people would realize that, and care.
  5. Wyoming?

    I'm trying to figure out if there is much going on in Jackson, at least. Is there some other network I am not aware of, as a local concentrated board? (not p411 or switter, not a lot there and not much use in Jan.)
  6. Not sure it will hardly be worth a paying membership at that time, for a new guy there.
  7. Zodiac Signs

    Scorpio. And yes, somehow, there does seem to be an uncanny mix and match of the signs.
  8. Switterland Luck?

    Yes, it's been working for me. But then again, that is for TX, where we are almost out of options.
  9. Eccie bites the dust

    There are other state forums here, please poke around to find your appropriate local and visiting cities.
  10. Let's Talk About Switter

    I'm on there. It's not perfect, but I think we will find it really useful as the need increases for being able to stay in touch.
  11. #SESTA #FOSTA- Who's been following...

    There may be some loopholes, but this one is going to be tough. Ad sites, etc are already running scared, and a lot of promotional opportunities will be lost. It's going to be a good idea to be saving the info of your favorite ladies, to reach in other ways.
  12. TOB for male providers

    I've enjoyed observing some on twitter than seem to be doing well.
  13. p411 down?

    It has been back up now, just not the greatest for it to have been on a Fri night.
  14. Greek.... I don't get it.

    I love it, when it's done right, especially. Mild to relatively sanitary extra precautions, if you want; it's usually not really noticeable. There are a lot a nerve endings there, and some control, naughty things about it in general, very hot when both are into it.
  15. Twas the Hour Before Bangin'

    Sounds like you could use some reading up on the art of GFE/BFE. This isn't like blindly stabbing at the yellow pages for some dental relief. It's a date, usually on both sides. We don't want it to feel like the lunch time drive thru, either. Find a lady you can build some rapport with. A few sexy messages, flirt, see some personality. Work on building desire for HER, and that feels reciprocated. You're allowed to have some feelings like that.(and we won't tell!) Take your time enjoying each other; maybe you find some gorgeously mad chemistry, or a sexy "friendship", or some hearts of gold and grit that you admire. We are all human beings, do a little research for someone you can possibly desire past the 10 seconds of jizz. Give a little, get a little; it's more complex than just a wallet and open legs. And sometimes, if it still feels like McDonald's, at least maybe it's the best one you've been to in a loonnnggg time!
  16. Another One Bites The Dust...Maybe?

    If you aren't using social media/twitter, I'd advise you at least get signed up. Take your time and get acclimated, be as discreet or out there as you feel comfortable with. I have been really impressed with still being able to reach so much of the community, news, marketing, advertising, and having some pleasant fun. Given the recent nervousness that abounds, I'm really glad I got on there a few months ago.
  17. Never ever ever ...

    Funny shit. Probably perfect size for me! Maybe it's that Asian trend? Have to find XXL to even fit in the States.
  18. just takes a second ...

    NOT. But I am badass and I know it, every day. I try my best, and that's good enough. I know where I've been, and I know where I'm going. Either you can ride along, or step off. Love yourself, but don't ever forget to care for those around you----or else, declutter(before they do).
  19. TS-what is it actually

    I recently had a request to schedule with a TS provider. Since I have been on a quest to broaden my horizons, as well as better understand the louder voice of the more alternative lifestyle choices of late, I accepted. My experience was this was a dressed female, dress, makeup. Boobs. Yet a fully functional male with penis, able to cum. Some of the more angular features of a man, but overall looking and presenting like a woman.
  20. My favorite grammatical error

    "Discrete" is nails on a chalkboard to me, and I see it everywhere.
  21. Texas the eyes of nation are upon you

    Crossing my fingers for everyone down that way, many people I know. I know they are a tough and resilient bunch, but this is some astounding circumstances.
  22. MSOG

    Some expressively don't allow it. If you don't see it listed, it's probably acceptable if you are done in the timeframe allowed. Sometimes you can ask, or just at least state that you are interested in msog. But, the best is once the session has started, let her know that you are trying for two. We don't read minds. Either you might end up feeling rushed, and done, or she will fill up the time with chatter and cuddling and the time will get away from you. Telling her in the last few minutes that you wanted to try again, is not great.