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  1. Will the real Kylie step forward

    Ok hun even tho i smoke I’m quitting soon and my clients CANNOT smell it or even tell that I smoke
  2. Will the real Kylie step forward

    This is me and my real accurate page I’m not sure what all the other confusion is do smoke but not around clients keep that on my personal time never smell like smoke either, no blonde pictures red and brown yes with hair extensions am legal I’m 20 now and all my tattoos do match believe that clears everything up
  3. Will the real Kylie step forward

    Somebody named Aubrey has stole my photos I️ will start watermarking my photos
  4. Monday

    Hi everybody happy Monday what is everybody getting into today
  5. New Here

    Hey how's the night for everyone
  6. New Here

    I'm glad your enjoying your weekend babe
  7. New Here

    My weekend isn't bad so far thanks lol
  8. New Here

    Always good to start the day positive
  9. New Here

    Thanks lol how's your day
  10. New Here

    Yea it's spandex lol fits good
  11. New Here

    Hey everyone hows the night
  12. New Here

    How are y'all today I'm still getting the hang of this lol
  13. New Here

    Thanks for the welcoming
  14. New Here

    Hi just introduceing myself I'm new to the board