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  1. What to do in Boulder?

    Glad I moved on, It's truly a beautiful city... but damn am I glad I live in a different zip code...
  2. so if you have few hrs to spare in Denver...

    Venture to Union Station, get yourself a drink at the terminal bar and do a little people watching..
  3. What to do in Boulder?

    I humbly admit when I'm wrong so I"ll clarify. it wasn't the early 90's but late 90s.. I'll never deny that CU is party town USA with one hell of a great college atmosphere. That's undeniable!! I never said house parties didn't happen, because that's ridiculous and counter to the reputation that CU has gotten over the years. I specifically said block parties, AKA Riots.. Specifically the 1997 Riots while I was attending classes. Specifically students dragging couches out into the middle of the street and lighting them on fire.. Now obviously 20 years and my memory may lapse but video doesn't lie.. Not exactly a bright spot, but hey, every city has it's bumps and bruises. That being said, Boulder does have that perfect balance between urban development and respecting nature. As for locations that are no longer there... Old Chicago closed down off Pearl ST you got me.. However, Southern Sun is off Broadway just south of Table Mesa Dr. According Salvaggio's Deli, the location I was referring to is still there. The trails are still there, NCAR is still there.. beyond the above, Boulder has a lot to offer, and is worth the gas to drive there from Denver.
  4. What to do in Boulder?

    I didn't know about the domestic issue. All I remember from the place was two sizes. One on a bun style roll and the other your typical sub style. Just remember the Italian being so damn good, and the people working there had a good brash sort of 'atitude' encouraging you to know your order before stepping up. All in good fun. Half my memory os about the food, half about the people who worked there. But that was at least 15 years ago...
  5. What to do in Boulder?

    Mostly University Police cracked down on the block parties in the early 90's. Too many rentals with couches on their front porch ended up getting lit on fire. A friend of a friend (fighting the urge to quote darth helmet here) got caught up in one of the block parties/ AKA riots and ended up getting expelled from CU, losing his scholarship, and getting put on house arrest for the better part of a year. Even when I was young I knew well enough to stay away from the hill at the time. This was about the same time Boulder PD couldn't solve the Ramsey murder, so they had a black eye from that mess and tried to tighten down on the hill with University Police in support. Probably messing up the details here as it's been almost 20 years. On the bright side... when I did attend CU I loved the campus. the quad as it was called between Helems, Old main, the Library and one other building (which escapes me) was always a great place to people watch. Great places to go in Boulder: Salvagio's Deli off Pearl, great subs...(if it's still there) Mt Sanitas - Quick 2 hr hike, drive up mapleton past the old BMC and you'll see the trail head. if you are lucky you can park there or you might have to park up the street a bit. but once you hike to the peak which is not too difficult but not too easy either, you have a beautiful view of the entire city. yoiu can see as far north as Longmont, and into Denver. The Hike back down is an easy switchback type that leads to a maintenance road. Great for a good 2 hr distraction but not difficult. Eldorado Springs to the south has a great trail head with some easy hikes too. (and a hot springs near by if it's still open) Of course if you want a scenic hike, the Mesa Trail will take you from Eldorado Springs to NCAR to Chautauqua Park. not long, about 6 miles... but go with someone, park one car at the Eldorado Springs Trail head, drive to Chautauqua Park, do the hike, head back into town, get a bear at Southern Sun off Broadway, or hit Old Chicago off Pearl St. see some street performers and be entertained. I certainly hope they are still there. Lots to avoid in Boulder, but it still has a lot to offer.
  6. What is Your Must See TV Shows

    I believe the actor got violent with a producer. And after years of being verbally abusive they'd had enough.
  7. What is Your Must See TV Shows

    I miss Justified.... Enjoy watching Longmire too. While i was late to the party and didnt watch it during its run Penny Dreadful is just crazy good. And can't pass up on Eva Green.... (+1 for netflix!!) Always enjoyed The Shield, and BSG. And damn if GoT isn't addictive!! Has anyone watched " The Expanse" on Syfy or "Bosch" On Amazon prime?
  8. What's something that's unique to Colorado?

    Holly, If I may, and I guess I am bias with this statement, after living here for 40+ years but try to enjoy every sunset you can in Colorado. Each is equally unique. I could suggest trails to explore, events to experience, and lots of good food to eat. Everyone's suggestions are fantastic and should be experienced. But, I've always been amazed at how beautiful a sunset is over the Rockies.
  9. Who worries about this problem...

    Truth is always stranger than fiction. One only has to look at the 5 o'clock news for proof...
  10. Black and White or Color Photos

    I completely agree on selfies, so many phones now a days have better resolution and picture quality than the camera I got just a few years ago. And there are adapters that can help too. I think the "creative selfie" is an art form which used well can be very effective. Thats why I was careful to specify the type of selfie. I will admit, I am a fan of women's certain assets, I do look for certain things in photos, if I don't quite see what I am looking for in pics I don't loose hope because i enjoy the mystery and seduction photos create. I think photos can also be helpful if you have a certain fantasy of an outfit a provider might have, so seeing her in it in a photo she might have is..... inspirational.
  11. Black and White or Color Photos

    Photos tend to reflect a person's style so I'd expect them to express mystery, seduction and a little tease too. Especially here. A mix of b&w along with color is always a good thing, ust so long as the photos are accurate and flattering (of course they'd be!) I say have at it post what you think makes you look good. That said, I am not a fan of the selfie photo, taken as a reflection in the mirror in someone's bathroom. We can all do better than that.
  12. What's something that's unique to Colorado?

    Voodoo Donuts....mmmmhmmm!!
  13. Your Favorite Articles on Sex Work, Skills

    If I am hijacking, I apologize...
  14. What Is Your Favorite Summer Tune?

    Summer time makes me think of road trips... And this song always comes to mind
  15. Your Favorite Articles on Sex Work, Skills

    Besides the 'connection' we are all trying to get emotionally with what we are saying, what's everyone's thoughts on eye contact? Eye contact can convey so much, from disinterest to an emotional connection conveying empathy and truly enjoying someone's presence. What's that old saying "The eyes are a window to the soul." I am a newbie but is eye contact something we all want?