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  1. The sexy housekeeper 

    Sometimes fantasy is better than reality
  2. The sexy housekeeper 

    Anne is a 25 year old female who responded to a classified ad for a housekeeper for a male graduate student (who uses a wheelchair). They communicated briefly via text and phone before she accepted the position. Although she had no professional experience as a housekeeper, their initial interactions made them both feel comfortable that she was a good fit for the job. Coming to his apartment for the first time, she arrived to begin her shift just a few minutes late. It was a Friday afternoon, and she came directly from school. When she arrived, she was slightly nervous from being late and from the busy day. She introduced herself to her new employer who was relaxing in his dining room having a drink. He noticed that she seemed a bit unnerved and offered her one. She gladly accepted and immediately felt more at home. As they began talking, she noticed that the apartment was quite warm. Although it was cold outside, the sun had been shining through the large windows, and heat had been building up in the apartment since early in the morning. She was dressed in warm winter clothes -- a winter jacket, a cardigan sweater, with a button-down shirt underneath, a casual skirt that fell mid thigh, and tall winter boots over long, gray, thigh-high wool socks. Only a small gap separated the socks from the bottom of her skirt, exposing just a few inches of skin on her thighs. Before she entered the room to begin her new job, she removed her jacket and cardigan and hung them on a coat rack in the entryway. She also removed her boots and un-tucked the bottom of her button-down shirt from her skirt to be a bit more comfortable. She entered the kitchen, and as she enjoyed her drink, he began telling her where various cleaning supplies were located. She followed his instructions as he guided her to open the low cabinets underneath the sink in the kitchen. She leaned forward to look underneath the sink, bending at her hips. As he directed her, he viewed her progress from behind. It was impossible for him not to notice her and how beautiful she looked as she bent forward, exposing several more inches of the skin on her thighs, as her skirt lifted. Although he was not expecting anything like this, he was mesmerized watching her. He quickly became enamored by her as she floated around the room cleaning the apartment. They listened to music, drank, talked, and laughed while she was cleaning. Separately, they both realized that they were having quite a bit of fun and were flirting. As he watched her, he also realized that as she had been moving around the room and bending over to clean various surfaces, her skirt had moved up several inches, as the waistband slid up from her hips to her smaller waist. Now, as she leaned over, bending at the hips, the skirt was rising even higher… high enough to expose her bottom and the thin, lacy strip of fabric between her legs. He became nervous and excited at the same time, not sure whether to move, to say something, or to simply continue watching. Little did he know, she had been watching him watch her, fully knowing what was happening. She liked being watched. It made her feel sexy. He also didn’t know that while he was focused on the view of her from behind, she had unbuttoned the top button on her shirt. As she continued clean, she made an effort to be closer to him, leaning over while facing him, also revealing her breasts, which were covered only by a very thin and partially transparent lace bra. As he continued to watch her, she repeated her movements, cleaning lower shelves, floors, etc. by bending and twisting and teasing him with her beautiful body. It was eventually clear to both of them that she was intentionally exposing herself to him and that he was watching carefully. They were both having so much fun and also becoming quite aroused through the experience. They shared multiple drinks and continued this game for some time, laughing, smiling, and sharing looks at one another. As she cleaned, he had been watching her from next to a glass-top dining room table. She decided to come closer and to wipe down the surface of the table, and was reaching across it to the far corners, leaning over right in front of him, exposing the full length of her thighs and her lace panties, and was close enough for him to see through them. He reached out and gently stroked the skin on the back of her thigh, closer to the inside. This tickled her and she jumped a bit at first. Although it was unexpected, it was enjoyed. She leaned over again, moving her self even closer to him, essentially inviting him to do it again. He did, and this time it was even more intentional, as he slid his fingers up from her knee on the inside of her thigh until he became only inches from the fabric of her panties and then slid back down the other thigh. She leaned forward on the table with her elbows as he repeated this action several times. She began breathing deeply, enjoying the attention and becoming more aroused by his touch... until she could not take it anymore. She turned around, faced him, and while staring straight into his eyes, she lifted her skirt a little more and raised her right leg up and put her right foot on his left thigh. Now, her leg, with the gray wool stocking, was right in front of him, with her knee and thigh at face level, and full view of the inside of her right thigh and the entirety of the front of her lacy and semi-transparent black panties. He finished the rest of of his drink and set down the glass. His face was warm as his blood pressure rose higher. He never expected any of this to happen. He was simultaneously surprised, excited, and aroused. He could tell that she was also becoming aroused as he watched the look on her face as she reached out to touch his face with her left hand and slid her right hand down her skirt between her legs, gently rubbing herself. Unable to contain himself further, he leaned forward and grabbed her hips, pulling her down on top of him, straddling him in his wheelchair. They began kissing passionately. They held each other tightly. Her hands were holding his head and face as she kissed him. His arms were around her and he moved his hands up and down her back and sides, caressing her gently. Although more than an hour had passed, the sun continued to shine though the windows into the warm apartment. The physical labor and affection made her feel even warmer. She unbuttoned and removed her blouse. He watched as she did this and became even more excited... to see and feel her skin with his hands and face and lips. She was so warm and soft against him. As he kissed her lips and face and neck, he slowly moved down to her shoulders he used his mouth to slide her shoulder straps off of them and then gently move down her chest with his lips to the top of her breasts, gently kissing them. She leaned back as he did this. She undid her bra and removed it, tossing it aside as she watched the reaction of her new employer. Next, she reached down and grabbed the bottom edges of her skirt and then lifted it up over her torso and then her shoulders and head, removing it. Her new employer smiled and laughed with his sexy new housekeeper, admiring her body as she continued straddling his lap, now wearing only her panties and stockings. She was excited. She accentuated her movements as she pushed her breasts into her employer's face. He gladly accepted her advances, reaching around to the back of her hips, pulling her closer to him. She plunged her hand back down in between her legs and rubbed herself as he watched her and kissed her body. It seems they were a perfect match – he loved watching her and she loved being watched. She decided to take it to the next level, climbing off of his lap and leaning forward, bending her hips at a 90° angle as she placed her chest and face on the glass table and simultaneously reached back with her hands, grabbed the top of her panties, and began to slowly slide them down over her hips and from in between her legs. She began to realize how wet she really was. Also, she looked over each of her shoulders then slowly climbed onto the glass table, crawling toward her employer who watched attentively. When she got close to him, she made eye contact with him and then turned around, crouching on all fours on the table in front of him. The conservatively dresses girl who had arrived at the job early afternoon was now revealing her wild side as she continued looking back over her shoulder and watching her new supervisor as he watched her. They both blushed a bit, but maintained eye contact as she reached back and started masturbating again and watching him react to it. It was almost as if she collapsed in ecstasy as she touched herself, falling onto her side and rolling back, her hand still between her legs. She slid two fingers inside of herself as she rolled onto her back and moved toward him. She reached her legs out to pull him toward her. She finally removed her stockings as he pulled her hips even closer to him. Lying on her back, she self-consciously opened her legs further and pulled her two fingers out of her pussy to lightly circle her clit. Her ass now hanging over the table, she felt exposed. She rolled her head back and breathed deeply to re-focus when she suddenly felt something warm enter her. She gasped out of surprise, but mostly of relief, feeling completely filled up. He started to move his tongue inside her. With every stroke he circled her clit, she clenched harder and harder on him as she came closer to orgasm. She said “Oh, god, can I cum?" "Not yet" he answered. She let go of her clit to hold herself off as he kept stroking her pussy, lightly, yet intently. The edge of the glass pushing against her, it only reminded her of her desperation to cum and her exposure to him. She tried foolishly to find an edge to hold. It only made her look frantic as she tread the line, on the verge of orgasm. "Please. Please. Please. Let me. Please." was all she could say. "No.” he said, pulling away. She shivered with disappointment and an attempt at self control. Yet, she heard him readjust himself and suddenly there was a warm tongue circling around her clit. She tried her best to hold back. She could feel herself melting in to him when all of a sudden she could feel him beckon harder inside her. "I cannot hold back anymore. Please. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.” She nearly began to orgasm when she felt his mouth leave her. She twitched with no real finish. Aching and wanting more she panted, gathering herself together. She looked at him. "What can I do to earn it? Please tell me." Just as she was about to give up on achieving her ultimate release, and as he looked back into her eyes, he surprised her by lifting her thighs back upward, tilting her hips backward, her torso on the table and her legs and feet dangling above his head, and he leaned forward again, incapable of either leaving her in anguish or resisting one more taste of her warm, wet pussy. She was no longer begging or apologizing, but thanking him as he drove his tongue deep inside of her and again circling her clit as she pulled his head into her with her hands and his body into her with her heels which were now crossed tightly around his back. He paused again and made one last attempt at eye contact, but she was deep in her moment, relieved of all concerns and worries, lost in the ecstasy of the moment. He smiled as she came. She was lost in the moment. He loved giving it to her.